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Yuri (Girls’ Generation)

Weight: 46 kg
Height: 167 cm
Real name: 권유리 / Kwon Yu Ri
Date of Birth: December 5, 1989

Yuri (Girls’ Generation)

About Yuri (Girls’ Generation)

Yuri (Girls’ Generation) Facts

  • K-Pop group Girls’ Generation
    • Position Vocalist, Dancer and Rapper.
  • Sub-Unit Oh!GG
    • Position Vocalist, Dancer and Rapper.
  • Education:
    • Neunggok High School
    • Chung-Ang University (Department of Theater and Film)
  • Training period: 5 years and 11 months
  • Fanclub: Yurisistable.
  • Specialties Swimming, dance and yoga.
  • Languages Korean (native), Japanese (intermediate), English (basic), Chinese (basic)
  • Favorite color Navy blue and black.
  • Religion: Christian
  • She was selected as “Dance Chan” in the Youth Best Selection Competition.
  • She was selected as an SM trainee in 2001 and appeared in many CFs since her childhood.
  • The SM confirmed that Yuri has composed the vast majority of the group’s discography, but she did not want this to be revealed because where she wanted to stand out was in the dance. Together with Taeyeony Tiffany are the most outstanding songwriters.
  • Yuri was dating baseball player Oh Seung Hwan. According to the agency, the two met through a meeting with acquaintances late last year. On October 15, 2015, just 6 months after the confirmation of the relationship with baseball player Oh Seung Hwan, it was reported that they have ended due to their busy schedules.
  • She graduated from Chung-Ang University on 15-02-2016 along with her classmate Choi Soo Young and actress Park Shin Hye.
  • SMTOWN live SPECIAL STAGE in Santiago, It was SMTOWN’s first participatory concert as a soloist in Santiago Yuri.
  • Yuri will hold its first fan meetings tour in asia, meet with fans worldwide.
  • Community Chest of Korea received $17,500 (20 million won) that Yuri donated for the fires presented in the mountains of Kang Won province. She said, “I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose your life and home. I hope this will help the people with damage from this fire. I pray that they won’t lose hope.”

About Yu Ri

Yu Ri was born in Goyang, South Korea on December 5, 1989. She auditioned for SM Casting System at SM Entertainment and joined the company in 2001, when she also placed second in the SM Youth Best Dancer Contest.


Auditioned through the “SM Casting System” for SM Entertainment and joined the company in 2001, after placing second in the SM Youth Best Dancer Contest. she had a period of 5 years and 11 months of training before her debut.


Yuri made her official debut as a member of the all-female group Girls’ Generation in August 2007, however, she made her first appearance in the music video for the song “Beautiful Life” by TVXQ in 2006.

Solo activities

Along with her group activities, Yuri had a small role in the segment “The King’s Boyfriend” which was part of the show “The King’s Boyfriend”. Super Junior Show in addition, she appeared as a dancer in the movie Attack On The Pin-Up Boys starring her agency partners, Super Junior.

In 2008, Yuri participated in the sitcom Unstoppable Marriage in June, she performed a duet with her bandmate, a high school student, in which she played the role of a high school student Soo Young for the song “Kkok (Must!),” which was chosen as part of the soundtrack for the drama Working Mom also, Yuri joined the cast of the second season of Kko Kko Tours Single♥Single a celebrity dating program, graduated from NeungGok High School in the same year.

In 2009, Yuri with her bandmate, Tiffanytook over the conduction of the musical program Show! Music Corein April, she performed a collaboration with K.Will on the song “Dropping The Tears”, making a special appearance on the show “Dropping The Tears”. Show! Music Core at the end of the year, Yuri together with Sunny joined the program Invincible Youth she was nominated for Best Presenter at the 2010 KBS Entertainment Awards.

Yuri made her first contribution as a songwriter on Girls’ Generation’s third mini album, Hoot in September 2010, she collaborated in the song “Like A Soap”, which belongs to the song “Mistake”, and in September 2010, she collaborated in the song “Like A Soap”, which belongs to the song “Mistake”. Catch Me sixth Korean studio album by TVXQ.

In 2012, Yuri starred in the drama Fashion King thanks to this drama, Yuri received nominations at the 5th Korea Drama Awards and the 2012 SBS Drama Awards.

In 2013 Yuri made her big screen debut as part of the starring cast of the swimming-themed film, “No Breathing” in this movie, Yuri plays Jung Eun, a girl who dreams of becoming a musician, as well as being the love interest of the other two main characters, Lee Jong Suk and Seo In Guk. In addition to learning to play the guitar for her character, Yuri sang two tracks from the movie’s soundtrack: “Bling Star” and “Twinkle Twinkle”, which her character plays.

In October 2014, she acts as Lee Ji Hoon’s partner in the music video for “Without You” of group S, which released a new song after 11 years.

Yuri returned to acting in January 2016, joining the cast of the spy drama “Neighborhood Hero”. in addition to acting in the online drama Van Gogh, “The Starry Night “together with Kim Young-kwang.

In 2018, Yuri will star in the second season of the sitcom , The Sound of Your Heart being the female protagonist.

In January 2018, she released a single titled “Always Find You” featuring DJ Raiden.

2018: Debut as a Solo Artist with her First Mini Album “The First Scene”.

September 21, 2018, SM Entertainment announced that she would make her solo debut in October with the release of her first mini album.

Yuri released her first EP, The First Scene on October 4, 2018. On the same day, Yuri made a showcase in Seoul, which was broadcast live via the application V Live there, the singer performed “Into You” for the first time, along with another song from the album, “Illusion”. She talked about the preparations for the album.

Yuri made her debut on the stage of Music Bankoctober 5, 2018, performing the aforementioned songs.

Yuri (Girls’ Generation) Advertisement

  • Blackey Jeans (2016-2017)
  • Pantene (2016)
  • BARREL (2016)
  • Liz-K (2015)
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette (2015)
  • Amore Pacific (2012)
  • Mamonde (2012)
  • Christian Dior (2011)
  • Caribbean Bay (2010)
  • Biotherm (2010)
  • Mite Hot Choco (2006)
  • Choco Pie (China) (2006)
  • Highvill Lake City (2006)

Yuri (Girls’ Generation) Collaborations

Yuri (Girls’ Generation) Music


Participatory Concerts

  • 2019 sMTOWN live SPECIAL STAGE in Santiago


  • YURI 1st fanmeeting Tour “INTO YURI” 2019
    • 09 February – China, Macao – broadway macau
    • February 10 – Bangkok, Thailand – gmm live house &
    • March 10- March – Taipei, Taiwan – Legacy Taipei
    • march 19 – Tokyo, Japan – Tokyo International Forum Hall C
  • YURI 1st Fanmeeting Tour “INTO YURI” in SEOUL 2019
    • March 7 – Seoul, South Korea – yes24 live hall

Yuri (Girls’ Generation) Drama

  • Bossam – Stealing Fate (MBN, 2021)
  • The Sound of Heart – Reboot 2 (Netflix, 2018).
  • The Sound of Heart – Reboot (Netflix, 2018).
  • Dae Jang Geum is Watching (MBC, 2018)
  • Defendant (SBS, 2017)
  • Gogh, The Starry Night (Sohu TV, 2016)
  • Neighborhood’s Hero (OCN, 2016)
  • Kill Me, Heal Me (MBC, 2015, cameo)
  • Fashion King (SBS, 2012)
  • Sazae-san 3 (Fuji TV, 2011, cameo)
  • Unstoppable Marriage (KBS, 2007)

Yuri (Girls’ Generation) Musicals

  • 2019 The Student and Mr Henri – Constance Piponnier

Yuri (Girls’ Generation) Films

  • Break-up Suspension (2020)
  • SMTOWN The Stage (2015)
  • No Breathing (2013)
  • I AM (2012)
  • SMTOWN Live in Tokyo Special Edition (2012)
  • Attack On The Pin-Up Boys (2007)

Yuri (Girls’ Generation) Radio Programs

  • Jun Hyosung’s Dreaming Radio (MBC FM4U, 2021) (16.05.2021)

Yuri (Girls’ Generation) TV Programs

  • My Teenage Girl (MBC, 2021)
  • Weekly Idol (2018)
  • MAPS (OliveTV, 2015)
  • Dating Alone (JTBC, 2015) Ep. 3-4
  • Animals (MBC, 2015, Ep. 1-5)
  • Cover Dance Festival K-Pop Road Show 40120 (MBC, 2011)
  • Big Brothers (KBS2, 2011)
  • SPECIAL D-DAY (Y-STAR, 2010-2012)
  • Running Man (SBS, 2010,2011, 2015) Ep. 16, 63-64, 254
  • Hello Baby! (KBS Joy, 2009)
  • Show! Music Core (MBC, 2009-2010)
  • Invincible Youth Season 1 (KBS2, 2009-2010)
  • Girls’ Generation’s Factory Girl (Mnet, 2008)
  • You Can Fly (Mnet, 2008-2009)
  • Girls Generation (MTV, 2007)
  • Girls Goes to School (Mnet, 2007)


  • 2021 MBC Entertainment Awards: Special Award for Variety
  • 2021 6th Asia Artist Awards: AAA Best Acting Award
  • 2020 8th Korean Arts and Culture Awards New Media
  • 2018 MBC Entertainment Awards Best Entertainer (Sitcom) (Dae Jang Geum is Watching)
  • 2014 50th Baeksang Arts Awards The most popular actress (movie) (No Breathing)
  • 2013 (49th) PaekSang Arts Awards: Most Popular Actress (Fashion King)
  • 2012 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Award (Fashion King)
  • 2011 MBC Entertainment Awards: Radio Star Team (with Tiffany) “Show! Music Core”

Yuri (Girls’ Generation) TV Drama’s

  • Please! (next to Soo Young) theme for Working Mom (2008)

Movie Themes

  • Time of the Time theme for Break-up Suspension (2021)
  • Bling Star (with Masyta Band) theme for No Breathing (2013)
  • Twinkle Twinkle (besides Masyta Band) theme for No Breathing (2013)

Yuri (Girls’ Generation) Music Videos

Yuri (Girls’ Generation) is a member of:



Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation

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