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Woohyun (INFINITE)

Weight: 59kg
Height: 176cm
Real name: 남우현 / Nam Woo Hyun
Date of Birth: February 8, 1991

Woohyun (INFINITE)

About Woohyun (INFINITE)

Woohyun (INFINITE) Facts

  • Kpop Group : INFINITE
    • Position Vocalist, Dancer.
    • Sub Unit: Toheart
  • Education Dong-Ah Institute of Media & Arts (First degree; Media and Arts, second degree was Performing Arts). Currently pursuing a postgraduate degree
  • Hobbies Weight training, skiing, tennis, soccer, song writing.
  • Specialty Cooking (He is the best cook in the group.), he is also very good at vocal imitations (He can perfectly imitate MC Mong and Han Dong Kyu), and at creating hearts.
  • Fanclub: Newclears
  • Motto: “Be sincere. Always do your best”, “Love sincerely”.
  • Rolemodels: His parents and Stevie Wonder (American singer who acquired blindness in childhood). He started singing while learning his songs and was touched by the passion and joy he had for music, even at his age. He was really upset to learn that he would not be able to watch his concert in Korea.
  • Before debuting as a member of INFINITE worked as a model.
  • He passed the audition at YG but refused to become a trainee because he wanted to be a solo singer and not an idol, which was what the company proposed to her.
  • He passed his Woollim Ent. audition performing Stevie Wonder’s ‘Lately’.
  • He was Woollim Ent’s first trainee
  • His favorite color is red.
  • He has a talent for songwriting and lyric writing and has written over 50 songs that have yet to be released.
  • He entered Woollim thinking he would debut as a soloist, but the CEO talked him into joining a ballad trio that planned to debut when there were more trainees, but when this happened, the CEO convinced him to debut as an Idol and eventually debuted in INFINITE.
  • When he had just debuted in Infinite, WooHyun and Sunggyu did not have a good relationship as they had had strong arguments in the past but over time they have proven to be good friends, even in a program Sunggyu had introduced himself saying; “Hello everyone, I am WooHyun’s best friend, Sunggyu.”
  • While filming together with the other members of the group for a special program for fans, WooHyun and Sunggyu accidentally kissed during the game ‘Pepero game’.
  • He is very sensitive and easy to stress.
  • He likes to take care of the members of the group.
  • He is known to be the mood maker within the group as he gets along with everyone and makes them feel comfortable.
  • One of the worst moments before his debut was when he had throat nodules and could not sing.
  • The thing he dreads and hates the most is having a chat alone with the CEO.
  • Ailee chose him as the most handsome guy in Infinite and they are close friends.
  • He appeared dressed as a girl on the ‘Girl Punch’ show, before making his debut, singing in front of some members of 2PM.
  • He was Young Shin’s virtual boyfriend on Mnet Scandal in which he confessed that he was a bit claustrophobic.
  • His dream was to be a soccer player, but he didn’t have much stamina because he had an accident as a child. His favorite soccer player is Lee Dong Gook.
  • He took martial arts classes, to prepare for the fight scenes along with L in ‘BTD’, and during the filming of this MV, he injured his hip.
  • He is famous for having one of the most powerful voices in Korean music.
  • He wrote the lyrics to the song “Beautiful” from the Mini album by INFINITE – New Challenge.
  • He participated in the project “The Color of Kpop” of Gayo Daejun 2012, being part of the temporary subgroup “Dramatic Blue”, together with Yoseob from B2ST / BEAST, Niel from TEEN TOP, G.O from MBLAQ and Jo Kwon from 2AM.
  • He considers Sunggyu and MyungSoo as his best friends within the group and Key of SHINee.
  • One day WooHyun was messaging with Key and upon seeing it Leeteuk thought he was talking to his girlfriend.
  • He is known for doing too much aegyo “Bunny aegyo”, his peers say he only does it when he is in front of the cameras, especially for the fans but he says it would be weird if he did aegyo among men.
  • He is always discovered when writing things to the members, since he always uses ” -_-” as emoticon, that’s why he is called Namjikjik.
  • In a program L said that Nam Woo Hyun is and will always be your best hyung.
  • Your couple in the group is Kim Sung Kyu calling this couple “WooGyu” they have shown much togetherness despite their differences in the early years.
  • The singer earned the nickname “Prince of Lips” after uploading a photo of himself on his Twitter.
  • On MBC’s Variety show, ‘Lord of the Rings’, the MC asked him if he had already experienced his first kiss, WooHyun went a step further by revealing that not only had he had his first kiss but it also took place in his first year of high school.
  • He is known for always detecting cameras that are filming or photographing it.
  • His intestines are a bit weak and he suffers from indigestion if he eats fatty food, but he still eats meat because he loves it. Because of this he has suffered from enteritis in 2011 and 2016.
  • He is part of the “91Line”.
  • He is close to Key from SHINee, N from VIXX and all of the 91Line.
  • Worked on the project Cactus together with Lucia, this is a project as well as the song “Officially Missing You”, Too with Geeks and So You.
  • He was partner of So You in the Idol Crown Prince Chuseok Special.
  • In High Society, besides Hoya chose Krystal from f (x) as his favorite idol.
  • On December 6, he proposed to one of his fans as part of his solo performance.
  • He graduated from the Dongha Institute of Media and Arts on February 14, along with other Idols such as Yang Yo Seob from HIGHLIGHT and Lee Michelle the “K-pop Stars”.
  • In various performances WooHyun has shown to be totally close to all Infinite members, hugging and smiling warmly at them in public.
  • He and Sungyeol they starred in the drama that started airing from June 2014 called “Hi School:Love on.”
  • He re-entered Dongha University on February 24, 2014 to start his second degree in Performing Arts.
  • Due to an injured shoulder during the month of May (2014), the live performances of INFINITE the belt buckle is held by the belt buckle so as not to strain the shoulder.
  • At the conference held for the new drama High School – Love On was asked about his co-star, the leading lady, Kim Sae Ron due to the big age difference (9 years), where he said that over the years he has changed quite a bit and has grown up and even become prettier.
  • Woollim Entertainment confirmed that Woo Hyun had a traffic accident and said On his way to record ‘ High School – Love On he was involved in an accident after his vehicle slid on the road because it was wet due to rain“.
  • The song Close Your Eyes, part of Infinite’s album Season 2, was composed and written by Woohyun.
  • The OST of Infinite’s movie, Grow, was composed by Woohyun and the lyrics were written by him and all Infinite members.
  • The song Everyday that Woohyun sang on his solo stage at Infinite’s second world tour “Infinite Effect” was composed, written and arranged by Woohyun.
  • On February 1, 2015, he reached 1 million followers on Twitter.
  • Woohyun had a strong stage of depression in 2015 because of the few individual idol activities he had and other personal factors. At Bad’s showcase he was so emotional that he cried and said it was nice to see fans after a year that he even felt like an amateur with so many nerves of stepping on stage and not seeing his fans after a long time.
  • He and L are the most popular members in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
  • On April 6, media outlet Star News revealed that Woohyun will release a solo album in mid-May.
  • It has been confirmed that he will act in the movie Mongdang Branch School Olympicswith the leading role of a teacher.
  • On May 9, 2016, Woohyun debuts as a solo artist with the album “Write..” and its promotional song “끄덕끄덕” or better known internationally as ” I Still Remember”.
  • Woohyun’s album “Write..” sold out in the first week of sales with more than 50 000 pre-orders. Woollim stated that they were surprised by such a great reception and said they will produce more so that more fans can purchase a copy of the album.
  • Woohyun’s album, “Write…” is ranked number four of the solo artists with the best-selling albums in the first half of 2016.
  • Woohyun composed, wrote and arranged the songs Scent, Gravity, Stand by me and the hidden track Everyday belonging to his solo album “Write..”
  • Reached 1 million followers on Instagram in the first half of 2016
  • He is the most sensitive member of the group, usually the one who cries the most at concerts. He claims that standing at a concert with many fans is worth all the hard work he has gone through to become an idol.
  • He is known as the king of fanservice, he says he loves his fans very much and this does not go unnoticed as many of his kind gestures have made the news. Fans always capture these sweet moments.
  • He performed and gave a concert at the Dream Concert as a soloist. Fans of other groups were impressed by his performance and even became jealous of the close bond he has with Inspirit.
  • He was voted the most popular active idol of 2016.
  • On June 4, 2016, after three years, Woohyun returned to perform on Immortal Song 2. Woohyun made history on Immortal Song by being the highest scoring idol in the history of the show. Woohyun scored 439 points with his performance of “Last Promise”, ranking in the Top 10 of the highest scores of all performances on the show.
  • Woohyun after his performance in Immortal Song cried at the end of the song, in the backstage interview he said it was because he remembered the stage of depression he had the previous year. (2015).
  • Woohyun makes history on JTBC’s Sugar Man with his performance, and during the broadcast his performance has the highest rating of all time on the show.
  • After Woohyun’s participation in KBS’s Immortal song and Sketchbook, these programs entered the top 20 of the most searched and watched programs. An article highlights the popularity and quality of Woohyun’s performance that made it a hot topic.
  • His first activity abroad as a soloist was in Taiwan where he participated in a concert performed by MTV Asia.
  • During his stay in Taiwan he was in several programs MTV Idols of Asia , NewShowBiz, NewShowBiz gaming section, and in various interviews such as: AppleTV Taiwan, KKBOX, LTN News, 星聞.
  • On July 9, 2016, Woohyun participated in Immortal Song special with the song “Unknown farewell”.
  • He will take the position of leader of INFINITE while Sung Kyu is in military service.
  • Woo Hyun stated that his shoulder fracture, which he injured in 2014 at the ISAC Games, is very serious. His doctor said that he has no recovery.
  • In the V live that they did for their eighth anniversary, the members of INFINITE sent a message to Sung Kyu wooHyun said they spent the last three days together before he enlisted. However, he regretted not telling him that he loved him very much.
  • He was disappointed that the program’s panelists King of Mask Singer they didn’t even recognize it Jung Il Hoon from BTOB who is close to him.
  • According to the new laws for enlisting in the military, WooHyun will have to join before June 2019.
  • On October 24, 2019, Woollim Entertainment revealed that the singer entered the Nonsan Army Recruit Training Center in South Chungcheong Province, where he will undergo basic military training. Upon completion of the basic training, Nam Woo Hyun will fulfill his mandatory military service as a public service worker.

Woohyun (INFINITE) Drama

  • When the Devil Calls Your Name (tvN, 2019) Cameo
  • High School – Love On (KBS2, 2014)
  • The Thousandth Man (MBC, 2012)

Woohyun (INFINITE) Advertisement

  • Samsung “Galaxy Player
  • Nike
  • Pepsi

Woohyun (INFINITE) Musicals

  • 2021: Jack the Ripper
  • 2019: Mephisto
  • 2018: The Days
  • 2018: Barnum: The Greatest Showman
  • 2018: I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change


  • Grow: Infinite’s Real Youth Life (2014)
  • INFINITE Concert Second Invasion Evolution The Movie 3D (2012)

Woohyun (INFINITE) Awards

  • SBS MTV The Show (11/09): “If Only You Are Fine”
  • Soribada Best K-Music Awards the Art-Trainer Award

Woohyun (INFINITE) Radio Programs

  • Jukjae’s Late Night Studio (Naver NOW, 2021) (23.11.2021)
  • Cultwo Show (SBS Power FM, 2021) (11.13.2021)
  • Park So Hyun’s Love Game (SBS Power FM, 2021) (30.10.2021)
  • free hug (Naver NOW, 2021) (29.10.2021) Ep. 26
  • Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope (MBC FM4U, 2021) (27.10.2021)
  • Eungsoo CINE (Naver NOW, 2021) (21.10.2021)
  • DAY6 Kiss The Radio (KBS Cool FM, 2021) (20.10.2021)

Woohyun (INFINITE) TV Programs

  • 2019 Idol Room (Ep. 63) together with Rocket Punch
  • 2019: Miss Trot (TV Chosun) (Jury)
  • 2017 – 2018: Photo People (VLIVE)
  • 2018 King of Mask Singer (Ep. 161-162)
  • 2018 KBS battle Trip (Sungjong )
  • 2018 tvN comedy Big League (Dongwoo, Woohyun , Sungjong )
  • 2018 Ask in a Box (All except Sung Yeol )
  • 2018: MBC Every1 Weekly Idol (All except for Sung Yeol )
  • 2017: KBS “Immortal Song 2” (300th Episode Special)
  • 2016 : KBS “Immortal Song 2” (Special)
  • 2016: JTBC Two Yoo Project- Sugar Man (Special, Ep 33)
  • 2016: Arirang Special Infinite National Team of the Korea Wave (Ep. 334)
  • 2016: KBS Hello Counselor
  • 2016: KBS “Immortal Song 2”
  • 2015-2016: Infinite Showtime
  • 2015: KBS Global Request Show: A Song For You
  • 2015: Hello Counselor (with Sung Yeol and Myung Soo)
  • 2015: Weekly Idol
  • 2014: KBS Hello Counselor
  • 2014: This is INFINITE
  • 2013: KBS Hello Counselor (Sung gyu and Woohyun)
  • 2013: SBS Mamma mia , Special Guests
  • 2013: JTBC High Society (All but Dongwoo, Ep 75, Ep 76)
  • 2013: Weekly Idol
  • 2013: “Hidden Singer” (Nam Woo Hyun , Lee Sung Yeol and Jang Dong Woo )
  • 2013: “Ask in a box”
  • 2013: “TheBeatles Code 2”
  • 2013: MBC “Show! Music Core” (Woohyun, Sung Kyu, L as One Day MCs)
  • 2013: “1000 Song Challenge” (Dong Woo, Sungyeol and Woohyun)
  • 2013: TrunQ Korea
  • 2013: MBC 2013 Idol Athletic Championship
  • 2012: Miss and Mister idol Korea 2012 (Sung Kyu and Hoya)
  • 2012: Idol Wrestling
  • 2012: Mnet King Ranking
  • 2012: Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook
  • 2012: Shinhwa broadcast
  • 2012: Weekly Idol (Jeju Island Special)
  • 2012: KBSgag Concert
  • 2012: MBC 2012 Idol Athletic Championship
  • 2012: Weekly Idol
  • 2011-2012: “birth of a family with A Pink “
  • 2011: Weekly Idol
  • 2011: KBS “100 out of 100” (ep.25 – 28) (Sung Kyu, Dong Woo, Woohyun, Hoya, L, SungJong)
  • 2011: KBS “Let’s Go! Dream Team” (Special Episode) (Woohyun)
  • 2011: Tooniverse “Mak Irae Show”.
  • 2011: Mnet “The Beatles Code” (Dong Woo, Woohyun, Hoya, SungJong)
  • 2011: Mnet “Secret t”
  • 2011: Mnet “Sesame Player Season 2”
  • 2011: KBS Gag Concert
  • 2011: Mnet “Mnet Starcam Season 2 with Infinite”.
  • 2011: KBS Gag Concert
  • 2011: SBS “Strong Heart” (Woohyun)
  • 2011: KBS “Immortal Song 2” (Woohyun)
  • 2011: MBC “Show! Music Core” (Woohyun and Sungyeol as One Day MCs)
  • 2011: MBC 2011 Idol Athletic Championship
  • 2010: KBS “Family Ties
  • 2010: Mnet “Infinite! you are my oppa!”
  • 2010: Mnet Japan “Days of Infinite”.
  • 2010: XTV’s “Lucky Strike” (Woohyun)
  • 2010: Mnet “Mnet’s M-Rookies”.
  • 2010: Mnet Scandal (Sung Kyu, Woohyun)
  • 2010: KBS “1 vs. 100” (Sung Kyu, Woohyun, L)
  • 2010: KBS “Big Star! Dance Grand Prix”
  • 2010: MBC “Flower Bouquet” (ep.08, ep.11, ep.29)
  • 2010: MBC “Children of the Night” (ep.01, ep.02)
  • 2010: MBC “Children of the Night” (ep.03, ep.04)
  • 2010: MBC “Infinity Girls”.

Woohyun (INFINITE) TV Drama’s

  • When Love Comes subject for Modern Farmer (2014)

Woohyun (INFINITE) Music Videos

  • Epik High – BAAAM (2013)
  • Ji Sun – The Wind is Blowing (2011)
  • Epik High – Run (2010)
  • Guigamolo – KooPD (feat. Doo Kang) (2007)

Woohyun (INFINITE) is a member of:





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