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Yang Yoseob (HIGHLIGHT)

Weight: 57kg
Height: 170cm
Real name:
Date of Birth: January 5, 1990

Yang Yoseob (HIGHLIGHT)

About Yang Yoseob (HIGHLIGHT)

Yang Yoseob (HIGHLIGHT) Facts

  • Kpop Group HIGHLIGHT
    • Previous name: B2ST / BEAST
    • Position Vocalist and Dancer.
  • Fanclub name: Yeobos/Soulmates.
  • Debut: 2009.
  • Education University of East Broadcasting Arts.
  • Religion: Christian
  • Languages Korean (native language), Japanese (advanced), English and Spanish (basic).
  • Specialties:: Beat Box / Jalmeokgi.
  • Favorite color All colors (especially white)
  • He has undergone surgery to remove his chronic acute rhinitis infection.
  • He and AJ (Lee Ki Kwang ) attended the same high school, he was also one of AJ’s dancers in his solo career who got tired of being with Lee Ki Kwang.
  • He has a good relationship with his company partner G.NA.
  • He was romantically involved with Son Na Eun from A Pink but both denied it
  • He was part of the program “Star Guide Doshiraku” together with his partner Jun Hyung and the MC Lee Hyuk Jae (H.O.T. ).
  • He sang the song ‘Mom’ by Ra.D on the Immortal Song 2 program, which he dedicated to his mother, for which he wept with pride. He also brought tears to the eyes of Kim Jong Hyun from SHINee and to IU.
  • In his dancing days he really had no money, so sometimes he would sleep over in the rehearsal room. He went through a lot of hardships to become an Idol.
  • He was an apprentice at [JYP Entertainment where he learned to improve his singing and dancing, which is also why he has many friends in that agency since he used to belong there
  • He and Heo Ga Yoon collaborated on a cover of the song by G.NA and Rain with the song “What I Want to do Once I Have a Lover”.
  • He performed a duet with Jung Eun Ji the Apink with the song Love Day.
  • Wide Entertainment gave YoSeob the 4th position of ‘Best Voice of the Decade’.
  • He participated in the “The Color of Kpop” project of the SBS Gayo Daejun 2012 as part of the Dramatic Blue group, composed of G.O from MBLAQ, Jo Kwon from 2AM, Niel from TEEN TOP and Nam Woo Hyun from INFINITE.
  • On February 13 he made his comeback with Although I.
  • He says that since his debut with B2ST is the group mascot but admits it’s his fault for being too cute.
  • In the program of Weekly Idol won 1st place as the idol cutest (cute/adorable).
  • Yoseob chose SNSD as the idols he would like to be kissed by him.
  • At the “Music Bank in Mexico” that took place on October 30, 2014, he participated along with Sung Kyu from INFINITE and Yoo Young Jae in the song “Corre” by Jesse & Joy; singing completely in Spanish, demonstrating his good Spanish pronunciation
  • He has a puppy named Yang-Gaeng, which is very cute and small like YoSeob , which also has a fanclub.
  • Suzy he said in a radio program he chose him as his ideal guy, he also said that for his he was as handsome as Lee Joon of Mblaq
  • In the program Oh My School where Yoseob was a permanent guest, Suzy was one of the guests, Suzy was asked who his ideal guy was, he said it was still Yoseob, when asked why he replied that he liked cute men and also Yoseob sang very well.
  • A Suzy the MCs made his choose between Kim So hyun, Wooyoung 2PM, Taecyeon 2PM and Yoseob, to which he chose Yoseob, when Yoseob heard his answer he said he felt very grateful, the other guests started to pester them to hold hands, to which they gave in, the MC was still pestering so they made them face each other to which the two being nervous at this request, did so but Yang Yoseob could not and looked down and Suzy just laughed, after this the guests said they had to go out if they liked each other to which Yoseob jumped off the seat and said he wanted to.
  • HyunA he picked him as the most handsome Beast on Weekly Idol. the MCs asked his why, he said his head was too small. the MCs joked and said that was the only thing he had good to which Hyuna jumped to his defense and said that Yang Yoseob was very handsome whichever way you look at him and he was very charming.
  • Yoseob confessed in The Beatles Code that he had never dated a celebrity Shin Dong from Super Junior asked him if he had had any confessions to which he confessed that he had, but that he had rejected his saying he felt afraid, not being able to handle a relationship between two celebrities, he said he liked his and that he could not believe that he liked him.
  • IU said that he liked his smile because it dimples his cheeks, he also said that he was one of the best Idol singers.
  • Doojoon said that although he is not the most popular Beast publicly, he is the most popular among the fans, and that they could not hold a performance without him, as they feel naked when he is not there.
  • He is always bothered by his height.
  • He is known for his strict discipline towards his private life, he tries to stay away from any scandal, so far HIGHLIGHT members are known for not getting into any scandal.
  • He is a fan of Park Han Byul, he said that when he was a teenager, he always wrote on his Fancafe telling his how much he loved her, even in his last program he said that he thought he was the most beautiful actress.
  • He appeared in a survey done in Korea as one of the celebrities whose talent has never been judged. Even non-fans of beast say that his live is on another level.
  • He is well known among the fans that he is a fan of IU, he always shows it in his presentations, even in one of his collaborations he said that he felt very nervous and that he could not even look his in the eyes.
  • One fan at a fanmeeting carried a sign that read “Oppa I’m cute like IU one fancam captured the moment he saw the sign and responded, “You’re cute, you’re cute, you’re as cute as IU.”
  • Yoseob is well known among the environment for his good treatment towards the fans. He said it was because he understood their hearts. He always greets the fans and keeps greeting once he enters the car.
  • Yoseob has scolded his fans several times because they go to Beast’s apartment and scratch the walls, he also scolded them when, several fans got jealous of Rainbow’s Jaekyung because he showed sympathy towards him in Oh My School program where they were guest partners. Yoseob wrote on his fancafe to apologize for the malicious comments or if he had to apologize on behalf of them, the fans apologized immediately.
  • In his debut season, he made a presentation with IU dancing Marshamallow. IU was cheerful and kept looking at him and smiling throughout the performance, to which Yoseob’s jealous fans just filled IU’s Miny Hompie page telling him that he was trying to seduce him and that he was too young to seduce a boy, to stick to studying, etc. It was filled with similar comments, in the end IU ended up closing the page
  • On August 21, 2018, it was reported that Yang Yoseob was accepted to serve as an enlisted police officer after applying for and completing an interview. His agency Around Us Entertainment confirmed, “Yang Yoseob was notified of his acceptance as an enlisted police officer. His enlistment date has not yet been determined.”
  • On October 12, 2018 Around Us Entertainment announced, “Yang Yoseob will enlist on January 24 next year as an enlisted police officer.” On January 24, 2019 he enlisted in the army as an enlisted police officer, that same day by way of farewell his single ’20 Full Moons’ was released. He concluded his military service on August 31, 2020.


Yang YoSeob (born January 5, 1990), more commonly known as Yoseop, is a South Korean idol, singer and dancer. He is the lead vocalist of the popular new boyband HIGHLIGHT, under the record label of Around US Entertainment.

Yoseob belongs to a small family along with his older sister. He first gained interest in music when he listened to Brian McKnight’s music, after that he started practicing singing. Then he listened to quite a lot of music of a similar style, but realized that he could not be rooted towards a certain genre, then he started listening to other music genres such as dance and also rock. When he was in high school, he joined a school band, where he performed a lot of hard rock and metal performances. Yoseob really wanted to try to be a modern rock artist, however, back then his superiors told him that it would ruin his state of mind, instead of pushing him forward.

He became an apprentice at JYP Entertaiment, but after receiving a poor grade on the practice exams, he was dropped. He then moved to another agency, M Boat Entertainment (former sister company of YG Entertaiment), where he was trained for 5 years before transferring to Cube Entertaiment, where he eventually became a fixture of BEAST while still a trainee at Cube Entertainment, he became a dancer for AJ, a former high school friend and soon-to-be bandmate, who is currently known as Lee KiKwang, in the music videos and live performances of “Wipe the Tears” and “Dancing Shoes”.

On November 29, 2010, Yoseob collaborated in the release of a digital single together with Daniel Chae the two had been friends since their apprentice years at M Boat Entertainment and had launched a UCC (User Created Content) series called “To Pick On Mr. Daniel,” which became a hot topic when it was selected as the No. 1 among the UCC’s Top 5 weekly by a sports newspaper.

Yoseob debuted in his first musical as Ji Yong through ‘Kwang Hwa Moon Love Song’. The musical began performances on March 20, 2011 and ended on April 10, 2011. He also contributed to the soundtrack of “My Princess”, with the song “Cherish That Person”, which was released on February 7, 2011.

On May 1, 2011, KBS announces its plans to create a new singing variety show with idols titled “Immortal song 2 – Sing the Legends”, in which YoSeob was one of the artists who appeared in the original lineups. He received first place in the pilot episode of the series with his rendition of “Omma (엄마, lit. Mother)”, proving critics wrong when they said that his singing talent was just an exaggeration.

Then, on June 8, 2011, the show announced that Yoseob would be leaving the show due to his busy schedule with promotions for BEAST overseas.He expressed that although he felt extremely tense competing against his fellow contestants,he felt regretful when he had to leave the show.His fans and the production team were also disappointed by his withdrawal,as they were looking forward to his future performances.Yoseob stated, “When we decided to withdraw,I felt somewhat relieved.It was too nerve-wracking and overwhelming.However,at the same time,I felt remorse.I don’t think I could show everything.If I had another chance to be on the show again,I would definitely take it.I want to show different sides of myself.The new contestant Lee Hongki called me to talk about it,and it reminded me of when I started.”.

Yoseob participated in the solo song by Bang Yong Guk titled “I Remember”, which was composed by himself and One Day’s Chance and released on August 12, 2011. The solo track gained a lot of interest from netizens and became a hot topic.

On Sept. 27, one of the OSTs for the KBS drama “Poseidon,” which featured the vocal talents of Yang YoSeob, was released. Yoseob’s new song, titled “No,” was a collaborative piece between Rado (from “Hello” by Huh Gak) and the production duo of Ji In and Wontag, the men behind MBLAQ’s latest releases. The song’s lyrics tell the sad story of a man who has no choice but to leave his lover.

He released his first solo mini album titled “The First Collage” produced by his bandmate, Yong Jun Hyung the album was very successful, earning a “Triple Crown” with “Caffeine” on M! Countdown.

He made his solo debut in Japan on May 15, 2013 with the same album “The First Collage”.

On February 02, 2018, their comeback with the second mini album was announced, the video premiere and release will take place on February 19, 2018.

Yang Yoseob (HIGHLIGHT) Collaborations

  • Slow Luv (Feat. Minseo) (2021)
  • Ravi – Adorable (Feat. Yang Yo Seob (HIGHLIGHT )) (2018)
  • Primary – Piece (2017)
  • Universe – besides Dong Woon and Yoo Jae Hwan 유재환 (2017).
  • Small Moon – Ryu Hyun Jin, Ga Yoon, Yo Seob, Eunkwang & Shin Ji Hoon (2014).
  • From When And Until When – HyunA (2014)
  • When I Get Paid – Prepix HipHop (2013)
  • Be Alright – besides Heo Ga Yoon, G.NA and Chang Sub
  • I Remember – besides Bang Yong Guk (2011)
  • What I’d Do Once I Have A Lover – besides [[Heo Ga Yoon] (2011)
  • First Snow And First Kiss – besides Daniel Chae (2010)

Yang Yoseob (HIGHLIGHT) Drama

  • Let’s Eat 2 (tvN, 2015) cameo
  • My Daughter Seo Young (MBC, 2013) cameo

Yang Yoseob (HIGHLIGHT) Musicals

  • Gwanghwamun Sonata, such as Ji Yong (2011)
  • Joseph Amazing (2013)
  • Full House (2014)
  • El Zorro, as Diego/El Zorro (2014)
  • Robin Hood, as Prince Philip (2015)
  • Cinderella (2015)

Yang Yoseob (HIGHLIGHT) Films

  • Welcome Back to Beast Airline (2012)

Yang Yoseob (HIGHLIGHT) Awards

  • KBS Music Bank (12/14): “Caffeine”
  • Mnet M! Countdown (12/20): “Caffeine”
  • KBS Music Bank (12/21) “Caffeine”
  • Mnet M! Countdown (12/27) Caffeine” : “Caffeine”.
  • Golden Ticket Awards: Musical Rising Star Award
  • Mnet M! Countdown (03/01): “Caffeine” (Triple Crown)
  • SBS MTV Best of the Best: Best Male Artist
  • SBS MTV The Show (02/27): “Where I am gone”
  • MBC Entertainment Awards: New Star Award (Radio)

Yang Yoseob (HIGHLIGHT) Radio Programs

  • Dreaming Radio (MBC FM4U, 2018).

Yang Yoseob (HIGHLIGHT) TV Programs

  • King of Mask Singer (MBC, 2020-2021)
  • 1 vs. 100 (KBS2, 2017).
  • Law of the Jungle east Timor (SBS, 2016)
  • Let’s Eat with Friends (tvN, 2015)
  • Show Time season 2 (MBC, 2014)
  • 2015 Autumn Season Idol Star Athletics Championships (MBC, 2015)
  • 2015 Spring Season Idol Star Athletics Championships (MBC, 2015)
  • 2014 Idol Star Athletics Championships (MBC, 2014)
  • 2013 Idol Star Athletics Championships (MBC, 2013)
  • I Live Alone (MBC, 2013)
  • Voice Korea Kids (Mnet, 2012)
  • Idol Crown Prince (KBS2, 2012)
  • Let’s Go! Dream Team 2 (KBS2, 2012)
  • 2012 Idol Star Athletics Championships (MBC, 2012)
  • Immortal Song (KBS, 2011)
  • 1 vs. 100 (KBS2, 2011)
  • Oh! my school (100 Points Out of 100) (KBS, 2011)
  • 2010 Idol Star Athletics Championships (MBC, 2010)
  • Star Guide Doshiraku.
  • Idol Maid, 2010.
  • MTV B2ST Almighty, 2010.
  • MTV B2ST, 2009.

Yang Yoseob (HIGHLIGHT) TV Drama’s

  • Even Now theme for Our Beloved Summer (2022)
  • I Thought theme for Let’s Eat 3 (2018)
  • On the Road theme for Re:Playlist (2018)
  • Cries Without Sound theme for Come and Hug Me (2018)
  • The Tree theme for Ruler: Master of the Mask (2017)
  • The Man Couldn’t Cry theme for Ruler: Master of the Mask (2017)
  • The Divine Move theme for Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (2017)
  • Why Don’t You Know theme for Let’s Eat 2 (2015)
  • Wish (together with Ga Yoon ) theme for The Night Watchman (2014)
  • Cherish That Person theme for My Princess (2011)
  • In the theme for Poseidon (2011)
  • Happy Birthday theme for More Charming by the Day (2010)

Yang Yoseob (HIGHLIGHT) is a member of:



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