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Timoteo (HOTSHOT)

Weight: 66 kg
Height: 180 cm
Real name: 김문규 / Kim Moon Kyu
Date of Birth: January 25, 1993

Timoteo (HOTSHOT)

About Timoteo (HOTSHOT)

Timoteo (HOTSHOT) Facts

  • Ex-Kpop Group: HOTSHOT
    • Position: Vocalist, Rapper and Dancer.
  • Education: The School of Performing Arts Seoul.
  • Languages: Korean (native language), Chinese and Japanese.
  • Hobbies: Reading sleeves, buying clothes.
  • Happiest moment: First debut phase.
  • Tough moment: First debut phase.
  • Special ability: Heodang’s personality (a person who looks perfect, but is really careless)
  • Motto: “With feeling!”
  • Favorite color: Blue.
  • Is an ex-Trainee of SM Entertainment it was said that he was going to belong to the groups “SM”, “SM”, “SM” and “SM”. SHINee o EXO.
  • He is part of a very close group of friends together with Tae Min from SHINee, Kai from EXO, Sung Woon from HOTSHOT and Ji Min from BTS they have shown their support for each other in very visible ways. On many occasions they have mentioned each other in interviews, participated in shows or performances together, referred to each other in their respective band’s album acknowledgements, and even supported each other by coming to each other’s concerts together. The group calls themselves “Parka Friendship” since they share a parka with a logo composed of their hands and have been trending on different portals when they meet Ravi from VIXX is very close to the group.
  • He is close to Amber de f (x) Johnny de NCT / NCT 127 chanyeol and Sehun de EXO Bohyung de SPICA henry and Kyuhyun of Super Junior niel de TEENTOP.
  • Tae Min wants to collaborate with Timoteo and Kai he explains “I want to produce something with my friends. I feel that if I am with my friends, with whom I have been close since our apprentice days, then I can complete anything with overflowing energy.”
  • Participated in a short drama of KBS together with Sulli ex-member of F (x)
  • Zhou Mi congratulated him on his debut via Twitter.
  • Prior to his debut was Ulzzang.
  • His baptismal name is Timothy.
  • Next to Sung Woon sent their wishes, and they hope that everyone will show support for the new album by Ravi they drew attention to the fact that the rapper composed, arranged and wrote lyrics for each song.
  • He introduced himself and his group partner Ho Jeong in the survival program The Unit with a Remix edited by themselves of the song “Kokobop” from EXO by logging to SuperBoot.
  • Timoteo created the “RED TEAM” group for the first mission of The Unit where he included his partner Ho Jeong Hansol, Donghyun, Ki Joong, Kanto, Rockhyun, and Feeldog it should be noted that it was ranked number one during the first votes of the program.
  • He made it to the final of The Unit he occupied high places during the program, but in the last chapter he was not able to enter the Top9 the company is in 10th place in the ranking, just one place away from belonging to the project group.

Timoteo (HOTSHOT) TV Programs

  • Cook! 10 Minutes (EBS, 2019)
  • The Unit (KBS, 2017)

Movie Themes

  • Because of You theme for Mr. Boss (2021)

Timoteo (HOTSHOT) Music Videos

  • TVXQHAHAHA Song. (2011)
  • The Grace – My Everything. (2009)

Timoteo (HOTSHOT) is a member of:


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