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Wendy (Red Velvet)

Weight: 42 kg
Height: 159 cm
Real name: 웬디 손 / Wendy Son
Date of Birth: February 21, 1994

Wendy (Red Velvet)

About Wendy (Red Velvet)

Wendy (Red Velvet) Facts

  • Group: Red Velvet
    • Position Vocalist and Dancer.
    • Color: Blue / Light Blue
    • Fruit Orange
  • Project Group: Girls On Top
  • Voice type Lyric soprano.
  • Vocal Rank Eb3 ~ Eb7 (4 octaves)
  • Registration supported F#3/G3 -C#5/D5 (without head voice) and F#3/G3-C#5/D5-A5/Bb5 (with head voice)
  • Education:
    • Jecheon Central Elementary School
    • Shattuck-St. Mary’s School
    • Richmond Hill High School.
  • Nationality: Korean-Canadian.
  • Hobbies : Searching for strange songs on the Internet, cooking and singing.
  • Languages: Korean (native language), English (second language), French (basic) and Spanish (basic).
  • Specialty Singing, playing the flute, guitar and saxophone.
  • Favorite food: Rice cakes, Herbs, Meat, Beans and Mushrooms.
  • Nicknames: Hamster, Olaf, Son-Laf, Wannie and Sun Wukong.
  • Models to follow Whitney Houston and Kang Ta.
  • Motto “Always think positively – do your best and work hard.”
  • She was born in Seoul, but when she was a child her family moved to Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, where she grew up, so she has dual citizenship.
  • Before becoming an SM trainee, she used to upload videos to YouTube but deleted her account shortly before making her debut.
  • She auditioned at the “Cube Global Audition in Vancouver” in 2011, placing eighth.
  • She moved to South Korea in 2012.
  • She is certified for first aid and CPR.
  • Received the “Obama Presidential Award.” (an award given annually to students with excellent grades) Wendy was honored with this prestigious award, receiving a certificate as well as her name engraved in her school’s hall of fame under her birth name Son Seung Wan.
  • It was revealed that she received another award that was only given to one person at her high school in 2009.
  • In 2018, the CEO of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk revealed that Wendy once auditioned for the company but was not accepted.
  • On December 25, 2019, Wendy was involved in an accident on stage during the group’s rehearsal at the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon. Due to an alleged recklessness of the program staff, the stage stairs had not been set up before the performance, causing her to lose her balance and fall two and a half meters to the ground. She suffered a pelvic fracture, a broken wrist and a broken cheekbone.
    • SBS has also released an official statement and said, “On December 25, there was an unfortunate accident during rehearsals for 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon that led to Red Velvet’s Wendy suffering injuries.” They went on to state, “As a result, Red Velvet is unable to appear on the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon live show and we sincerely apologize to fans and viewers. We hope that Red Velvet’s Wendy will have a speedy recovery and SBS will take great care to ensure safety in the future.”
    • On December 26, SM Entertainment shared the following statement: With the exception of Wendy, the other four members of Red Velvet will only perform individually in their planned collaboration appearances and as MCs at KBS Song Festival and MBC Music Festival, Red Velvet will not perform as a group. Wendy is currently hospitalized and receiving treatment. She will focus on treatment until she recovers her health.
    • On December 26, SBS released a second apology, this time addressed to Wendy, her family, the other Red Velvet members and fans, saying the following: We wish to apologize once again regarding 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon. During rehearsals for Gayo Daejeon on December 25, an unfortunate accident took place. SBS wishes to sincerely apologize once again to Red Velvet’s Wendy, who was injured, as well as to her family, the Red Velvet members and fans.
    • Right after the accident took place on December 25, staff blocked off the area and requested emergency services so that Wendy could be transported to the hospital and undergo a thorough examination. We have begun an internal investigation to understand the exact details of the accident and once we fully understand the cause, we will ensure that such an accident does not happen again.
    • As a result of the accident, Wendy will focus on her recovery for the time being, and although SBS formally apologized to Wendy following fan outrage, fans are devastated and pray for Wendy’s speedy recovery. The rest of the group will begin promotions on music programs without her.
  • Their successful debut has managed to do well on the Korean music charts, especially their two lead tracks ‘Like Water ‘ and ‘When This Rain Stops which debuted at 1TP4Q13 and 1TP4Q15 on the original MelOn chart, respectively
    • They also managed to debut in Genie with the #7 and #8 positions, and in Bugs with the #2 and #3 positions, respectively.
    • In the meantime ‘Why Can’t You Love Me? ‘ (#73 and MelOn, #20 and Genie and #9 and Bugs), ‘Best Friend ‘ (#85 on MelOn, #22 on Genie and #7 on Bugs) and ‘The Road ‘ (#90 on MelOn, #25 on Genie and #12 on Bugs) also managed to debut on those platforms.



Wendy was already known for having served a brief apprenticeship in Cube Entertainment after a worldwide audition in 2011, in which she made it to the top 14 contestants. After that, she worked with the Canadian producer Gentleman Bear between mid-2011 and mid-2012, before signing a contract with her current label.

He entered as an apprentice in SM Entertainment in 2012 with the “SM Global Audition” in Canada.

He was part of the group SMROOKIES together with the members of Red Velvet Irene, Seulgi and Yeri it was officially revealed that she would be a member of the SMROOKIES project on March 15, 2014. The official channel of YouTube from SM Entertainment released several videos of the group, including one in which Wendy sang a cover of the song “Speak Now” by Taylor Swift..


On August 1, 2014, Wendy made her official debut with Red Velvet.

On March 4, 2016, Wendy made a collaboration for the project SM Station launching its first single titled ‘Spring Love’. together with Eric Nam.

On December 23rd she released her second single in collaboration with Moon Jung Jae and Nile Lee titled ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’..

2021: Debut as a soloist with her first mini-album “Like Water”.

On March 10, STARNEWS reported that Wendy was preparing to make her solo debut in April. In response to the said report, SM Entertainment said “Wendy is working on a solo album to be released in April – please look forward to it!”.

On March 24, the first teaser image for their first album was released “Like Water” the album contains five songs in total and a double title track, which will be released on April 5, “Like Water” and “When This Rain Stops”.

“Like Water” is an acoustic pop ballad with a mix of guitar, band and string sounds. The song was composed by Coach & Sendo together with Anne Judith Stokke Wik, and the lyrics were written by Kenzie and Yoo Young Jin. The lyrics are about gratitude to those who have been there for you and express your hope for the future.

Wendy (Red Velvet) Collaborations

  • Son Tae Jin – Be Deep (Duet with Wendy) (2020)
  • Tae Min – Be Your Enemy (Feat. Wendy) (2020)
  • STATION X (for every child, UNICEF) – This is Your Day (besides Do Young the NCT, BoA, Si Won of Super Junior, Su Ho of EXO, Tae Min by SHINee and Sunny by SNSD) (2019)
  • STATION X John Legend X 웬디 (WENDY) ‘Written In The Stars’ (2018).
  • SMTOWN X Steve Barakatt – Sound of Your Heart (2016)
  • Ricky Martin – Vente Pa’ Ca (feat. Wendy) (2016)
  • Various Artists – One Dream One Korea (2015)
  • Jung Joon Il & Wendy – 76-70 = ♡ (2015).

Wendy (Red Velvet) Drama

  • Descendants of the Sun (SBS, 2016) Ep. 16

Wendy (Red Velvet) Musicals

  • Hello Dolly (2010, in U.S.A)

Wendy (Red Velvet) Awards

  • 2022 31st Seoul Music Awards: Ballad Award (for Like Water)
  • 2022 Korea First Brand Awards: Best Radio DJ
  • 2019 Annual Fresh Asia Music Awards: TOP 10 Asia-Pacific Gold Song of the Year “What If Love'”

Wendy (Red Velvet) Radio Programs

  • Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio ‘Sukira’ (KBS Cool FM, 27-05-2015)

Wendy (Red Velvet) TV Programs

  • (MBC) Love Me Actually (2019, invited MC)
  • (KBS) Battle Trip (2018,besides Seulgi ) (Epi.100-103)
  • (Mnet) M! Countdown (01.02.2018, Special MC together with Seulgi and with Hyeyeon and Mine from gugudan )
  • (Mnet) M! Countdown (20.07.2017, Special MC together with Seulgi )
  • (KBS) Hello Counselor (17.07.2017, with Joy )
  • (Mnet) M! Countdown (16.02.2017, Special MC together with Seulgi and Jaehyun from NCT )
  • (KBS) K-Rush (2017, as MC)
  • (tvN) Raid the Convenience Store (2017, as MC)
  • (KBS) Trick and True (10-25-2016, permanent panelist along with. Irene )
  • (Youku) MY SMT (19-09-2016, together with Irene ) Episode 1
  • (KBS2) Hello Counselor (21-03-2016, together with Irene )
  • (MBC) King of Mask Singer (24-01-2016)
  • (JTBC) 100 People, 100 Songs (2015, besides Seulgi)
  • (MBC) We Got Married (As MC, replacing Choa from AOA )
  • (MBC) We Got Married (episode 290) as special MC with Changsub from BTOB
  • (Arirang) Simply Kpop (July 24, 2015, as a special MC)
  • (JTBC) The Last Song (09-06-2015, besides Seulgi)
  • (KBS) Let’s Go! Dream Team II (07-12-2014, besides Irene and Seulgi )
  • (MBC) Three Turns (01-11-2014, besides Irene )
  • (Mnet) EXO 90:2014 (10-10-2014. Ep.8, next to Seulgi)

Wendy (Red Velvet) TV Drama’s

  • Do You Care About Me? theme for Yumi’s Cells (2021)
  • Two Letters theme for Start-Up (2020)
  • My Day Is Full Of You (besides Zico ) theme for The King: Eternal Monarch (2020)
  • What If Love theme for Touch Your Heart (2019)
  • Goodbye subject for The Beauty Inside (2018)
  • I Only See You (besides Seoul Gi ) theme for Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (2017)
  • Don’t Push Me Away (besides Seoul Gi ) theme for Uncontrollably Fond (2016)
  • Let You Know theme for D-Day (2015)
  • Return (next to Yuk Ji Dam ) theme for Who Are You: School 2015 (2015)
  • Because I Love You theme for Mimi (2014)

Animated Series Themes

  • My Time theme for Elena of Avalor (2017)

Wendy (Red Velvet) is a member of:

Red Velvet

Red Velvet

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