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Woojin (Stray Kids)

Weight: 61 kg
Height: 174cm
Real name: 김우진 / Kim Woo Jin
Date of Birth: April 8, 1997

Woojin (Stray Kids)

About Woojin (Stray Kids)

Woojin (Stray Kids) Facts

  • Ex-K-Pop Group: Stray Kids
    • Position: Vocalist and Dancer.
  • Education:
    • Seoul Performing Arts High School (Graduate)
  • Training period: 2 years.
  • Languages: Korean (Native), English (Basic).
  • Fanclub: CUBS.
  • Specialty: Kendo.
  • Rolemodels: Bruno Mars.
  • Instruments: Guitar and piano.
  • Hobbies: Listening to music and shopping.
  • Motto “Let’s do things we won’t regret.”
  • Trained for a year at SM Entertainment before entering JYP Entertainment.
  • I used to train with the members of NCT.
  • Passed agency auditions Fantagio.
  • He has 5 songs copyrighted under his name according to Korea Music Copyright Association.
  • On October 28, 2019, his departure from Stray Kids and JYP was announced for personal reasons.
  • On September 7, 2020, two anonymous Twitter users made allegations of sexual assault and harassment against Kim Woojin. Now, Woojin and his agency, 10X Entertainment, deny the allegations.
    • On Monday, Sept. 7, the first anonymous Twitter user shared his account of an encounter with an unidentified K-pop idol at a bar in South Korea three months ago. The user wrote that the idol touched his and his friend and cursed them for rejecting his advances. The user’s account has since been deactivated, but obtained the account history. The user did not name Woojin as his attacker, but claimed that the idol “is no longer part of his [original K-pop] group, not even under the big company.” This led Twitter users to suspect Woojin, who left K-pop group Stray Kids and its label JYP Entertainment suddenly in October 2019 due to unspecified “personal circumstances.” The anonymous user then tweeted “W 우 big 3,” which Twitter users interpreted as a reference to the first letter of Woojin’s name in English (W) and Korean (우), and to his previous label, as “Big 3” is a nickname. for a trio of major South Korean entertainment companies that includes JYP Entertainment. There was also speculation on Twitter that the original poster might be referring to some other K-pop idols. Hours later, a second anonymous user came forward to state that they had been sexually harassed by Woojin at a bar on April 29, before q
    • In a statement posted on his personal Twitter feed on Tuesday, Woojin denied the allegations and tried to move past the incident.” Someone posted a strange rumor on Twitter and then deleted his account… “, he said, “I’ve never even met that person, and I’ve never been where they said I was. I know my fans must be very surprised, but it’s not true, so don’t worry too much.” He went on to announce that he has signed with a new agency and that “my label plans to take legal action against the spread of false rumors. “.
    • The agency, 10X Entertainment, released a statement on a newly created Twitter account shortly thereafter. “We are planning to take legal action against the false accusations made against Kim Woojin [and] disclose photographic evidence to avoid any misunderstanding fans may have “. The statement included two screenshots. The first was from Woojin’s phone to show that the selfie he posted on April 29 had been taken much earlier, on March 10. The second screenshot from Woojin’s phone was of a photo of his airpods allegedly taken at his home outside Seoul at 1:12 am on April 29, an hour before the second user claimed to have taken the photo of the table they shared with Woojin at a bar. The company told Teen Vogue that it discovered that the photo of the bar table posted by the second anonymous user had originally been posted on Instagram on August 30 by an unrelated Korean man and could be easily found by searching for # 글랜 버기 12 년. which is the brand of whiskey shown in the photo. Teen Vogue spoke to the owner of that account, who confirmed that he had taken the photo while with a friend at a bar in Seoul’s Itaewon district on August 29. No sab Here is a news item about the tests.
    • 10X pes a new agency (it joined Twitter in September 2020), and the company sent Teen Vogue a business license indicating that the agency registered in August 2020 with South Korea’s National Tax Service. 10X added that it signed Woojin shortly thereafter. 10X did not plan to publicly announce operations until October, according to the co-founder, who spoke with Teen Vogue via email and Kakao. 10X says they have been unable to contact the two users due to the anonymity of their accounts, which were eventually deactivated (Teen Vogue was also unable to contact those users for the same reason).
    • Thanks to his fandom (CUBS) and the agency the people guilty of spreading the rumors were found. Two girls of Brazilian origin who hated the artist since he left the group. They justified themselves by saying on social networks “we didn’t know the impact it would have” to then disappear. 10x is preparing with an international lawsuit saying “we know it’s a lengthy and somewhat difficult process but we won’t let it go unnoticed”. Thanks to this, the artist suffered harassment and more false rumors, as well as videos taken out of context to blame him.
  • On December 23, 2020 his agency 10x Entertainment announced that the artist plans to make a comeback in January 2021.
  • 10x announced that Kim Woojin would release his first single called ‘Still Dream’, which reached 1 million after three days of release.
  • Kim Woojin makes his debut on August 4.
  • He likes fried chicken.
  • He said his goals for 2022 was to do a fanmeeting with his fans and to do a concert.

Woojin (Stray Kids) Radio Programs

TV Shows

  • Stray Kids (Mnet, 2017)

Woojin (Stray Kids) TV Drama’s

  • Because It’s You theme for Let Me Be Your Knight (2021)

Woojin (Stray Kids) is a member of:


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