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YUBIN (Wonder Girls)

Weight: 45 kg
Height: 161 cm
Real name:
Date of Birth: October 4, 1988

YUBIN (Wonder Girls)

About YUBIN (Wonder Girls)

YUBIN (Wonder Girls) Facts

  • Ex K-Pop Group: Wonder Girls
    • Position: Rapper, Vocalist, Dancer, Drummer.
  • Ex-K-Pop Group: Five Girls (Undebuted)
  • Voice type: Contralto
  • Education:
    • Primary: JungAm Elementary School.
    • Secondary/High School: Anyang High School / Leland High School (USA)
    • University: Myongji University (Music Department).
  • Discovery: Good Entertainment Audition.
  • Debut: 2007
  • Fanclub: Yubdot
  • Languages: Korean (native language), English (Fluent), Chinese (Intermediate) and Japanese (Basic).
  • Hobbies: Discussing movies, collecting records, reading, listening to music.
  • Skills: Swimming / dancing / Skin Scuba.
  • Specialty: Rapping, Poppin, Street, Composition.
  • Favorite food: Food Salad, green apple, raw fish.
  • Artists Favorites: Eve, Lauryn Noel, Hill. Sean, Connery.
  • Practice time: 2 years.
  • Instruments battery.
  • Religion Protestant Christian.
  • Mascots: A cat named “Choco” and a dog named “Niño” of which Ye Eunis also an owner.
  • Since 2013, she has been living with her three group mates and friends Ye Eun, Sun Mi and Hye Rim although since 2011 it is no longer mandatory for the members of the Wonder Girls live together.
  • Initially, she would debut with G.NA, UEE jiWon and Jun Hyo Sung in a Five Girls group created by Good Entertainment. However, the record company’s financial situation collapsed.
  • Joined Wonder Girls in September 2007 as a replacement for Hyun Ah after she withdrew from the group due to gastroenteritis.
  • Your arrival at Wonder Girls gave a touch of exoticism to the group that has a lot to do with her dark skin, her sensuality that overflows with nothing more than being herself.
  • She never strikes an artificial pose, nor does she make any funny looks.
  • She lived for 2 years in the United States before making her debut, so Yu Bin is fluent in English.
  • She always seems to be everyone’s maknae, despite being the oldest in the group.
  • She was trained by Miryo from Brown Eyed Girls.
  • She is the best friend of Taecyeon from 2PM.
  • Yu Bin ranked 97th on the list 100 Sexiest Women Alive 2011 of the U.S. magazine Smartasses Magazine .
  • She is considered one of the best female rappers in K-pop along with CL, Miryo from Brown Eyed Girls and Amber from F (x).
  • She is on the list of Korean Beauties just like the other members.
  • When she was younger she used to look like a tomboy, as she had short hair and in one play she acted like one.
  • She was considered the Sexiest Woman in Korea in 2010, 2011 and 2012.
  • She made it to the list of “The World’s 40 Sexiest Women Under 25”, being the only Korean to enter this list.
  • She had a blind date with Kim Kyu Jong member of SS501 at We Got Married where the leader participated Kim Hyun Joong being the husband of Hwang Bo.
  • C.A.P from TEEN TOP chose her as her ideal type, as well as the actor Yoon Sang Hyun and many more.
  • On several occasions she has stated that her ideal type is Tae Yang from BIGBANG.
  • She is very close to the members of 2PM.
  • She is very good friends with her ex-group mates, mainly with UEE and G.NA who are known to be her best friends.
  • I collaborate with Taecyeon from 2PM in the song “It’s Time”, where she helped to compose the lyrics.
  • She made her drama debut in The Virus for which she received very good reviews for her performance.
  • Yu Bin ranked 55th on the list 100 Sexiest Women Alive 2012 of the U.S. magazine Smartasses Magazine .
  • In 2012, she was selected by foreigners living in Korea as the “Cutest and prettiest Korean K-pop Idol”.
  • In a program Tiger JK mentioned that she wanted to do a collaboration with Yu Bin, saying that for her she was one of the best female rappers in Korea.
  • In 2012, Yu Bin and Bizzy collaborated with Tiger JK for an SBS program with the theme You&I, in the concert you can hear how the 3 of them sing “Like This You, Like This” theme from Wonder Girls (which they were promoting at the time) while they were doing the passage of the song, after that Tiger JK said: “I am surprised because it was the first time that I had ever Yu Bini would like to work with her on something official, for me she is one of the best rappers in Korea, I have admired her and followed her since her debut”.
  • The Virus this is the first performance she made in Korea and received very good reviews.
  • Yu Bin ranked 11th on the list 100 Sexiest Women Alive 2013 of the U.S. magazine Smartasses Magazine .
  • She and Hye Rim admitted to being addicted to taking selfies.
  • I collaborate with the rap of Ivy’s song “I Dance”.
  • Yu Bin ranked 17th on the list 100 Sexiest Women Alive 2014 of the U.S. magazine Smartasses Magazine .
  • She helped Ye Eunin the production of the video for “Ain’t Nobody”.
  • She usually composes the raps of the songs in which she participates.
  • In April 2015 she gave an interview and talked about the girls from Wonder Girls when the interviewer asked her “Have you talked to your group mates Wonder Girls do you all still keep in touch?” she replied “Actually, 4 we are living together Ye Eun, Hye Rim and Sun Mi we live together, so we actually saw each other 10 minutes ago (laughs). I see them every day So Hee she actually visited us three days ago. I see her often as well. And with her, I see her a lot Sun Ye we talk all the time on the phone, since she is not in Korea, but, yes, we all keep in touch.
  • YuBin ranked 4th on the list 100 Sexiest Women Alive 2015 of the U.S. magazine Smartasses Magazine this is her fifth consecutive year to appear on the list.
  • She is in charge of playing drums in the new concept “Idol Band ” of Wonder Girls since her return in August 2015.
  • Originally she was to rap “Full Moon” by Lee Sun Mi but because at that time JYP had planned to debut 6Mix, of which Lena was a member, decided to start promoting them by featuring her as a rapper, which is why Yubin ended up rapping “Who I Am”, another track on the Mini-album
  • She performed with her Unpretty Rapstar teammates in the finals of Show Me The Money 4
  • She gained more recognition as a rapper and obtained very good reviews with her participation in Unpretty Rapstar.
  • On December 23, 2016, a JYP Entertainment source reported that the singer’s father passed away from a chronic illness on December 22.
  • The song “City Love” which would be the B-Side of their debut single was cancelled due to copyright issues, this was announced by JYP agency through a press release on June 5.


Yu Bin was born on October 4, 1988 in Gwangsan, Gwangju Province, South Korea. She is a South Korean rapper, singer, dancer, drummer, model, actress, MC, DJ and songwriter under the agency JYP Entertainment and former member of the group Wonder Girls she had joined the group in September 2007 following the departure of HyunA.


He attended JungAm Elementary School and later entered Anyang High School, which she had to leave due to her family’s move to San Jose, California, U.S.A., for her parents’ work, and then entered Leland High School.


While living in the U.S. she auditioned for “Good Entertainment”, and after being accepted she returned to Korea to be trained, some time later she was selected to be part of the girl group, “Five Girls”, along with G.NA, UEE from, Jun Hyo Sung and Yang Ji Won the group debuted on television with the reality show of the same name “Five Girls”, however, due to the financial problems of “Good Entertainment”, the group disbanded shortly before their stage debut, which was scheduled for 2007. All the members left for different entertainment companies in Korea.

2007:Wonder Girls entry and debut

The director of “Good Entertainment”, seeing Yu Bin’s qualities as a rapper and dancer, did not want her talent to go to waste and asked J.Y. Park after an audition, she asked her to join her company J.Y. Park accepted her into her company and because of the Wonder Girls was about to release its first album, and days before HyunA she made her stage debut on September 8, 2007, on the show Music Bank.

2013: Acting debut and collaborations

After the group’s break, all members have been doing individual activities, Yu Bin’s first activity was her acting debut in the drama The Viruson the cable network OCN, receiving good reviews for her performance, followed by the collaboration she made with Ivy for its single “I Dance” where she also participated in the video.

Some time later she collaborated with Taecyeon and San E for the topic “It’s Time” from the album of 2PM “Grand Edition”, where she participated in the composition of the lyrics.

2014: Collaborations and debut as a producer

When Sun Mi made her comeback with her mini album “Full Moon” it was announced that Yu Bin would collaborate with her on one of her songs, this being the third track of name “Who Am I” where she was in charge of the rap.

At the end of July, when it was announced the debut solo album of Ye Eunfollowing a letter she sent to the Wonderfuls, it was revealed that Ye Eunand Yu Bin would be the producers of the album and the MV for the title track “Ain’t Nobody”, traveling to the U.S. to film it. The company confirmed that Yu Bin was working as a producer for a short documentary about the album by Ye Eunon August 19, 2014, JYP Entertainment on its Youtube account revealed the documentary titled deep inside of HA:T, where she was also the DJ.

2015: Participation in Unpretty Rapstar 2

On August 18, during the promotions of the group’s third album “Reboot” it was announced that Yu Bin would be part of the cast of the second season of the reality show Unpretty Rapstarwhich will be released in September 2015.

2018: solo debut with “City Woman.”

On May 16, several industry representatives reported that the Wonder Girls member had completed filming her music video on the 15th and will make her debut in early June.

In response, her agency, JYP Entertainment, commented, “It is true that she has shot her music video,” and added, “However, the release date of her album has not yet been confirmed.”.

Yubin shared details about her upcoming solo mini-album on May 23 through a teaser poster. The announcement includes the text “City Woman” (literal translation) and revealed that her first mini-album will be unveiled on June 5 at 6pm.

The title track will be “Lady” and the b-side track “City Love”, which Yubin helped co-write, will also be included.

JYP Entertainment has announced that Yubin’s b-side track, “City Love” will not be released at all.

In a statement posted on Yubin’s June 6 fan forum, the agency explained, “We delayed the release of this song because we became aware of a copyright dispute, but we must inform you that we finally canceled its release. We sincerely apologize to all the fans who have been waiting.”.

“Lady” is a city pop genre track that enterprises the emotions of a man and a woman during a busy day of daily life. Written by Dr.JO, the track has a simple yet catchy melody.

Back with “#TUSM”

Yubin will make her first comeback as a solo artist with a new album titled “TUSM”, which is short for “Thank U Soooo Much”.

On November 19 at midnight, the first teasers for “TUSM” were revealed. her fellow artists at JYP Entertainment are also promoting the release with clips of them saying, “Thank you so much,” on the agency’s Instagram account.

Yubin has released a track list for “TUSM,” which reveals that she has three new songs prepared. Yubin co-wrote lyrics for all the songs, including her title song “Thank U Soooo Much,” and also co-composed “Game Over.” Yubin has shared a preview of her new song “TUSM (Thank U Soooo Much)” through pictorial lyrics.

In the images, Yubin has received two messages from a “jerk”, who says “Let’s break up” and “To be honest, I was really attracted to that person.” She replies, “Why do you say that, something like that when you’re breaking up with me? Thank you so much for the TMI.”.

Yubin has shared a new teaser with the lyrics (which she co-wrote!) of her upcoming song “Thank U Soooo Much”!.

The song’s lyrics chastise an ex-boyfriend for providing “too much information” during a breakup, sarcastically thanking her for her unnecessary revelations.

“Thank U Soooo Much” is a future retro track whose lyrics talk about a previous boyfriend giving her “too much information” during their breakup and how she sarcastically thanks her for the unnecessary revelations.

2019: Back with “Start of the End”.

It was reported on October 18 that Yubin was set to return at the end of October. A source from JYP Entertainment stated, “It is true that Yubin is preparing for her comeback. We will share her official comeback schedule soon.”.

Yubin has worked on a special collaboration with Yoon Mi Rae for her comeback, on October 18, a source from Yoon Mi Rae’s agency confirmed that she participated in the production of Yubin’s new song. The recording of the track has recently finished. On October 21, Yubin has released a stylish first teaser for her upcoming comeback.

On October 22 at midnight, new details about its upcoming album ‘Star of the End’ were shared through new photo teasers, revealing that it will contain two songs ‘Silent Movie’ featuring Yoon Mi Rae and ‘Not Yours’; it will be unveiled on October 30 at 6pm.

“Silent Movie” was co-composed and co-written by Yubin and Shim Eun Ji and in it, she collaborates with Yoon Mi Rae. As a lo-fi hip-hop song, it is full of autumnal moods, making it perfect for the current season. The song is based on Yubin’s experiences and thoughts, and in it, she describes the lack of conversation in a relationship by metaphorically comparing it to a silent movie.

2020: Creation of your own agency

On February 18, Yubin posted a photo on her Instagram introducing her own agency, rrr Entertainmen,which means “real recognize real.”.

Along with the new company logo, Yubin posted in Korean and English revealing the exciting news of her new company to her fans. She shared, “As the founder and artist of the company, I will take responsibility and challenge myself and my company with goals and purpose. I will show you what is REAL with the most REAL of Yubin.”.

Back with the single album “ME TIME”

On May 4, it was reported that Yubin is preparing for a comeback. her agency rrr Entertainment confirmed the news and stated, “Yubin is currently working on new music with the goal of making a comeback in May. The exact date has not yet been set.”.

On May 12, Yubin shared a teaser photo for her upcoming comeback single album digitally, “ME TIME” and will be released on May 21 at 6PM KST.

“yaya (ME TIME)”, the single was co-composed by Yubin, Shim Eun Ji, Frederik Jyll and Andreas Ringblom, and the lyrics were co-written by Yubin and Shim Eun Ji. The song is an easy song about breaking free from one’s responsibilities.

2021: Return with the Single “PERFUME”.

On December 30 at midnight KST, a set of teaser photos for her comeback song “PERFUME” was released, which will be released on January 13 at 6 PM KST.

“Perfume” is composed and written by Dr.JO, and Yubin also participated in writing the lyrics and narrating to convey a message about the loneliness of city life. Dr.JO and Yubin have worked together once again after their debut solo track “Lady”.

YUBIN (Wonder Girls) Advertisement

  • 2017: Hera Rougeholic Cream
  • 2016: Urban Decay
  • 2015: Reebok Classic “Inferno” (with Heat)

YUBIN (Wonder Girls) Collaborations

  • 2016: JYP Nation – Encore – Mix&Match
  • 2015: Unpretty Rapstar 2 – Who Am I feat Jo Hyun Ah
  • 2015: Unpretty Rapstar 2 – 싹 다 (SaKda) feat. The Quiett
  • 2015: Unpretty Rapstar 2 – Don’t Stop feat Unpretty Rapstar 2
  • 2015: Justin Thorne – The Heartbroken
  • 2014: Lee Sun Mi – Who Am I?
  • 2013: Ivy – I Dance
  • 2013: Taecyeon and San E – It’s Time
  • 2010: JYP Nation – This Christmas
  • 2009: Chun G – Weak man
  • 2008 Kim Bum Soo – Do you know that?
  • 2008: Various Artists – I Love Asia / Smile Again
  • 2008: Various Artists – Cry With Us
  • 2008: Lee Min Woo – Honey
  • 2007: Andy – Irrelevant Imagination

YUBIN (Wonder Girls) Music


  • YuBin – (yaya) (ME TIME) – Single “yaya (ME TIME)”.


  • YuBin – 무성영화 (Silent Movie) (Feat. Yoon Mi Rae) – “Start of the End” – “Start of the End”
  • YuBin – Not Yours – “Start of the End”.


  • YuBin – Game Over – “#TUSM”.
  • YuBin – Thank U Soooo Much – “#TUSM”.
  • YuBin – 보내줄게 (I’ll Let You Go) – “#TUSM”.



  • JYP Nation – Encore – Mix&Match
  • Wonder Girls – Why So Lonely – “Why So Lonely”.
  • Wonder Girls – To The Beautiful You – “Why So Lonely”.
  • Wonder Girls – Sweet&Easy – “Why So Lonely”.


  • YuBin – Who Am I (feat Jo Hyun Ah) – ” Unpretty Rapstar 2″.
  • YuBin – 싹 다 (SaKda) (feat. The Quiett) – ” Unpretty Rapstar 2″.
  • Unpretty Rapstar 2 – Don’t Stop – ” Unpretty Rapstar 2″.
  • Wonder Girls – Loved – “Reboot”.
  • Wonder Girls – 없어 (GONE) – “Reboot”.
  • Wonder Girls – Back – “Reboot”.
  • Wonder Girls – John doe- “Reboot”.
  • Wonder Girls – Rewind (Solo Rap) – “Reboot”.
  • Wonder Girls – I Feel You (rap solo) – “Reboot”.


  • 2PM – It’s Time – (Grand Edition)



  • Wonder Girls – Me, In (Solo Rap) – “Wonder World”.
  • Wonder Girls – Girls Girls (Solo Rap) – “Wonder World”.
  • Wonder Girls – Sweet Dreams (Solo Rap) – “Wonder World”.

YUBIN (Wonder Girls) Drama

  • Chocolate (jTBC, 2019-2020) Cameo
  • V.I.P (SBS, 2019)
  • The Virus (OCN, 2013)
  • That Person Is Coming (MBC, 2008) Cameo

YUBIN (Wonder Girls) Films

  • The Wonder Girls (2012)
  • The Last Godfather (2010) cameo

YUBIN (Wonder Girls) Radio Programs

  • 2020: (DIVE Studios) Kpop Daebak Show (Ep. 61) (20.06.2020) (podcast)
  • 2020: IDOL RADIO ep#605. Girls Be Ambitious! (05/29)
  • 2013-2014: Younha’s Starry Night
  • 2013: KBS 2FM Radio KISS THE RADIO (17/01)

YUBIN (Wonder Girls) TV Programs


  • 2015: Mnet Unpretty Rapstar2
  • 2015: VLive.TV you&Me with Sun Mi (13/09)
  • 2007: SBS MTV diary of Five Girls


  • 2020: MBC Idol Star Dogs Championships
  • 2020: MBC every1 Video Star (ep. 193)
  • 2016: MBC every1 video Star (ep. 9 and 10)
  • 2014: Mnet 4 Things Show (ep. 10)
  • 2012: SBS Running Man (ep. 117)

YUBIN (Wonder Girls) Musicals

  • 2015: KBS immortal Song 2 (12/12)
  • 2013: KBS open Concert (14/07)


  • 2013: SNL Saturday Night Live (08/03)


YUBIN (Wonder Girls) Musical Shows

  • 2013: SBS inkigayo (06/17, 06/30, 06/30)
  • 2013: MBC music Core
  • 2013: KBS music Bank (06/14, 06/29)
  • 2013: Mnet m! Countdown (06/13)

YUBIN (Wonder Girls) TV Drama’s

  • Special subject for Chocolate (2019)

YUBIN (Wonder Girls) Music Videos

  • 2016: J.Y. Park – Fire (feat. Conan O’Brien, Steven Yeun & Park Ji Min)
  • 2015: Unpretty Rapstar 2 – Don’t Stop
  • 2014: HA:TFELT – Ain’t Nobody
  • 2013: Ivy – I Dance
  • 2010: JYP Nation – This Christmas
  • 2008: 2PM – 10 Out of 10 Jeom
  • 2008: Various Artists – I Love Asia / Smile Again
  • 2008: Various Artists – Cry With Us
  • 2008 Shinhwa – Once In A Life Time

YUBIN (Wonder Girls) is a member of:


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