YeonJoo (OH Bliss)

Member of: Oh!Bliss

Real name: 김연주 / Kim Yeon Joo

Stage name: 연주 / Yeon Joo

Gender: Female

Age: 28 years

Date of birth: January 11, 1994

Place of birth: Incheon, South Korea

Height: 167 cm.

Bloodtype: O.

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dog

Yeon Joo Profile

About YeonJoo

YeonJoo (OH Bliss) Facts

  • K-Pop Group: Oh Bliss
    • Ex-K-Pop Group: EvoL (2012 – 2015)
  • Hobbies Shopping, watching movies and listening to music.
  • Specialty Piano and cello.
  • Favorite artists: Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj
  • She was the maknae of the group EvoL .
  • They called her “Unexpected Maknae” because of her voice and how she acts, but she really wants to be a cute maknae with a lot of aegyo.
  • Yeonjoo is Nanlina’s waitress girl in the MV of Block B.
  • She is the one that has been a trainee for the shortest time (EvoL).
  • She was the fourth member to be presented by the agency (EvoL).
  • Next to Hayana expressed their desire to be able to meet BIGBANG.
  • She is a model for the clothing brand ‘Boy London’.
  • Her voice is very loud and hoarse.
  • She likes Hip-Hop a lot.
  • She wants to challenge herself in acting, she would like to play a character with a twisted history.
  • She likes to watch horror movies.

YeonJoo (OH Bliss) Music videos

  • Skit – Yano (2014)
  • NalinA – Block B (2012)

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