Real name: 김미정 / Kim Mi Jeong

Stage name: Unknown

Gender: Female

Age: 23 years

Date of birth: December 15, 1998

Place of birth: South Korea

Height: 154cm

Weight: ---

Bloodtype: AB

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Tiger

Yourbeagle Profile

About yourbeagle

yourbeagle Facts

  • Education:
    • Ewoo Middle School
  • She is part of a Hip-Hop crew called Wayside Town along with 1day, Hash Swan, Jayci yucca, Kim Hyo Eun Kooky, Leellamarz, Midas P, P Gloo, Skinny Brown, TOIL Urb Fisher and Panda Gomm.
  • The nickname ‘beagle’ was given to her by a close friend in high school, who showed her a picture of a beagle dog looking at it, and she was nicknamed so because the way it looked was similar to that picture. While creating an Instagram ID, she used ‘beagle’, but the account was not created, so she added ‘your’ in front of it to change it to yourbeagle (tubeagle).

yourbeagle Collaborations

  • Kid Wine – Marya (Feat. Yourbeagle) (2021)
  • Young Jay – Callin’ (Feat. Kohway, yourbeagle) (2021)
  • D-Hack – BOKU&KIMI (Feat. yourbeagle) (2020)
  • Seo Actor & Dept – I’ll Be Right There (Feat FR:EDEN yourbeagle) (2020)
  • youbin – LOVE! (Feat. 호치키스, yourbeagle) (Prod. by Laptopboy) (2019).
  • Onecrane – Mirror (Feat. Jaedal, yourbeagle) (2019).
  • Juncoco & Jeonghyeon – Good Bye (Feat. yourbeagle) (2019).
  • D-Hack – METCHA KAWAII (Feat. yourbeagle) (2019)
  • HD BL4CK – Leave (Feat. yourbeagle) (2019)
  • Flavordash – 유성 Remix (Feat. yourbeagle, Icey Blouie, BIGONE, Bryn) (2019)
  • Lil 9ap – Lil choppa (feat. Flavordash, BRADYSTREET, yourbeagle) (2019).
  • Leellamarz & TOIL – LOVE (Feat. yourbeagle) (2018).
  • ALE – Love in Xanax (Feat. yourbeagle, SABO) (2018)
  • D-Hack – PRIKURA (Feat. yourbeagle) (2018).
  • ALE – Surfing (Feat. Earl Fly, yourbeagle) (2018).

yourbeagle Music

  • 1DAY & Urban Fisher – W.Y.S.D (Feat. WAYSIDE) (2020)

yourbeagle TV Programs

  • High School Rapper (Mnet, 2017).

Themes for TV Programs

  • 설레고 싶어 theme for ove Naggers 3 (2020)

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