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Yoo JaeSuk (SSAK3)

Weight: 65 kg
Height: 175cm
Real name:
Date of Birth: August 14, 1972

Yoo JaeSuk (SSAK3)

About Yoo JaeSuk (SSAK3)

Yoo JaeSuk (SSAK3) Facts

  • Kpop group: SSAK3
    • Position: Vocalist and Singer
  • Education:
    • Yuhyeon Elementary School of Seoul (Graduate)
    • Suyu High School (Graduated)
    • Yongmun High School (Graduate)
    • Seoul Institute of the Arts (Broadcasting Entertainment) (Abandoned)
  • Religion: Buddhism
  • On July 6, 2008, Yoo Jae Seok married Yoo Jae Seok, a Na Gyoung Eun MBC announcer.
  • On May 1, 2010, Yoo and his wife celebrated the birth of their first child.
  • On April 20, 2011, the Korea Trade and Research Institute conducted a survey on the most popular entertainers in Korea, with Yoo Jae Seok coming in 1st place with 40.0% in the Top 10 Male Humorists category, followed by Lee Soo Geun (27.7%) in 2nd place and Kang Ho Dong (27.6%) in 3rd.
  • Gets along very well with Dae Sung from BIGBANG and in general with all the members of Family Outing.
  • He is nicknamed Grasshopper or C-Dragon. because of its imitation of the G-Dragon.
  • Gets along very well with Jung Yong Hwa from CNBLUE every time he appears as a guest on their programs, he makes them imitate other comedians and they start teasing each other with busan dialect.
  • He is considered one of the most beloved MCs in Korea, so much so that he is known to have no anti-fans.
  • In episode 38 of Running Man the character of Yooames Bond was born
  • Together with his friend and Family Outing lee Hyori and Lee Hyori are known as the brothers of the nation, as they are always fighting but actually get along very well.
  • Is a fan of BIGBANG i once scratched his BIG BANG CD because of his exaggeration.
  • Together with his teammate Kim Joong Kook in episode 126 of running man, he had to play the “pepero” game.
  • He along with other running man members participated in the “Asian Cup 2013” when Jaesuk entered the field he immediately had to shoot towards the goal as a penalty kick, unfortunately he missed but still he got even more fans as he gave it his all in the match. (ep. 153-154)
  • On July 15, FNC announced that the comedian would join the company, Yoo Jae Suk also stated, “I am very happy to be with my close colleagues in a good company.”
  • On February 19, 2018, a source from his agency FNC Entertainment confirmed, “It is true that Yoo Jae Suk’s wife Na Kyung Eun is pregnant with their second child.” Because he is in the early stages of his pregnancy, they were cautious about announcing this news.
  • On October 19, 2018, FNC Entertainment reported that Yoo Jae Suk’s wife Na Kyung Eun gave birth to a baby girl in the morning at a hospital in Seoul and both mother and baby girl are healthy and resting.
  • On July 6, 2021, it was disclosed that he would not renew his contract with FNC Entertainment on July 13, it was reported that he had signed a contract with Antenna Music.
  • On December 13, 2021, Antenna Music reported that Yoo Jae Suk was diagnosed with COVID-19.The artist completed his second dose of the vaccine in late September. On December 11, he was informed that he came into close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 and immediately underwent a first PCR test. He received a negative result and was classified as someone who should be monitored. Then, in accordance with disease control guidelines, he took a second PCR test on December 13 and received a positive result.



Yoo Jae Seok is the eldest of his siblings. He studied in Seoul at the Institute of the Arts, but was unable to receive his degree due to his busy schedule as a comedian.

His television debut was at the KBS Comedy Festival (for students) in 1991, when he performed a spoof of a commercial with Choi Seung Gyung (최승경). in Infinity Challenge after nine years of hard times, in 2000, he presented a program called Live and Enjoy Together (Dong-woman-dong-lak), thanks to the recommendation of Choi Jin Silthe program became very famous and since then, Yoo started other variety programs as a host. His potential was fully shown when he co-hosted a program called The Crash of MCs (MC 대격돌- 공포의쿵쿵쿵쿵쿵) with Kang Ho Dong Lee Hwi Jae and Kim Han Seok.

Promotion and recognition

His first big award was for a show called Happy Together Friends, a concept based on TV personalities trying to find their school friends (five of them) out of many (fake friends) that is behind the table. The show brought back memories in viewers’ school days and became very popular. This big award is even more memorable, not only because it was Yoo’s first, but it was also from the broadcasting system where it debuted.

He presented the program X-Man which soon grew in popularity and was one of the most watched programs in Korea. In those times, it gained more popularity and many programs started calling Yoo as “MC of the nation”. However, after years of constant broadcasting, the program was cancelled due to lack of ratings as well as the absence of new ideas. Yoo went on to work on programs such as Old TV, Haja! Go! (Let’s Do It) for SBS, which were all cancelled soon, due to low ratings on Sunday night. However, X-Man has gone on to become a hit in international distribution.

Yoo is part of the cast of the show classified as a variety comedy Infinity Challenge initially, the cast was composed of six members, HaHa left the program to serve his compulsory military service and was replaced by Jun Jin from Shinhwa the show was not popular when it premiered, but season 3 aired in 2006, and the concept and format of the “variety & reality program” became so popular that it became a hit Infinity Challenge became the precursor of many programs that followed with the same or similar format.

Infinity Challenge is possibly the best program for Yoo, because that’s where he met his wife. Na Kyung Eunduring season 2, and with the growing popularity and significant effect on the general public, Yoo became more famous. He ended up winning a total of three Grand Prix (in 2006, 2007 and 2009) with the program.

Yoo also co-hosted Come to Play (놀러와) (a program that was cancelled in 2012) with. Kim Wo Heeand Happy Together season 3 (해피투게더3) with Park Myung Soo, Park Mi Sun and Shin Bong Seon yoo hosted these talk shows for a long period of time (5 years), and the ratings have been consistently high over the years.

After the substitutions at SBS, on June 15, 2008, Yoo, together with Lee Hyo Ri Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Soo Ro, Lee Chun Hee, Dae Sung, Park Ye Jin and Kim Jong Kook (since episode 19) are the family members of Family Outing, a show that aired on Sundays. Since then, Family Outing became one of the highest rated shows in Korea, consistently achieving the highest ratings in the mid-afternoon Sunday time slot (especially during the first and second quarters of 2009). However, with various problems and scandals regarding the show, and by the end of 2009 and early 2010, there was a rumor of Yoo not continuing his contract with Family Outing the season came to a close on February 14, 2010 with the awards of Family Outing.

In 2010 Yoo Jae Suk starts a new variety show called Running Man.

Some of its most relevant and successful programs are listed below.

Infinite Challenge

As the host-in-chief, he leads all members of the Infinity Challenge to reach the goal of each episode.Due to his leadership presented in this program, a new type of cult has been created which he calls “Infinite Jaeseok Cult” (Korean: 무한재석교) and he becomes as a spiritual leader of this fake religion.The official followers are. HaHa and Noh Hong Chul (from season 3 episode 61), and the official tagline is “I’m going to make you laugh” (내가 너희를 웃기게 하리라).

Also during the New Zealand series, he obtained contraband pornographic videos captured during the luggage, which was hidden by the second host in charge. Park Myung Soo this sketch was well received by Korean netizens and Jae Seok became “Ero Jae-Seok”. Even now, for seventy episodes later, he still makes fun of watching pornographic videos that he had not seen.

He has been called “President of the Yoo class” (유반장) for so many episodes of muhan dojun, but since “Palace Millionaire” special (Slumdog Millionaire parody, where members of Infinity Challenge he has nicknamed Yoo (날유), for having meetings with girls in these palaces when he was a high school student. His most recent nickname has been “An Animal Racer” (짐승레이서), “A Genius Racer” (천재레이서) and “yoomacher” (유마허), thanks to his excellent driving skills during Formula 1 (F1) special) Infinity Challenge.

Family Outing

The vital energy of the instant success of Family Outing has been the relationships that have occurred of the characters.Two of the most successful pairings have been the “Brothers of the Nation” (국민 남매), configured by Lee Hyo Ri and Yoo Jae Suk. On the other hand, the “Dumb and Dumber” pair with Dae Sung from BIGBANG.

Yoo has been the driving force behind the characters’ relationships as a presenting and regular member of the family program.

TV Interview Programs

As the main host of two talk shows (Come to Play and Happy Together), Yoo tries to differentiate his different styles by presenting (MC-ing). Come to Play centers the episodes on his guests, rather than focusing on himself (although this can be violated when his close friends appear on the show).

Happy Together – Season 3 is a little different because of the program’s setting, which is much more intimate (the set is like a sauna locker room).

His flow of comments and reactions even if the guest is new to any kind of variety of programs, makes him a very comforting person.

Running Man

This variety show characterized as “urban variety show” started in 2010 with Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook, HaHa (Yoo Jae Suk shows great characteristics in this program, whether athletic (he said he even quit smoking to improve his physical shape) or deductive. He is also characterized by the senseless arguments he has with most of the members, especially Kim Jong Kook, his great rival in the show.

Various nicknames

  • Grasshopper (메뚜기)
  • Dumb (and Dumber = Dae Sung )
  • Master of ceremonies of the nation (국민MC)
  • Yoo class president (유반장)
  • Jive Yoo
  • Samba Yoo
  • Deliquent Yoo (날유)
  • Mute (and matured)
  • C-Dragon
  • Seok top (석탑)
  • Yoo hubby (유서방)
  • Yooames Bond
  • Yooruce Willis (parody of Bruce Willis)
  • Yoo Hyuk
  • SEUK T.O.P
  • Yoobocop
  • Crashhopper
  • Yooperman
  • Yoocaprio

Yoo JaeSuk (SSAK3) Advertisement

  • 1998 OB Bearing Beer
  • 2000 New Century I-Touch 017
  • 2002 Call for Sports
  • 2003 Gold Feel
  • 2007 Shinhan
  • 2007 NeNe Chicken
  • 2007 TG Sambo Computer
  • 2007 TG Sambo Computer – LLUON Crystal
  • 2008 Shinhan Group
  • 2008 NeNe Chicken
  • 2008 S-Oil
  • 2009 NeNe Chicken
  • 2009 Shinhan Group
  • 2010 ABC Mart
  • 2013 Coca Cola (Infinity Challenge)

Yoo JaeSuk (SSAK3) Collaborations

  • Infinity Challenge – “All You Need Is Love”. with the rest of the cast of Inifnity Challenge (2006)
  • Noh Hong Chul – “If I Do It or Not” (2007)
  • Infinity Challenge – “Fascination of Samba”. as part of the Infinite Challenge SongFest (2007)
  • Family Outing – “The Family’s Day” with the rest of the cast of Family Outing (2009)
  • Infinity Challenge – “Let’s Dance” – as part of the Infinite Challenge Olympic Road Duet Song Festival with Tiger JK and Tasha (2009)
  • J.Y. Park – “I’m So Sexy” Dancing Genome – as part of Infinite Challenge Yeongdong Expressway Music Festival (2015)
  • Turbo – “Again” (2015).
  • EXO – “Dancing King” (2016).

Yoo JaeSuk (SSAK3) Drama

  • Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life (KBS2, 2019) Cameo
  • My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol (MBC, 2015) cameo
  • The Girl Who Can See Smells (SBS, 2015) cameo ep. 1
  • Queen of Housewives (MBC, 2009) cameo ep. 20
  • Yi San (MBC, 2008) cameo
  • Banjun Drama (SBS, 2004 – 2006)
  • Great Friend (KBS, 2000 – 2001)

Yoo JaeSuk (SSAK3) Films

  • P1H: Beginning of a New World (2020) cameo
  • White Tuft, the Little Beaver (2009) korean dubbing as the narration and Owl
  • Bee Movie (2008) korean dubbing as Barry B. Benson
  • Tyranno’s Toenail (1994)

Yoo JaeSuk (SSAK3) Awards

  • Inaugural KBS College Student Gag Competition: Honorable Award
  • MBC Drama Awards: Special Award in Television MC
  • Korea Popular Entertainer Awards: Popular Comedian
  • 1st KBS Entertainment Awards: Best Television Presenter
  • 2nd KBS Entertainment Awards: Top Excellence Award in Television MC
  • 3rd MBC Entertainment Awards: Top Excellence Award in Show/Variety
  • SBS Drama Awards: Special Award in Television MC
  • 4th KBS Entertainment Awards: Daesang
  • 18th Korean Broadcasting Producer Awards: Best Television MC
  • 42nd Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Male TV Personality
  • Blue Media: Speech Award
  • 6th MBC Entertainment Awards: Daesang
  • 7th MBC Entertainment Awards: Daesang (with members of Infinity Challenge)
  • Mobile Entertainment Awards: Best Television MC
  • 2nd Mnet 20’s Choice Awards: Hot Variety Star
  • 2nd SBS Entertainment Awards: Daesang
  • 1st Nickelodeon Korea Kids’ Choice Awards: Favorite Comedian
  • 21st Korean Broadcasting Producer Awards: Best Television MC
  • 9th MBC Entertainment Awards: PD Award
  • 9th MBC Entertainment Awards: Daesang
  • 3rd SBS Entertainment Awards: Best Teamwork Award (for Family Outing)
  • 3rd SBS Entertainment Awards: Daesang (with Lee Hyo Ri )
  • 2nd Nickelodeon Korea Kids’ Choice Awards: Favorite Comedian
  • 9th KBS Entertainment Awards: Best Teamwork Award (for Happy Together 3)
  • 10th MBC Entertainment Awards: Daesang
  • 10th MBC Entertainment Awards: Korean Guardian Tree Award
  • 4th SBS Entertainment Awards: Best 10 Entertainers
  • 3rd Nickelodeon Korea Kids’ Choice Awards: Favorite Comedian
  • 11th MBC Entertainment Awards: Top Excellence Award in Show/Variety
  • 5th SBS Entertainment Awards: Daesang
  • 4th Nickelodeon Korea Kids’ Choice Awards: Favorite Comedian
  • 53rd National Rowing Championships 2000m Novice: Eight Special Award (with Infinity Challenge members)
  • 12th MBC Entertainment Awards: PD Award
  • 6th SBS Entertainment Awards: Viewers’ Favorite TV Personality
  • 6th SBS Entertainment Awards: Daesang
  • 5th Nickelodeon Korea Kids’ Choice Awards: Favorite Comedian
  • 3rd Korean Popular Culture and Arts Award: Prime Minister Award
  • 49th Baeksang Arts Awards: Daesang
  • 6th Nickelodeon Korea Kids Choice Awards: Favorite Comedian
  • 12th KBS Entertainment Awards: Eating Broadcast Award (for Happy Together 3)
  • 7th SBS Entertainment Awards: Viewer’s Most Popular Award (with the members of the Running Man)
  • 13th KBS Entertainment Awards: Daesang
  • 14th MBC Entertainment Awards: Daesang
  • 8th SBS Entertainment Awards: Viewer’s Choice Most Popular Star Award
  • 9th SBS Entertainment Awards: Daesang (next to Kim Byung Man)
  • 9th SBS Entertainment Awards: Viewers’ Favorite TV Personality
  • 15th MBC Entertainment Awards: Achievement Award (with members of Infinity Challenge)
  • 16th MBC Entertainment Awards: Daesang
  • 15th KBS Entertainment Awards: Best Teamwork (by Happy Together 3)
  • InStyle Korea: Stertainer Star Icon (male category)
  • Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards: Presidential Commendation
  • SBS Entertainment Awards Grand Award (Daesang) (Running Man)
  • MBC Entertainment Awards Rookie Award for Variety (Yoo San Seul)
  • MBC Entertainment Awards Entertainer of the Year
  • Brand of the Year Awards Male Variety Star
  • 2021 Korea First Brand Awards: Best Variety Entertainer
  • MBC Entertainment Awards: Best Couple besides Lee Hyo Ri (How Do You Play?)
  • MBC Entertainment Awards: Entertainer of the Year
  • MBC Entertainment Awards: Daesang (How Do You Play?)
  • Brand Customer Loyalty Awards: Male Variety Star
  • 57th Baeksang Arts Awards: Daesang
  • Brand of the Year Awards: Best Variety Personality (Male)
  • Korea Broadcasting Awards: Best Male TV Variety Star
  • SBS Entertainment Awards: Variety Star of the Year
  • MBC Entertainment Awards: Best Couple besides Mi Joo and HaHa (for How Do You Play?)
  • MBC Entertainment Awards: Entertainer of the Year
  • MBC Entertainment Awards: Daesang (for How Do You Play?)

Yoo JaeSuk (SSAK3) Radio Programs

  • 2000 [KBS] FM Date
  • 2000 [MBC] FM Plus
  • 2000 [MBC] Lee Hui-Jae’s Starry Night (K-Pop Quiz)
  • 2001 [MBC] Wishlist Songs Playing at Noon
  • 2003 [MBC] A Date at 2pm
  • 2005 [MBC] Wishlist Songs Playing at Noon (Nutrition Tonic Talk Show with Kang Ho-Dong)
  • 2005 [MBC] Defeat the Boredom
  • 2005 [SBS] Haha’s Ten Ten Club
  • 2005 [SBS] All Thanks to You
  • 2006 [MBC] Wishlist Songs Playing at Noon (Nutrition Tonic Talk Show #2 with Kang Ho-Dong)
  • 2006 [MBC] Park Myung-Soo’s Fun Fun Fun Radio (Summer Special)
  • 2006 [SBS] No Hong-Chul’s Our Belated Youthful Days
  • 2007 [MBC] Park Myung-Soo’s Fun Fun Fun Radio (Phone)
  • 2007 [MBC] Park Myung-Soo’s Fun Fun Fun Radio (The Age of a Big Star)
  • 2007 [MBC] Yoon Jong-Shin’s A Date at 2pm (Stalking)
  • 2008 [MBC] Park Myung-Soo’s A Date at 2pm (Phone)
  • 2008 [MBC] Park Kyung-Rim’s Starry Night (Phone)
  • 2009 [SBS] Song Eun-Eee, Shin Bong-Suns’ Dong Go Dong Rak (with Noh Hong-cheol)

Yoo JaeSuk (SSAK3) TV Programs

  • Six Sense (tvN, 2021)
  • Busted! I Know Who You Are 3 (Netflix, 2021)
  • Six Sense (tvN, 2020)
  • How Do You Play? (MBC, 2019-present)
  • Busted! I Know Who You Are 2 (Netflix, 2019).
  • Village Survival, the Eight (SBS, 2018)
  • Busted! I Know Who You Are (Netflix, 2018).
  • Two Yoo Project Sugar Man (JTBC, 2018-present).
  • Same Bed, Different Dreams (SBS, 2015-2016)
  • Two Yoo Project – Sugar Man (JTBC, 2015-2016)
  • I Am a Man (KBS2, 2014)
  • Running Man (SBS, 2010-present)
  • Family Outing (SBS, 2008-2010)presenter
  • Miracle Contestant (SBS. 2007-2008)
  • Old TV (SBS, 2007) Host in chief
  • Haja Go! (Let’s Do It!) (SBS, 2007) Host in chief
  • X-Man (SBS, 2006-2007) Host in chief
  • [[Yoo Jae-Seok’s Truth Game (SBS, 2005-2007) presenter
  • Infinity Challenge (MBC, 2005-2018)
  • Happy Together (KBS2, 2004-present) co-host
  • Come to Play (MBC, 2004-2012) co-host
  • Infinity Challenge chief Presenter
  • Dangerous Invitation (KBS, 2002-2003) co-host
  • ! Exclamation Mark – Read a Book! Book! Book! (MBC, 2002) co-host
  • Super TV Enjoy Sunday – Host Big Match (KBS2, 2002) co-host
  • Achievable Saturday – Star Survival Donggeodongrak (Live and Fun Together) (MBC, 2000-2001) presenter
  • 2001 Open Gag Concert
  • 2002 Jubilee Gag Concert
  • 2002-03 G-Family Gag Concert
  • 2004 Gag Family Concert

Yoo JaeSuk (SSAK3) Music Videos

  • Shinnago (신나고) – “Cause’ You’re Pretty” (이쁘니까) (2004).
  • Kang Ho Dong – “Look Out the Window” (2005)
  • Future Liger (project group with Tiger JK and Tasha ) – “Let’s Dance” (2009)
  • PSY – GANGNAM STYLE (2012)
  • PSY – Gentleman (2013)
  • Park Ji Yoon – Beep (2014)
  • JinuSean – Tell Me One More Time (2015)
  • EXO – Dancing King (2016)

Yoo JaeSuk (SSAK3) is a member of:



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