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Z.Tao (EXO)

Weight: 64 kg
Height: 185 cm
Real name: 黄子韬 / Huang Zi Tao
Date of Birth: May 2, 1993

Z.Tao (EXO)

About Z.Tao (EXO)

Z.Tao (EXO) Facts

  • Former Kpop Group EXO
    • Ex-Sub Group EXO-M.
    • Symbol hourglass (Time Control).
  • Languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, English (learning) and Korean.
  • Education:
    • humen Centre Primary School.
    • Qingdao Taizhan Road Elementary School.
    • Shandong Qingdao No.47 Middle School.
  • Religion: Catholic.
  • Hobbies: Singing, playing basketball, playing solo sports, taking pictures and eating.
  • Nicknames: Kung Fu Panda (since he does martial arts, along with bags under his eyes), peach (peach In Chinese is 桃子[TáoZi], and changing the order of his name ‘Zi Tao’ is 韬子[Tāo Zi], which apparently are homophonously similar words in Chinese).
  • Meaning of his name Huang is a family name. ‘Zi’ means ‘offspring, child, fruit, seed, first earthly branch’. Tao means ‘sheath, sheath, bow sheath’.
  • Sports Basketball, running and martial arts.
  • Favorite singers: MChotdog, Jay-Z, Lee Hom Wang, Zhang Jie.
  • Favorite Athlete: Kobe Bryant.
  • Favorite genre: R&B and Hip-Hop.
  • Rolemodels: Super Junior and G-Dragon.
  • Favorite actor: Jackie Chan.
  • Favorite cities: Paris, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  • Favorite Animal: He once mentioned that it was the cat that hangs around his house.
  • Fanclub: Hailangs
    • why? in Chinese “Hailang “In fact, he named one of his dances after the fanclub. He mentioned that “…the waves of the ocean”. They should always be proud of the fact that they are Hailang “.
  • Mascot: He has a dog named “Candy”, he calls his “baby”.
  • He is an only child. For a while it was mentioned that he had a sister, but this was later denied, since at the time he was born it was very difficult to have two children.
  • He suffers from spectrophobia (fear of ghosts).
  • He comes from wealthy family, Tao’s father has five mansions in Qingdao alone and according to him, the net worth of his company in Beijing is more than 3 million U.S. dollars. Tao replied that his dad was listed as the 7th richest man in Qingdao in 1997.
  • He has 6 earrings, 4 on the left side of the ear and 2 on the right side.
  • He has extraordinary qualities in martial arts. He has been a student of Chinese martial arts for 8 years. Some of his most outstanding awards are
    • International Wushu Competition: Third place.
    • Qingdao Broadcasting Wushu Sword Competition: First place.
  • He said that although he was doing martial arts for more than 11 years, he never got into a street fight.
  • He had a summer job at Starbucks in 2009. The first time he worked (part time) he spent the money he was paid to buy a bag for his mother and a pen for his father. He has always felt that he needs to work more to buy more things for his parents.
  • He was bullied by some Korean students for making his debut in less than a year.
  • Tao carried the number 68. it is the sum of two numbers 68 gives 14 6+8=14 this represents the date on which their second teaser ‘February 14, 2012’ was released.
  • His acquaintances have admitted that he has “two personalities” the first one
    • He is very shy and modest and reserved.
    • He tends to be distant but later affectionate.
  • Xiumin saw Tao’s muscles every day and said he was envious of him.
  • He won a silver medal for the high jump among the male idols in a special MBC, showing very good technique.
  • Tao’s waist was injured during a rehearsal at an opening in EXO Xiu Min and a guard took him to the building after the presentation.
  • He got injured filming ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship’ (2013), but SM said it was nothing serious, and he could continue with the group’s promotions without problems
  • He had a scandal with Meng Jia when he changed his Weibo profile picture to one very similar to Jia’s cat, it turns out that if it was Jia’s cat and he put it up because he thought it was cute, fans thought they were in a relationship but both agencies quickly denied the rumor and said the two were just good friends. JYP and SM said: “Jia and Tao are very close friends have always been idol singers coming from China usually become good friends the agencies also added that Tao likes cats, so he changed his photo after Jia sent him a picture of his pet.
  • On October 10, the Chinese program, “Sohu Entertainment”, revealed the video of Tao saying goodbye to his group of friends in the evening. It also showed Tao and a woman looking very close while holding hands, hugging, and even getting close for what was apparently a kiss. No confirmation or denial was ever made.
  • He once posted a message on his account on June 24
    • The message written in Chinese reads: “A lot of bad things have happened this year and I don’t understand why. I’ve gone for a walk to relax. If things aren’t going very well, I hope you can all put them behind you with a smile. How are you all feeling? If you’re not feeling very happy, just try to smile a little. I can’t see you now, but I hope all EXO fans are doing well and finding happiness, either now or in the future “Many of his fans were a bit alarmed about this issue.


Huang Zi Tao attended “Qingdao Middle School”, one of the most prestigious schools in China. He started practicing martial arts at the age of 5 years old, his teachers found him to be very talented and he managed to participate in several martial arts competitions.

He competed in several martial arts championships in Qingdao and won the “Top Rap” in Beijing in its third edition of “Collage Street Jam”. He auditioned at Casting System SM Entertainment in 2011, becoming a student for one year. Tao was the third member of EXO to be revealed on December 27, 2011.

  • During rumors Tao would be canceling his contract, Chinese fans bullied Tao on his Weibo account to which he responded with a message.On May 2, Tao made his first public appearance since rumors surfaced that he would be leaving EXO.
  • To celebrate their new film You Are My Sunshine and his birthday, Tao rented a theater in Beijing, China, and invited the “Hailang” to watch the movie with him. During the birthday party held after watching the movie, Tao expressed his gratitude for those who support him, revealing that he is very happy to share one of his best moments with dear fans, while shedding tears, Tao said “I will keep the promises I made to all of you please, give me a little time and I will come back and be in front of all of you again.”
  • On April 22, 2015, Tao’s father wrote on the social network Weibo, where he indicated his intention to request the cancellation of Tao’s contract with SM Entertainment due to his son’s injuries.
  • Tao reportedly left for the United States on May 8, 2015, leaving his activities with EXO as he wanted to leave his career as a musician to study and recover from the injuries he had received.
  • While he had claimed that his intention to leave SM was to get away from the singing life to study and be with his family, Tao announced his solo debut through his Weibo page and on his Instagram account for July 23, 2015.
  • On July 24, 2015, one day after his solo video debut SM claimed the video for copyright, so his video was removed from YouTube.
  • In an interview he was asked about his favorite band to which he replied that it was B.A.P they were demonstrating how strong they were (because of the lawsuit against TS Entertainment) And I mentioned about his favorite member and he answered that it was Very for his way of being, rapping, and dancing.
  • July 18, 2016,tao unveiled an intense music video for his new Chinese song “Black White (AB)
  • The video shows a juxtaposition between two seemingly polar opposite concepts that represent the two sides of his personality, or what he calls “the two sides of his personality.aB style “Tao is of blood type AB, so some people think it means that he is a person who has dual personality.
  • Your video of “AB STYLE ” has 7,324,784 views on its official Youtube channel.
  • Tao, starred in the remake of the 2013 Chinese film “Journey to the West” – based on a Chinese literature classic of the same name – in which he will play the mythological figure of Sun Wukong, also known as the Monkey King.The make-up took 4 hours to complete.Tao, in a local interview, said, “Although the special make-up is complicated, I am happy to be able to play two roles “.
  • On October 13, 2015, it was reported that SM Entertainment took legal action against Tao for violating their exclusive contract and conducting illegal promotions in China. “After Tao left EXO without any news in April, he asked SM for advance payments.SM gave him interim payments in order to fulfill our role as his agency.However, although he knew the account number perfectly, he did not return the advances to us in the estimated time.Then he went against common sense and filed a lawsuit to invalidate his contract.SM will not tolerate these actions and will file suit against those who do not comply or violate the rights and interests of EXo or SM.We represent the victims’ good intentions and work and want to prevent damage to the cultural exchanges between Korea and China by Kris, Luhan, or Tao’s illegal actions and their breaches in the contract.”
    • On January 5, 2016, it was reported that the judgment gave in favor of SM, so the verdict was that Tao pay SM Entertainment the reimbursement of temporary funds, as well as the collection of interest due to its late payments.
  • On June 28, 2016, it was reported that SM Entertainment took legal action in China against former EXO members Kris, Luhan and Tao. The agency formally filed in court 14 lawsuits against the three of them stating that until the Korean courts make a decision regarding the situation, they are SM artists, so doing any activity before the court rules is illegal. Following the recent lawsuit, they took legal action in China as well
    • On December 14, major Chinese news outlets such as Sohu and Sina News reported that SM Entertainment’s Chinese lawsuit against former EXO member Tao were dismissed as the Chinese court recognized that Tao has rights to use his own name and image rights while still within China. Therefore, the court ruled that his exclusive contract with his former company cannot be enforced and dismissed the lawsuit.
  • On April 28, 2017, the Seoul Central District Court declared to have ruled against Tao in his lawsuit against SM Entertainment for issues over the duration of his exclusive contract with SM Entertainment, profit sharing, and discrimination, among others. Tao and his lawyer argued that the artist’s contract with SM Entertainment was unfair; however, SM Entertainment responded, “The contract we used was based on a standard contract provided by the Fair Trade Commission, so there is nothing that could be problematic in the contract.” A proposed court ruling in September the previous year suggested reconciliation efforts; however, the mediation failed as the two parties were unable to reach an agreement.
    • Tao decided to appeal the ruling. However, the Seoul High Court officially rejected its appeal on October 27. A source from SM Entertainment said, “We welcome the wise and encouraging ruling from the DOJ. We will continue to make our way with active business in the global market. We will do our best to establish a culture of loyalty protection and contract enforcement for the advancement of Asia’s entertainment industry.”
  • On July 17, 2018, Huang established his own agency named L.TAO Entertainment.

Z.Tao (EXO) Collaborations

  • Sunnee – Like a Child ft. Z.Tao (2020)
  • Zhou Mi – Love Tonight ft. Tao (2014)
  • Zhou Mi – Rewind ft. Tao (2014) (Ver. China)

Z.Tao (EXO) Drama

  • Begin Again (Tencent Video, 2022)
  • Forward Forever (Dragon TV, 2020)
  • Hot Blooded Youth (iQiyi, 2019).
  • The Brightest Star In The Sky (iQiyi, 2019)
  • The Negotiator (Hunan TV, 2018)
  • A Chinese Odyssey: Love of Eternity (Mango TV, 2017)
  • EXO Next Door (LINE/Naver TV, 2015) Cameo


  • He wrote the rap, together with Chanyeol, for “Rewind” (song with which Zhou Mi debuted).

Z.Tao (EXO) Films

  • Father (TBA)
  • Edge of Innocence (2017)
  • The Game Changer (2017)
  • Railroad Tigers (2016)
  • You Are My Sunshine (2015) Cameo

Z.Tao (EXO) Awards

  • 2018: Baidu Baike – Artist of the Year
  • 2017: The 5th V Chart Awards – Artist of the year of the year
  • 2017: 17th Top Chinese Music Awards – Artist of the year of the year
  • 2017: Asian Music Gala – Top 10 Songs
  • 2016: Mobile Video Festival – The most influential male singer
  • 2016: Tencent Video Star Awards – The most influential male singer
  • 2016: Weibo Night Awards – Most popular singer
  • 2015: Migu Music Awards – Best stage performance

Z.Tao (EXO) Radio Programs

  • Midday Hopeful Song (08/29/2013, Luhan, Chanyeol, Kris, Suho, Baekhyun, Chen and Kai).
  • Boom’s Young Street (31.05.13, with Xiumin, Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol and Chen)

Z.Tao (EXO) TV Programs

  • The Detectives’ Adventures (2021)
  • Sisters Who Make Waves Season 2 (2021) (Ep. 12)
  • Bravo Youngsters (2020)
  • Produce C& 2020 (Tencent, 2020) as MC
  • Hey! What are You Doing? (2020) (Ep. 2)
  • The Protectors (2019)
  • Dance Smash (2019)
  • PRODUCE 101 China (2018) As MC
  • Street Dance of China (Youku, 2018)
  • Beep Plan (2018)
  • Ace vs Ace: Season 2 (2017) (Ep. 1)
  • New generation sound of China (15/07/2015)
  • Ge Ding Dong Qiang Long (CCTV3, 03/01/2015, with Chen)
  • 2015 Idol Star ChampionChip (MBC, 2015) (for recording)
  • With You Down the Road (Zhejiang TV, 24.01.2015)
  • Law of the Jungle; Solomon Islands (10/10/2014 to 10/31/2014)
  • Let’s Go Dream Team (11/17 and 11/24/2013, with Kris)
  • Idol Athletics Championship (09.18.2013, with Suho, Baekhyun, Kai, Sehun, Kris and Luhan, Xiumin)
  • Star Splash Diving Show (13/09/2013, with Suho, Luhan and Sehun)
  • Y-Star God of Cookery / Gourmet Road (09.31.2013, with Xiumin)

Movie Themes

  • Always be with you theme for Daily Fantasy (2021)
  • Still In Time theme for Legend of the Naga Pearls (2017)
  • Wanna Be You (Xiang Cheng Wei Ni) theme for The Foreigner (2017)
  • 19 Years Old theme for Edge of Innocence (2016)

Video Game Featuring

  • Dawn Breaks theme for Revelation Online (2021)
  • 3D I’m the Sovereign.

Z.Tao (EXO) Music Videos

Z.Tao (EXO) Advertisement

  • 2015: 妙脆角Bugles CF
  • 2015: The Almighty Team

Z.Tao (EXO) is a member of:


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