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Weight: 47 kg
Height: 169 cm
Real name: 최유나 / Choi Yu Na
Date of Birth: October 4, 1997


About Yuju (GFRIEND)

Yuju (GFRIEND) Facts

  • Ex-K-Pop Group: GFRIEND
    • Position Vocalist and dancer.
  • Voice type Mezzo soprano
  • Education
    • Seoul School of Performing Arts (SOPA) (Graduate)
  • Languages Korean (native language), Japanese (Intermediate) and English (Intermediate).
  • Training period: 3 years.
  • Motto:Always go forward “.
  • Hobbies: Guitar playing and composition.
  • Models to follow Choi Daniel.
  • Favorite color: Red, blue, white and black.
  • Religion: Catholic.
  • Baptismal name: Angela.
  • Before entering Source Music was a trainee at LOEN Entertainment.
  • She was a trainee at Cube Entertainment.
  • She was the last member of the group to be revealed.
  • She sang “Aegukga” (South Korean National Anthem) at the KCC NBA All Star Game.
  • In the famous presentation where GFRIEND sang “I like it”, they suffered repeated falls due to the wet stage, Yuju was the most affected since she was the one who fell the most times, however she showed great professionalism getting up again and again until the end of the act.
  • Your collaboration with Loco for the OST of the drama The Girl Who Can See Smells took first place for ten consecutive weeks on the Music Bank OST chart, making it the fourth most winning song in the chart’s history.
  • At SOPA, she attended the same classroom with Ji Ho from OH MY GIRL and Cheng Xiao from Cosmic Girls.
  • In an interview she revealed that she used to work as a vocal coach and in several GFRIEND backstage videos it can be seen that she now plays that same role in the group.
  • Yuju together with Joy from Red Velvet, Momo from TWICE and Seung Yeon from CLC performed a cover of Touch My Body by SISTAR.
  • She was part of the 97 line collaboration “A Flying Butterfly” with Jung Kook from BTS, DK, MinGyu and The8 from SEVENTEEN, BamBam and Yu Gyeom from GOT7, Ji Hyo from TWICE, Chae Yeon from DIA and her group partner Eun Ha.
  • She had a fracture in her arm, she explained on “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show” that she fell out of bed. “I woke up in the night and it was too cold in the room, so I got up to turn off the air conditioner. I fell and broke my hand,” she said with a smile, “Luckily, I was able to turn off the air conditioner.”
  • In August 2017, several posts on online communities and social media reported that GFRIEND’s Yuju cried due to stomach pains and fainted at an autograph signing event. In response, a source from Source Music, said, “Yuju bent over due to stomach pains during an autograph signing. There are posts claiming that she fainted, but they are not true and she is currently on her way to the hospital.”


2018: Digital Single “Love Rain” Released

On June 25 at 12PM KST, a teaser was revealed announcing that Yu Ju will release its first digital single on June 29 at 6PM KST. The information was shared along with a teaser image that hinted at the participation of a mystery artist.

On June 27 at 12PM KST, it was confirmed that the artist featured on the digital single was Suran it was also announced that the title of the single would be “Love Rain”.

“Love Rain” is a mid-tempo R&B song based on a swing, and is about two women who see love differently using rain falling on a woman who faces love from different perspectives.

2021: Dissolution of GFRIEND and departure of Source Music

On May 18, it was reported that the six members would not renew their contracts with Source Music and would go their separate ways.

On May 19, Yu Ju along with her teammates went to Weverse to upload individual handwritten letters about their dissolution and their careers so far. Yu Ju wrote.

“Hi, I’m Yuju from GFRIEND..

I have often expressed my thoughts in writing before, but I think this is the first time I have written a letter that encompasses so many thoughts and memories..

I worry if everyone was really shocked, and my heart feels heavy as I imagine it. Every day I spent as GFRIEND was extremely valuable, thanks to all of you. I also wanted to give you days like this, so I spent six very valuable years trying to better myself. To everyone who cried and laughed along with us during that trip, I want to sincerely thank you once again..

Since they gave us such a big and immeasurable part of their hearts, I had many thoughts as I looked back on our memories recently. This time it was much more beautiful because I was with my classmates and it was an honor to be able to sing and dance in front of our cheering fans. Thank you for loving GFRIEND so far..

For my BUDDY, who is the most precious thing in the world, I will never forget her facial expressions, looks and voices when we went on stage, and I will keep them in the warmest place in my heart.Thank you for protecting me, who was not too hard, so that I would not break easily.To make sure this ending does not end in sadness, I will continue to show myself moving forward in the future..

Once again, I love you, thank you and thank you, this has been GFRIENDLY”..

Signs with the agency KONNECT Entertainment

On August 11, Celuv Media reported that Yu Ju had met with KONNECT Entertainment to discuss a possible exclusive contract and would likely sign with the agency.

In response to the report, KONNECT Entertainment shared that nothing has been confirmed. They explained “We are planning to expand our artist roster, but none of the deals are finalized. Yuju is one of the artists we met with during that process.”.

On September 1, KONNECT Entertainment confirmed “We have recently signed an exclusive contract with Yuju, who has a unique and powerful voice. She has demonstrated her versatile potential as an artist and we will actively support her through our expert and optimized management so that she can express her full potential.”.

Yu Ju said “I feel confident working with KONNECT Entertainment, who has shared with me their good energy and sincere respect. I want to approach the public in a new way with an honest image and diverse music.”.

After announcing Yu Ju as its new artist, KONNECT Entertainment opened its new official Twitter, YouTube and V LIVE accounts for her.

2022: Debut as a solo artist with her first mini-album “REC.”

On January 3 at 12PM KST, she announced through her official Twitter account the date and details for her official debut as a solo artist with the release of her first mini-album “REC.” on January 18 at 6PM KST.

The album features a total of five songs, the main one being “Play” in addition, Yu Ju participated as a co-writer and co-composer of all the songs on the album, including “Blue Nostalgia” which she wrote in its entirety herself, except for the intro, where she only collaborated in writing the lyrics.

With this mini-album, “REC.” yu Ju wants it to be the starting point to record a new life as a soloist.

“Play” is a mid-tempo pop song that expresses the differences of emotions in a relationship when one person considers it a game while the other is sincere.

Yuju (GFRIEND) Collaborations

  • San E – So Silly (Feat. Yu Ju) (2021)
  • Young Key – First Love (Feat. Yu Ju) (2017).

Yuju (GFRIEND) Music

  • GFRIEND – Wizard (2020)
  • GFRIEND – Night Drive (2020)
  • GFRIEND – Tarot Cards (2020)
  • GFRIEND – Time of Snow (2020)
  • GFRIEND – Apple (2020)
  • GFRIEND – Hope (2019)
  • Yu Ju – Bad Blood (2022)
  • Yu Ju – Play (2022)
  • Yu Ju – Cold Winter (2022)
  • Yu Ju – The Killa (2022)
  • Yu Ju – Bue Nostalgia (2022)

Yuju (GFRIEND) Awards

  • MelOn Music Awards Best OST “Spring Is Gone By Chance”.

Yuju (GFRIEND) TV Programs

  • Hello Counselor (KBS2, 01/21/2019) Ep. 396, together with Um Ji
  • 1 vs 100 (KBS2, 07.03.2017) together with Um Ji
  • People Looking for Laughter (05/10/16)
  • Inkigayo (MBC, 26.06.2016). Special MC
  • Duet Song Festival (MBC)
  • Same Bed Different Dreams (SBS, 02/29/16)
  • Hello Counselor (KBS, 02/20/16)
  • Gold Medal Duty* (Bon Boon Olympic) (KBS2, 10/02/2016)
  • INSTA Wars (MBC, 09/02/2016)
  • Gag Concert (KBS, 06/11/15)
  • Cool Kidz on the block (03/11/15)
  • King of Mask Singer (MBC, 2015)
  • Our Neighbourhood’s Fine Arts (03/11/15)
  • Radio Star (MBC, 01/11/15)
  • Kpop Start (SBS)

Yuju (GFRIEND) TV Drama’s

  • Still theme for Police University (2021)
  • Comfort theme for Bossam: Steal the Fate (2021)
  • Falling theme for Run On (2021)
  • I’m in the Mood for Dancing theme for True Beauty (2020)
  • Secret (with ISHXRK) theme for Alice (2020)
  • First Day theme for Was It Love (2020)
  • This and That theme for Yoobyeolna! Chief Moon (2020)
  • Snowflake Love theme for My Strange Hero (2018)
  • Just This Song theme for Let’s Eat 3 (2018)
  • Spring Is Gone By Chance (next to Loco) theme for The Girl Who Can See Smells (2015)

Movie Themes

  • Chicken Hero theme for Billy & The Brave Guys: Chicken Hero (2016)

Yuju (GFRIEND) Music Videos

  • Lee Seung Hwan – Sweetie Pie (2015)

Yuju (GFRIEND) is a member of:


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