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Zhoumi (S.M. The Ballad)

Weight: 64kg
Height: 185 cm
Real name: 周覓 / Zhōu Mi
Date of Birth: April 19, 1986

Zhoumi (S.M. The Ballad)

About Zhoumi (S.M. The Ballad)

Zhoumi (S.M. The Ballad) Facts

  • Project Group S.M. The Ballad
  • Sub-Unit: Super Junior M
    • Position Vocalist and Dancer.
  • Fanclub Mitangs and Honeys, a name that comes from “Mi” (their name) which means Honey in Chinese.
  • Mascot he has a dog named Ni Qiu, his dog is named after Kyuhyun.
  • Religion: Buddhist.
  • Hobbies: Taking selfies, shopping.
  • Specialty Composing, singing, rapping, piano, dancing, languages.
  • Languages: Mandarin Chinese, Korean (advanced level), Cantonese (2 years of study in Guangzhou) and English.
  • Nicknames: Gentleman Mimi, Jomiryo, Mimi, Zhou Mei (Perfect Zhou), Mister Koala, Mibao (Precious Mi), Miyou, Mifeng/Honey Bee, ZhouWoody, among others.
  • Origin of his nickname: Derived from his real name; “周觅” = Zhou Mi. Another derived from his nickname: “Mi Mi Wang Zi” (meaning “Prince Mi Mi”) name by which Zhou Mi’s (Baidu bar) fans call themselves: (觅糖) <- Means “Honey”.
  • First appearance in show business: Years ago in his country, before joining SM, where he won several awards in various singing competitions, which is what led him to become part of the SM Entertainment family.
  • First appearance after signing with SM: As Host of the press conference for the release of Zhang Li Yin’s second album (2008).
  • He came to the agency thanks to his Korean friend, Kim Ki Hoon, who sent his demo to an SM competition “SM UCC Star Audition (2007)” without telling him, for the category “Recommendation” or “Recommend to a Friend”.
  • He made his debut in Super Junior on April 8, 2008 with “U” (Suju M).
  • Hangeng introduced him to Heechul when Heechul was recovering from his accident, and was the one who took care of him during that time.
  • His best friends are Mike He (Taiwanese actor), Kim Hee Chul, Henry and Kyuhyun he says he trusts them the most.
  • When he got tired of studying, he would put stickers of Korean characters on his ceiling, so that when he lay down he could continue studying.
  • According to the group members themselves, Zhou Mi does aegyo the most, especially when it comes to shopping.
  • He collaborated in the drama “Skip Beat” with the participation of members of Super Junior (Donghae and if Won ).
  • He worked on a book about traveling to Thailand, “Thai Perfect”.
  • He won two awards with his solo “Distant Embrace” included in the 2nd album “Break Down”.
  • He made a cameo for the movie Rhythm of the rain (2013).
  • On SS5’s Latin American tour, Zhou Mi made a point of greeting every fan who had a sign dedicated to him, waving and gesturing at them.
  • He said he was very attracted to Victoria Song from F (x) he says that every time he sees her, he can’t hide it.
  • He is a close friend of Jia Nai Liang and Fei Wang from Miss A, The8 from SEVENTEEN, Woo Hye Rim, Victoria F (x) and Suga from BTS he or they usually upload photos and videos of parties and meetings they have frequently (Their friendship with SUGA is more “discreet”).
  • Zhou Mi was chosen along with Fei and Jia from Miss A to host the MBC radio program Idol True Colors this is a Chinese radio show, with bora (visible) broadcasting, which started broadcasting in March.
  • He is part of the SM China Line to which the Tasty twins, among others, belong.
  • He returned to social media (after being hacked), in 2013 with his weibo account and later made his twitter account.
  • After participating in the same drama, he became close friends with Calvin Chen whom he calls, “scandal boyfriend”.
  • As a composer he has written songs for Kangta, Exo and of course Super Junior M.
  • He made his debut as MC of a Korean program on MTV The Show which has been broadcast in China and Korea since Oct. 28. his presenting partners at the time were Park Ji Yeon from T-ARA and Lee Hye Ri from Girl’s Day.
  • He debuted as a solo artist with the mini album “Rewind”, which was released simultaneously in Korea and China. The album was released online on October 31 and physically on November 3.
  • He confessed on the “Brave Writers” program that he wanted to have Ji Eun was his partner in the program We Got Married he said, “She’s very pretty, I gave his my CD too. Then, he decided to send his a message, “Ji Eun, should we film We Got Married? I’ll treat you well. Let’s become popular together!
  • His first variety program in Korea was Let’s Go Dream Team on the 2nd Survival Show special, being the 3rd eliminated on the second day of filming, he cried when he was voted out and said he felt sorry to his team because he is not yet fluent in Korean, and that may have influenced his performance.
  • Participated along with Park Ji Yeon and Hong Bin program partners The Show in a special performance for ‘SBS MTV Summer K-POP Festival’ with the song “Candy In My Ears”.


Zhou Mi is a Chinese singer belonging to Super Junior M, the third official sub-unit of the South Korean group Super Junior.

Zhou Mi has written the Chinese lyrics for different Super Junior songs such as ‘愛你愛你 (Love Song)’. , ‘Marry U’ and ‘渴望 (A Man In Love)’. among others.

Solo Debut

October 27, SM Entertainment announced through its social networks that a new male solo artist would soon be debuting. The following day it was revealed that Zhou Mi is the new solo artist, becoming the second male artist to debut as a solo artist during 2014.

On October 31, his first mini-album was released and is titled ‘REWIND and was released simultaneously in Korea and China, in digital form, and on November 3rd the physical album will be released.

On July 12, Zhoumi released a video teaser of the Chinese version ‘Empty Room the music video was released on July 14.

July 14, SM Entertainment announced that Zhoumi would release his second mini-album entitled ‘What’s Your Number?’ and is scheduled for release on July 19.

On July 19, his second mini-album ‘What’s Your Number?’ along with the release of the second music video of the same name.


  • Beijing Television – Absolute Live / Absolute Live
  • MTV Music Channel Global – 天籁村
  • Hunan TV – 大本营 Happy (21st Century English Newspaper for Secondary School Students)
  • 2004 Ventura Spokesperson
  • 2005 Performing artist room of Leehom Wang concert in Beijing
  • modeling season for NEWAY magazine
  • 2010 host of China Southern Airlines Hostess Contest, held in Guangzhou

Zhoumi (S.M. The Ballad) Musical Contributions

Lyrics and Compositions.

  • “每天 (Forever with You)” – Super Junior : Devil – Special Album – “Lyrics” (2015)
  • “Why (Color-blind)” (Chinese Version) – Zhou Mi: Rewind – 1st Mini Album – “Lyrics” (2014)
  • “Rewind” (Chinese Version) – Zhou Mi: Rewind – 1st mini album – “Lyrics” (2014)
  • “Love Tonight” – Zhou Mi: Rewind – 1st Mini Album – 1 “Lyrics” (2014)
  • “Loving You” – Zhou Mi: Rewind – 1st Mini Album – “Lyrics” (2014)
  • “Lovesick” (Cantonese Version) – Zhou Mi: Rewind – 1st Mini Album – “Composition” (2014)
  • “Lovesick” (Chinese Version) – Zhou Mi: Rewind – 1st Mini Album – “Lyrics” (2014)
  • “Without You” – Zhou Mi: Rewind – 1st Mini Album – “Lyrics” (2014)
  • “Fly High” – Super Junior M : Swing – Mini album of 3 – “Lyrics” (2014)
  • “Swing” (Chinese version) – Super Junior M : Swing – Mini album of 3 – “Lyrics” (2014)
  • “It’s You” – Super Junior M Break Down- 2nd Album – “Letra, with Tina Wang” (2013)
  • “Go” – Super Junior M Break Down- 2nd Album – “Lyrics” (2013)
  • “Tunnel” – Super Junior M Break Down- 2nd Album – “Lyrics” (2013)
  • “True Love” – Super Junior M : Perfection – 2nd Mini Album – “Lyrics” (2011)
  • “Confession” – Super Junior M super Girl – 1st Mini Album – “Lyrics” (2009)
  • “You and Me” – Super Junior M super Girl – 1st Mini Album – “Lyrics” (2009)
  • “Love Song” – Super Junior M me – 1st Album – “Lyrics” (2008)
  • “Marry U” (Chinese version) – Super Junior M me – 1st Album – “Lyrics” (2008)
  • “A Man In Love” (Chinese Version) – Super Junior M me – 1st Album – “Lyrics” (2008)

Compositions and Musical Lyrics for Other Artists.

  • “Run” – EXO : Overdose – 2nd Mini Album – “Lyrics, featuring Seo Ji Eum.” (2014)
  • “Many times” – Kangta : Breaka Shaka – 1 EP Chinese – “Lyrics” (2010)
  • “Remember” – Kangta : Breaka Shaka – 1 EP Chinese – “Lyrics” (2010)
  • “Breaka Shaka” – Kangta : Breaka Shaka – 1 EP Chinese – “Lyrics” (2010)

Zhoumi (S.M. The Ballad) Drama

  • Century Couple (Youku / Hunan TV, 2016)
  • Entertainers (SBS, 2016) cameo
  • When Love Walked in (GTV, 2012)
  • Melody of Youth (CCTV-1, 2011)
  • Stage of Youth (CCTV, 2009)

Zhoumi (S.M. The Ballad) Films

  • SMTOWN The Stage (2015)
  • I AM (2012)
  • Rhythm of The Rain (2013)

Zhoumi (S.M. The Ballad) Awards

  • The 9th Music King Awards (China) – Mandarin Golden Melody Award (“Distant Embrance”)
  • The 9th Music King Awards (China) – Popular Singer Award (Online)
  • SBS MTV The Show (11/18): “Rewind”
  • Metro Radio Mandarin Hits Music Awards (Hong Kong): Country’s Idol Gold/Favourite Idol
  • Metro Radio Mandarin Hits Music Awards (Hong Kong): Best Asian Vocal & Dance Performer
  • Metro Radio Mandarin Hits Music Awards (Hong Kong): Best Chinese Song (“Rewind”)

Zhoumi (S.M. The Ballad) Radio Programs

  • Horan’s Power FM (SBS Radio, 2015.05, regular guest, segment: ‘Hello China!’)
  • Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio ‘Sukira’ (KBS Cool FM, 2015.01, regular Thursday guest, segment: ‘Language and the City’ – Chinese Teacher)
  • Idol True Colors (MBC C-Radio, 2014-2015, DJ and announcer) – Together with Fei and Jia from Miss A

Zhoumi (S.M. The Ballad) TV Programs

  • Immortal Songs 2 (KBS, 06.08.2016) – besides M&D
  • We Are In Love – Couple Choi Si Won & Liu Wen (JSTB China, 2015, Ep. 1) – besides Lee Teuk and Kang In
  • Fashion King Season 3 (SBS, 2015, MC)
  • Abnormal Summit (JTBC, 2014.12.08) – besides Kang In
  • Brave Writers (E-Channel, 2014.11.27) – besides Cho Kyu Hyun
  • World Changing Quiz Show/Three Wheels (MBC, 2014.11.01) – besides Lee Teuk, Kang In and Eun Hyuk
  • Super Junior M’s Guest House (SBS, 2014-2015)
  • MTV The Show (SBS, 2014-2015, MC, in broadcast) – Together with Park Ji Yeon and Hong Bin
  • Star Escape Room/Star Escape Room (China, 2014)
  • Dream Team (KBS, 2014, Ep. 1,2)
  • Strongest Group/The Ultimate Group/最强天团 (Jiangsu TV China, 2014, MC).
  • Global We Got Married 2 (MBC, 2014, Ep. 3,5-6, cameo).
  • Star King (SBS, 2014.03.29, Ep. 361) – besides Henry Lau
  • Happy C& (Hunan TV, 2013)
  • Men VS Women (Shenzhen TV, 2013)
  • SS Swallow Night (nvt7, 2013)
  • Apple Entertainment Weekly (Taiwan TV, 2013)
  • Generation Show (Shenzhen TV, 2012-2013)
  • Avenue of the Stars (CCTV, 2011)
  • Korean Impressions (韩国印象) (SiTV, 2010).
  • China Southern Airlines Beauty Pageant (南航 空姐 选秀) (GDTV, 2010).
  • Star King (SBS, 2009, Ep. 145-146)

Zhoumi (S.M. The Ballad) TV Drama’s

  • Goodbye theme for Extravagant Challenge (2011)

Zhoumi (S.M. The Ballad) is a member of:

Super Junior M

Super Junior M

SM Town Orquesta

SM Town Orquesta

SM Ballad

SM Ballad

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