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Terada Takuya (Cross Gene)

Weight: 68 kg
Height: 188 cm
Real name:
Date of Birth: March 18, 1992

Terada Takuya (Cross Gene)

About Terada Takuya (Cross Gene)

Terada Takuya (Cross Gene) Facts

  • Former K-pop group: Cross Gene (2012 – 2018)
    • Position Leader in Japan and vocalist.
    • Ex-Gen: Gene
  • Languages Japanese (mother tongue) and Korean (fluent).
  • Special ability Playing basketball, baseball and acrobatics.
  • Interests Mahjong (game), singing in karaoke’s, bowling and reading.
  • Ideal Girl: Bae Doo Na (actress) and Hani (EXID )
  • Before debuting as an idol, Takuya played the lead role in the 9-episode Japanese musical drama “サイン (Sign)” in 2011, he played the role of Ibaraki Tobi.
  • His gene means that he is a lonely king who lives in an ice palace, just like the “Snow Queen” in a fairy tale. He has the power to control the minds of others. Anyone who looks into his eyes will be fascinated.
  • Appeared on the variety show Let’s Go Dream Team part 1 (06-19-2011) and Part 2 (06-26-2011), together with idols like ZE:A, SHINee (Dongjun, Kwanghee), SHINee (Minho and Taemin) and Super Junior (Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, Shindong).
  • Likes groups SHINee and BIGBANG
  • He participated in the midyear special of Music Bank from Korea, as a special MC for the fans of CNBLUE.
  • He was very happy to make his debut in his native Japan with the single “Shooting Star”.
  • He was a professor of Shin Won Ho to teach him Japanese Shin Won Ho he would ask him questions in Japanese and he would answer his in Korean.
  • He appeared in a JTBC entertainment show, “NON SUMMIT”.
  • He danced samba in Brazil in his presentation at the “Anime Friends”.
  • He went to Australia to visit the home of one of his “Non-Summit” friends in a new JTBC program.
  • He was one of the MC’s at “The Show K-POP Summer Festival 2015” along with various celebrities.
  • He came in third place in Pops in Seoul among the “Most Popular Foreign Idols”.
  • He says that in seventh grade he measured 153 cm, in tenth grade 173 cm and in his graduation 183 cm.
  • He played piano for Girls Day’s Sojin, who performed Melissa Poliner’s Feels like home on MBC Music’s Idol School.
  • For the recordings of Where’s my friend’s home Takuya performed the traditional “haka” dance, played rugby, dressed up as a hobbit and danced Amazing, danced classical dances with Blair’s sister, ate ice from a glacier, bungee jumped, skydived, rode a roller coaster, played bubble soccer and danced Shake it by Sistar. Short clips from the show uploaded to the youtube channel JTBC.
  • He appeared in the program Video Star where he imitated Zion T, did stunts, showed his baseball skills and made a show of affection for Hyosung of Secret
  • He promoted the live action movie of the anime ‘Rurouni Kenshin’ (Samurai X) that was about to be broadcasted in Korea (Video available on youtube)
  • At the meeting with the panel members of the first generation of the Abnormal Summit program, Takuya covered Big Bang Bang Bang by Big Bang together with the other panel members. He had previously covered Sherlock by SHINee together with other members of the show.
  • He is close to Jun Hyo Sung he appeared as a special guest in an interview with Hyosung, where Takuya taught him Japanese, in order to be able to communicate with his Japanese fans.
  • He knows many girl group choreographies such as Hot summer by F (x), Up and down by EXID, TT and Knock Knock Knock by Twice, Crazy by 4minute, Twinkle twinkle by Girl’s Day
  • He appeared in the “Summoners War” edition of the OGN web show, a well-known Korean youtube channel of gamers who play all kinds of “e-sports” (online games) on all kinds of platforms, be it PC, cell phone, playstation, xbox, etc. Sometimes they invite all kinds of celebrities seasonally to join the team, Takuta appeared in the first and second season competing against the MCs, other gamers and Kim Hyeong Eun from BULLDOK (now ex-members of Bulldok) in the 3D RPG game “Summoners War”. His username in the game was “takuya 0000” and as profile he had a picture of CROSS GENE with the six members. In one of the episodes he tried to teach Hyeong Japanese. The episodes are uploaded to OGN’s Youtube channel.
  • He appeared in Yan Sechan’s Ten program together with Shin.
  • His sister Momoka is usually very supportive of him and the group by uploading photos of them on his instagram
  • For the promotions of Black or White his mother and sisters went to visit him backstage, there are photos of the four of them hugging on Takuya’s Instagram and his two sisters.
  • In the program Tour Avatar, chapter 9 they went to a monastery together with Yongseok and he said that when he feels stressed he likes to connect with nature, that he hates going to the doctor, that he has unhealthy habits, that his back hurts when he is on his feet for a long time and that he has rhinitis.
  • In the Tour Avatar program, they went to a natural medicine monastery and did a blood test and found that his blood was 10 years older than his real age, so he underwent moxibustion on his back (type of acupuncture where moxa is burned near the damaged area to create a scar) and he also had facial acupuncture for his rhinitis. Episode 9 and 10 available on YouTube with English subtitles on the channel “ARIRANG TV”.
  • In June 2017, he went to a concert in Seoul of the Japanese rock band Radwimps, a band which composed the song “Your Name” for the anime movie Kimi no Na Wa. He really likes this band which brings back memories of his high school days.
  • He covered the song “The greatest love” by artist Fukuyama Masaharu, he made the Korean version.
  • He and Shin covered the song “Kazoku ni narou yo (Let’s become a family)” by artist Fukuyama Masaharu.
  • I sing the song “Bokutachi no arika” at the “Super Handsome Live”, a concert held at the end of each year featuring various male Amuse artists.
  • He has often been confused with ” Sign “This is a mini Japanese musical drama where Takuya played the role of a student under the name of “Ibaraki Tobi”, together with other Amuse actors; this drama has a CD with all the OST, in the tracks “Takin’ Over” and “Sign” (videos available on YouTube) you can hear Takuya singing and rapping. This was before he made his debut as an idol in CROSS GENE
  • Together with Shin, they sang the song “Baby Tonight” in Japanese, an unreleased song of the group that does not appear in the discography.
  • In 2012, he had his own segment on CROSS GENE’s official YouTube channel called “Takuya-san Integrating Korean” with eight short episodes where he filmed himself, showing his daily life and how he was learning the Korean language.
  • Model in 2012 in the “2012 Seoul Fashion Week S / S Collection SONGZIO” and in 2014 in the “2014 Seoul Fashion Week F / W Collection – Dominic’s way”, both catwalks together with Shin (videos available on youtube)
  • He got seriously injured for the promotions of “Noona You” trying to do a stunt in one of the music programs so he had to change that part of the choreography as he said he got a big scare and didn’t want to do stunts for a while.
  • For the promotions of “Play with me” he appeared as a special guest in one of the group’s video diaries A.cyan on the YouTube channel “REAL A.CIAN TV”, where it was said that the and Sang Hyeon are close because they are the same age and because they met a lot on music and variety shows.
  • He will participate in the musical ALTAR BOYZ in Japan on August 25, 26 and 27, 2017 playing the role of a young Jewish boy named “Abraham” alongside Niel from TEEN TOP and Chansung from 2PM.
  • After Takuya finished co-starring in the musical ALTAR BOYZ, he quickly joined the musical Watashi no Host-chan REBORN, with which there was a controversy in the media, as fans created a petition for him not to participate in the musical, since in it, Takuya had to make physical contact (fan-service) with those who attended the fan-meeting of the musical. The fans were upset because this type of fan-service could be excessive and uncomfortable for the artist and that the company forced him to perform these activities, however days later Takuya came out to clarify in a V LIVE that they should not worry about him, that it was his decision to participate in the musical and that his company had not forced him to do so.
  • On December 10, 2018 Takuya announced his departure from the group via VLive, and later this clip was deleted. Then Amuse Korea posted on CROSS GENE’s official website a statement announcing Takuya’s departure. Their notice read, “To all fans who support CROSS GENE, as of December 10, CROSS GENE member Takuya has graduated from the group. We greatly apologize for bringing such sudden news to fans who have always shown their support for CROSS GENE. Takuya has been with us since his training days and for approximately seven years as a member of CROSS GENE, but he will now be walking a different path from CROSS GENE due to the expiration of his contract”.
  • On January 4, 2019, Different Company agency announced that they had signed an exclusive contract with Takuya.


In 2008 Takuya participated in his home country in the 21st AMUSE ENT Competition “Junon Superboy Contest.” after reaching the finals, Takuya and Wada Tokuaki won an award in the section “Examiner Special Reward (Distinguished Merit Award).” he later signed with Japanese entertainment brand “AMUSE ENT.” and participated in a handful of AMUSE productions as an actor and model.

In 2010, he moved to the Korean branch office of Amuse Korea Ent. to join the “Project A” (later renamed CROSS GENE), an Asian male pop group composed of members from different East Asian countries.

He currently lives in South Korea and his main job is as a singer, although he also continues to work as a model and actor.

Terada Takuya (Cross Gene) Drama

  • 너의 얼굴을 사랑해: 우연히 (Naver TV,2018).
  • The Lover (Mnet, 2015)
  • Conte and the City (tvN, 2015) (Ep. 3)
  • Run 60 (MBS, 2012)
  • Sign (MBS, 2011)

Terada Takuya (Cross Gene) Advertisement

  • 2015: ECLAT D’ARPEGE Pour Homme (Perfume) (15-5-15) (Korea)
  • 2015: Treasure Island Tour (besides Tyler Rasch and Julian Quintari) (19-1-15) (Korea)

Terada Takuya (Cross Gene) Musicals or Theater

  • 2017: Watashi no Host-chan REBORN (Japan)
  • 2017: ALTAR BOYZ (Japan)
  • 2016 Kuroshitsuji NOAH’S ARK CIRCUS (musical from the anime Kuroshitsuji) (Japan)
  • 2011: Carpe Diem (Korea)
  • 2010: Black & White (Japan)
  • 2010: Your seat, my seat (Japan)

Terada Takuya (Cross Gene) Films

  • Zenin, Kataomoi (2016).
  • ZEDD (2014)
  • Ai Ore! Love Me! (2012)
  • Run 60: Game Over (2012)
  • The Game ~Boy’s Film Show~ (2009-2010)

Radio Program

  • FM Yokohama Tresen (2015, with Shin)

Terada Takuya (Cross Gene) TV Programs

  • Avatar Tour Ep. 9 and 10 with English subs (with Yongseok) (Arirang TV) (4-06-17)
  • Yang Sechan’s Ten (As MC besides Shin) (JTBC2) (Korea) (2017)
  • No Stress Zone Episode 9 (NAVER TV) (March-2017) (Korea)
  • Video Star Episode 38 (2017) (Korea)
  • Abnormal Summit (special program), special guest along with the other panelists (JTBC) (May-2016 and June-2016)
  • OGN: Summoners War 2 Edition (Second season from May to August 2016) (Korea)
  • OGN: Summoners War 1 Edition (First season from January to April 2016) (Korea)
  • Let’s Go Dream Team (besides Sangmin and Seyoung) (2016) (Korea)
  • Where’s My Friend’s Home? (JTBC) (January-2016 and April-2016)
  • Where’s My Friend’s Home? (JTBC) (August, September & December 2015)
  • World Changing Quiz (TV-People) (30-10-15) (Korea)
  • K*STAR LOVERS (September-2015) (Japan)
  • tvdaily: Press conference for the drama “The Lover” with the other actors (6/28/15) (Korea)
  • Music On TV (besides Shin) (M-On TV) (2015) (Japan)
  • Witch’s Hunt (JTBC) (May-2015)
  • 4show& Episode 19. Special guest in the segment on& Jun Hyo Seong of SECRET (May-2015)
  • BeautyTalkTV (15-5-15) (Korea)
  • Dispatch and MYDAILY: Press conference for the drama “The Lover” together with the other actors (April-2015) (Korea)
  • STARNEWS KOREA: Press conference for the drama “The Lover” with other actors (March-2015) (Korea)
  • Match Made in Heaven Returns (Episodes 1, 2 and 3) (MBC) (March-2015) (Korea)
  • Dating Alone & besides Shin (JTBC) (March-2015)
  • Problematic Men – Soccer (as a special invitee) (TvN) (2015) (Korea)
  • Abnormal Summit (JTBC) (2015) (Korea)
  • QTV: Interview with two of Takuya’s fellow panelists at Abnormal Summit (12-14-14) (Korea)
  • MelOn Music Awards 2014: as MC at the awards gala (November-2014)
  • Abnormal Summit (JTBC) (2014) (Korea)
  • 1 vs. 100 (together with Shin and Yongseok) (2012) (Korea)
  • Dream Team 2 (2012)
  • Takuya-san Integrating Korean (2012)
  • Let’s Go! Dream Team II: Asian Stars Special besides other artists (KBS) (2011) (Korea)


  • CeCi, with Shin (2017) (Korea)
  • The Celebrity (Korea)
  • Big Issue (Korea)
  • K☆STAR LOVERS (Japan)
  • haru*hana (Japan)
  • CeCi (Korea)
  • Bravo (Spain)
  • Junon (Korea)
  • Street Jack (Korea)
  • Voge Girl (Korea)
  • Nylon (Korea)
  • Instyle (Korea)
  • Elle (August 2014)
  • Elle, together with members of the “Abnormal Summnit” program (2014) (Korea)

Terada Takuya (Cross Gene) Music Videos

  • Hyolyn X JooYoung – Erase (2014) (appearance).

Terada Takuya (Cross Gene) is a member of:


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