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YongSeok (Cross Gene)

Weight: 64kg
Height: 173cm
Real name:
Date of Birth: January 8, 1993

YongSeok (Cross Gene)

About YongSeok (Cross Gene)

YongSeok (Cross Gene) Facts

  • K-pop group Cross Gene
    • Sub-unit: X HEARTS
      • Position Vocalist, Dancer & Maknae
      • Gen MYPACE Gene
  • Languages Korean (Mother tongue), Japanese and Mandarin
  • He has the gene to regenerate the faded and withered. He is full of mischief and a sense of humor to cure depression and instill happiness.
  • He is in charge of translations between Japanese and Chinese members into Korean.
  • After J.G’s departure from the group, Yong Seok is now the maknae.
  • He practiced swimming and aikido in high school.
  • He is in charge of cooking and cleaning in the house.
  • Casper said in an interview that Yong Seok was like the mom of the group because of his cooking and cleaning responsibilities.
  • While taking singing lessons, his teacher saw his talent in depth and got his an audition.
  • He loves chicken so much that he has a wide variety of coupons to eat at restaurants
  • He participated with Takuya in the program Let’s Go Dream Team in 2012.
  • In an interview they asked who of the members they thought will get married and have children first, and they all pointed to Yong Seok.
  • He was elected as the member with the most “dirty” thoughts.
  • He said that in the video recording Bad Lady had his pants torn.
  • He said on V LIVE that he thinks he looks better in white than in black as his skin is very fair and his heart is very sensitive, vulnerable and pure.
  • Shin said that if he had to choose just one thing to take with him to a desert island he would choose Yongseok, as he knows how to cook, is masculine, is not afraid of many things and washes dishes very well.
  • In an interview in Singapore he said he would like to cover any Usher song
  • For an interview in Singapore he said that if he were a girl he would not date any of the members of the group and that his favorite song of the entire discography of the group is Noona you
  • For an interview with Arirang, he said that the most memorable gift from a fan was 24 coupons to buy chicken for his 24th birthday
  • He appeared along with Takuya in the Avatar Tour program uploaded to the YouTube channel “Arirang”, where they visited a natural medicine monastery and performed a blood test, and the result was that his blood was aged 4 years older than his real age, so he underwent a therapy where small glasses of glass were attached to his back through a technique of fire and vacuum.
  • So far he has 3 tattoos, on his hip, on his wrist a small star and the one on his shoulder says “Serendipity” which from English to Spanish could be translated as happy or lucky things that happen by chance, which can be seen in the video “Not a boy not a man yet”.
  • On his Instagram he has a photo with Xia Junsu of JYJ.
  • He covered the song “Cigarette” of the musical “Singles”.
  • Se Young and he did a cover of the song “Call you mine” by artist Jeff Bernat.
  • I sing the theme “White Serenade” at the “Super Handsome Live,” a concert Amuse holds at the end of each year, featuring several of the company’s male artists.
  • There were times when he could not be present in the promotions of “Play with me” due to health problems, so sometimes the group had to adapt the choreography to four people (Casper was absent during all the promotions due to filming a movie in Taiwan). In one of the presentations Yongseok was replaced with a dancer, who was wearing a black mask and you could not see his face. Link 1
  • In July 2016 there were rumors that he was dating Hyoeun from Stellar the fans said that they had seen Hyoeun in many of the musical performances where Yongseok participated, and that the two shared bracelets and couple clothes.


  • 2014: Samsung NX Mini (photo camera) (Korea)

YongSeok (Cross Gene) Musicals

  • 2016: Bachelor’s Vegetable Store (Korea)
  • 2016: Altar Boyz (Korea)
  • 2014: Those who have been photographed (Korea)

YongSeok (Cross Gene) Films

  • ZEDD (2014)

YongSeok (Cross Gene) TV Programs

  • 2017: Avatar Tour Ep. 9 and 10 (with Takuya) (Arirang TV) (4-06-17)
  • 2015: Let’s Go Dream Team (besides Seyoung)
  • 2012: 1 vs 100 (together with Shin and Takuya)
  • 2012: Dream Team Season 2

YongSeok (Cross Gene) is a member of:



Cross Gene

Cross Gene

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