YuJeong (LABOUM)

Real name: 김유정 / Kim Yu Jeong

Stage name: 유정 / ユジョン / Yu Jeong

Gender: Female

Age: 30 years

Date of birth: February 14, 1992

Place of birth: Seoul, South Korea

Height: 162cm

Weight: 42kg

Bloodtype: B

Zodiac Sign: Aquarium

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Bun

Kim Yu Jeong Profile

About YuJeong

YuJeong (LABOUM) Facts

  • Former KPop Group: LABOUM (2014-2021)
    • Position Leader, Vocalist and Dancer
  • Education: Myongji University (Graduate)
  • Her role models are Lee Soo Young, Baek Ji Young and Lee HyoRi.

YuJeong (LABOUM) Drama

  • Bride of the Century (TV Chosun, 2014)
  • Love Security (TV Naver, 2017)

YuJeong (LABOUM) Radio Programs

  • (KBS) Sukira Kiss The Radio (10/14/07)
  • (KBS) Sukira Kiss The Radio (15.01.02)

YuJeong (LABOUM) TV Programs

  • The Unit (KBS, 2017)

YuJeong (LABOUM) TV Drama’s

  • Rise Up (together with Ji Min Hyuk) theme for Revenge Note 2 (2018)
  • Don’t Disappear (together with Jung So Yeon) theme for Come and Hug Me (2018)

YuJeong (LABOUM) Music Videos

  • Unit G – Always (2018)

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