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Teddy Park (1TYM)

Weight: 71 kg
Height: 176 cm
Real name: 박홍준 / Park Hong Jun
Date of Birth: March 24, 2023

Teddy Park (1TYM)

About Teddy Park (1TYM)

Teddy Park (1TYM) Facts

  • Ex K-Pop Group: 1TYM
    • Position: Leader and Rapper.
  • Instruments: Bass, electric guitar, piano.
  • Education Diamond Bar High School
    • Myongji University.
  • Religion Catholic.
  • Teddy did not have to do the military draft, because his citizenship is still American.
  • His first major production, was “La la la la la la la” from the album “Se7olution” by SE7EN.
  • From the end of 2006 until the beginning of 2009, he produced for BIGBANG.
  • In 2009, Teddy became an active producer for YG, where he produced the single ad “Lollipop “for LG, from BIGBANG & 2NE1.
  • He was invited to produce for the famous American star Lady Gaga, then he turned down the proposal as he was focused on producing for 2NE1.
  • He produced the debut albums of 2NE1 in 2NE1’s first studio album, “To Anyone” composed two of the main singles “Can’t Nobody” & “Go Away”.
  • Bang Yong Guk from B.A.P he admires him very much and considers him his role model.
  • He has been producer for
  • He has been confirmed that he is having a relationship with the actress Han Ye Seul since May 2013.
  • Teddy creates its own agency Blacklabel .
  • On October 24, 2016, it has been revealed that Han Ye Seul and producer Teddy, who have been publicly dating for almost 4 years but have broken off their relationship as a result of their busy schedules. A source from Kye East, Han Ye Seul’s agency, said, “They have decided to continue to support each other as colleagues.”


Teddy Park was born in South Korea, but as a young child he moved to New York, then to Diamond Bar, California, where he attended Diamond Bar High School, where he met Im Taebin. They auditioned together for Brothers Entertainment, and were accepted, then joined YG Entertainment, and moved to South Korea, where Teddy attended Myongji University, majoring in English. However, he soon moved to Seoul to begin activities with the newly formed group 1TYM with the position of leader.

His production style is characterized by strong contemporary R&B influences and has been characterized by the use of reggae in his songs. He is the main producer of YG Entertainment.

Teddy Park (1TYM) Collaborations

  • 2010 GD&TOP – High High (feat. Teddy)
  • 2010: Tae Yang – Prayer (feat. Teddy)
  • 2010 Tae Yang – Move (feat. Teddy)
  • 2010 Tae Yang – Where U At (feat. Teddy)
  • 2009: G-Dragon – The Leaders (feat. Teddy and CL )
  • 2008: YMGA – Get Up (feat. Teddy)
  • 2007: Masta Wu – Do or Die (feat. Teddy)
  • 2006: SE7EN – I Know (feat. Teddy)
  • 2005: Lee Hyo Ri – Anyclub (feat. Teddy)
  • 2004: JinuSean – Microphone (feat. Teddy and Danny)
  • 2004: Wheesung – Korea New School (feat. Teddy)
  • 2004: In Tae Bin – Taboo (feat. Teddy)
  • 2003: LEXY – Let Me Dance (feat. Teddy)
  • 2003 Wheesung – With Me (feat. Teddy)
  • 2002 YG Family feat. Teddy – “Fly Gentlemen”.
  • 2002: YG Family. Teddy – “Free Fallin”
  • 2002: YG Family feat. Teddy – “A-Yo (Remix)”.
  • 2001: JinuSean – Hip-Hop Seúl-Ja (feat. Teddy, Masta Wu and Chino XL)
  • 2001: Perry Borja – Bounce (feat. Teddy and Masta Wu)
  • 1999: YG Family feat. Teddy – “Famillenium”.
  • 1999: YG Family feat. Teddy – “I do not trust anyone”.
  • 1998: JinuSean – Hands Up (feat. Teddy, In Tae Bin and Perry Borja )

Teddy Park (1TYM) Awards

  • 2021 23nd Mnet Asian Music Awards: Best Producer of the Year
  • 2019 8th Gaon Chart Music Awards Composer of the Year


Compositions and productions

Teddy Park (1TYM) TV Programs

  • 2009: 2NE1TV
  • 2010: 2NE1TV 2
  • 2010: GD&TOP TV
  • 2011: 2NE1TV 3 Live: Worldwide

Teddy Park (1TYM) Music Videos

  • 2014: Masta Wu – Come Here
  • 2013: CL – The Baddest Female
  • 2013: G-Dragon – MichiGO
  • 2011: Chris Brown Feat. Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes – Look at me Now (cameo)
  • 2010: GD&TOP – High High (Feat. Feat. Teddy Park) (cameo)
  • 2010: Tae Yang – Where u at (Feat. Teddy Park)
  • 2008: Uhm Jung Hwa – DISCO (Feat. T.O.P ) (cameo)

Teddy Park (1TYM) is a member of:


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