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Real name:
Date of Birth: February 5, 2023


About Tearliner

Tearliner Career

Tearliner started as a six-member band in january 2004 but before the release of their first album, the group became a duo, then a one-man band. Tearliner, which is also known as Liner was originally founded by Park Sung Hoon his music is influenced by everything he has experienced in life and is classified by some as “Dream Pop” because his music has a dreamlike quality to it.

Tearliner TV Drama’s

  • Love Alarm (2019)
    • Love Alarm (feat Taru )
    • In My Dreams (feat. Love X Stereo)
    • A Man for All Seasons (feat. Quotes )
    • Blooming Story (feat. Jo Hae Jin (조해진))
    • In My Dreams (Acoustic ver.) (feat. Love X Stereo)
    • Morning Alarm
    • Bygones
    • We Finally
    • Dawn Whisper
    • Miss September
    • Mirroring
  • Cheese in the Trap (2016)
    • Golden Coconut Club (Sentimental Scenery Mix)
    • Our Whispering (Sentimental Scenery Mix)
    • I Am Love (feat Yozoh )
    • Empathy
    • Cat and Nap
    • Warm winter latte
    • It’s Partly Cloudy Today
    • Where Is Love and Romance
    • You Pass This Way
    • Triangular Kimbap Instruction (feat. Goo Hyo Jin)
    • Fill You, Erase You (feat. 5urprise )
    • Sugar Powder Lowering
    • One Man’s Dream
    • The End Is Near
    • Wandering Waves
    • Ladybug In Boots
    • Night Convenience
    • Drizzling Love (feat Taru )
    • Natural Curly
    • Dream Inside of You
    • Attraction (feat Kim Go Eun)
    • Party Alone
  • Heart to Heart (2015)
    • The Distance Between Me and You
    • Love Lies (feat. Zitten)
    • Nap On Your Shoulder (feat. Noh Seung Ho)
    • Only the Shadows are Growing
    • Travel With You (feat. Jung Eun Soo)
    • The Maldives Tropical Fish
    • Your First Letter With Morning Coffee
    • U Plus+ Me (Bell Inst.)
    • Milk Tea
    • Pale Clouds
    • Frozen Sun
    • Hong Do, Don’t Cry (feat. Kim Jong Seo )
  • Triple (2009)
    • You’re not alone feat. Yvonne
    • We Quit Us feat Yvonne
    • Velvet Tree
    • Feel Alright
    • the rain stopped, the music stopped
  • The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (2007)
    • Go Go Chan! feat. YOZOH
    • Ba Da Yuh Haeng
    • Go Go Chan! (Broadcast Ver.)
    • Gazer Razer (Studio Live Ver.)
    • Rain Coat
    • Wishy-Washy Boy
    • Novaless
    • Space Island (Moon Ver.)

Movie Themes

  • Romantic Island (2008)
    • Juri (Prologue)
    • 왠지 기분 좋은 날
    • 잠시멈춤 (Feat.짙은).
    • Ride On A Byway
    • 러브임팩트 (Feat.타루).
    • 내게임넌 (아이스크림 같은 너의 맘과 손길)
    • 설레임이라 부를까 설레임이라 부를까
    • Hello, Today Is The Day (Feat.서가영)
    • Biking
    • 잠시멈춤 (Ver. Plan.)
    • Moody Carol (Feat.이미영)
    • 희망
    • Once Upon A Time Where Is A Girl
    • 헤어짐 (Floor Ver.)
    • Shop The Jungle
    • 추억여행 (Plan Ver.)
    • Friday Night In Boracay
    • Bon Voyage (Epilogue)

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