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Sungyeol (INFINITE)

Weight: 59kg
Height: 185cm
Real name: 이성열 / Lee Sung Yeol
Date of Birth: August 27, 1991

Sungyeol (INFINITE)

About Sungyeol (INFINITE)

Sungyeol (INFINITE) Facts

  • K-pop group INFINITE
    • Position: Vocalist and Dancer.
    • Sub-Unit INFINITE F (Leader)
  • Education:
    • Daekyung University.
  • Specialty: Singing, acting and playing drums.
  • Role model His parents.
  • Religion Christian
  • Fanclub Yeollipops.
  • Motto: “ There is no problem you can’t solve”.
  • Mascots: A cat, named Jureumi, a dog named Agha.
  • Infinite Band: They play Infinite songs in instrumental form L on the electric guitar, Dong Woo in the bass, Sungyeol on the battery and Sungjong on the keyboard.
  • His favorite colors are pink, green and purple.
  • He used his first payment to pay off his family’s debts.
  • Is a fan of Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation
  • Sungyeol has very sensitive skin, even the labels must be removed from clothing so that they do not cause discomfort.
  • He was a student at SM Academy, and was originally going to be an actor under the SM. Entertainment label, but gave up being a trainee to pursue music.
  • He was the last member to join INFINITE so his training period was the shortest.
  • He was the leader during the This is Infinite program.
  • Because he is the leader of INFINITE F mentioned in an interview that being a leader is very hard and has to have the greatest responsibility and that he now understood all the work he was doing SungKyuby INFINITE
  • In his debut he was called ‘Elementary Student’ since he had a childish demeanor and a ‘baby belly’. Since he didn’t like this, he worked very hard for several years to improve his physique and adopt a much more mature image, but in a program he said that, although he had worked hard to change his image, he still looked like an ‘elementary school student’.
  • In the promotions for “The Chaser” he fell off the stage.
  • SungJong and Sung Yeol kissed in their parody of the song TroubleMaker (Trouble Maker).
  • During the Second Invasion concert, a video of “COUPLE GAME” was broadcast for the fans, in which Myungsoo (L) as a couple and in “Pepero Game” they seem to kiss, after which Sungyeol says “Myungsoo’s lips are very sweet”.
  • Sungyeol went to visit the children’s center one night to encourage them and share stories to motivate them.
  • Son Yerim, the fairy of Superstar K expressed his undying love for Sungyeol through me2day.
  • On Mnet’s show, “Beatles Code 2,” during the episode, Sung Yeol, who has the nickname choding, meaning “elementary school student,” shared his story of how he drank American coffee for 8 months to get rid of his baby image, which became a problem.
  • He walked alone in a robe and sunglasses upon arriving at the Seoul airport, for losing in a “what do you think it is?” game (by the same members).
  • When Sungyeol put on the goggles of ChangJo from Toe Topin Supa Luv, he kept shaking his head and saying, “I can’t see anything.”
  • He is the leader of the sub-unit INFINITE F
  • In the program Weekly Idol was chosen for the sexiest dance.
  • Kim Sae Ron praised his performance for the drama High School – Love On and compared it to Won Bin.
  • Eun Jung from T-ARA is their Female Version because of the great resemblance they have.
  • I used to have a turtle and a parrot.
  • In ” A Song for You “proved to be very flexible, after passing limbo with 60 cms together with Gong Chan.
  • He has demonstrated on two occasions that he can rap and has been well accepted, he has demonstrated it in his special Trouble Makert with Sungjong; representing Hyuna and in the song Cover Girl. Also in ” A Song for Yourapped Hoya’s part in the song Be Mine, although he had trouble keeping time with the song because he is not a rapper…
  • He was the first INFINITE member to have his twitter account verified.
  • Loves to bully managers and other members.
  • On one occasion it was lost at Haneda airport.
  • In an interview the other members confessed that he and L had a fierce fight in the past that even came to blows, Dongwoo added, “I remember you guys made a lot of noise, and lied saying that something fell down, but you actually hurt your lip,” although they claimed that their relationship improved and had become stronger since that time.
  • In “Inspirit Shining Night” he introduced himself as “Choding” (elementary/primary school student) clarifying that he was now a “Jungding” (middle school/high school student), later questioned by SungKyu said he had grown a lot.
  • For the INFINITE EFFECT ADVANCE concert INFINITE EFFECT ADVANCE performed a cover of Daddy by PSY.
  • Woollim trainees attending the INFINITE EFFECT ADVANCE were very surprised during the presentation of Sungyeol, being its brother Lee Da Yeol the most excited and the one who shouted and laughed the most during the presentation.
  • He has a puppy named Ag-ha (Baby) that he adopted while volunteering at the Abandoned Dog Protection Center. he usually posts pictures of the puppy on his Instagram.
  • On the INFINITE EFFECT tour, during their concert in Mexico, he mentioned that the Mexican fans had surprised him by the love they showed for them. He said that the Mexican Inspirits were as passionate as the color of their hair (at that time Red). He also mentioned that he admired them because from the beginning of the concert until the end, they never got tired of screaming for them all, he said that since he had heard the screams they had given him a lot of energy. Lastly he mentioned in Spanish “Thank you for your love that reaches all the way to my heart, we will always be together. take care of each other and see you soon!!!! Yeol!
  • Next to L they made a campaign and sold many cell phone cases with their pets’ backgrounds and the money raised was donated to a corporation for abandoned animals
  • In his spare time he enjoys water sports.
  • At the That Summer 3 concert in Seoul Day 1 he performed a cover of Pick Me dressed in the Produce 101 girls’ uniform and wearing a wig with braids, he claimed that it was embarrassing just because his parents were there.
  • You can drink up to 8 bottles of Soju.
  • In an episode of 3 OF “THIS IS INFINITE” he said that because L being handsome doesn’t mean I don’t watch pornography.
  • He appears in the music video for Epik High’s song Run as the band’s drummer.
  • On March 21, 2019, his agency Woollim Entertainment confirmed that Sung Yeol will enlist in the army as an active duty soldier on March 26. He concluded his military service on October 27, 2020.
  • On March 31, 2021, it was announced that Sung Yeol, along with Dong Woo, left Woollim Entertainment after their exclusive contract expired.

Sungyeol (INFINITE) Advertisement

  • Samsung “GALAXY PLAYER
  • Galaxy player 5.8
  • Elite Uniform (Con IU)
  • EDIQ Unique Edition (2012)
  • Elite’s School Uniform – (with F (x))
  • FILA (2013)
  • NaturePOP
  • NIKE 1st Look
  • Pepsi
  • Glasses Cove (2013)

Sungyeol (INFINITE) Drama

  • Love Returns (KBS1, 2017-2018)
  • D-Day (jTBC, 2015)
  • High School – Love On (KBS2,2014)
  • Love For Ten – Generation of Youth (CGV, 2013)
  • Adolescence Medley (KBS, 2013) Cameo
  • While You Were Sleeping (SBS, 2011)
  • Boys Over Flowers (KBS, 2009) extra

Sungyeol (INFINITE) Films

  • Intern Detective (2019)
  • 0.0MHz (2019)
  • Infinite’s Real Youth Life (2014)
  • INFINITE Concert Second Invasion Evolution The Movie 3D (2012)

Sungyeol (INFINITE) TV Programs

  • 2017 Weekly Idol (Dongwoo, Sungjong)
  • 2017 Mnet Woollim Pick (with Oh Hyun Minas MCs)
  • 2017 SBS Law of the Junglekota Manado
  • 2016 Weekly Idol
  • 2015 KBS Global Request Show: A Song For You
  • 2015 KBS Hello Counselor (Nam Woo Hyun, Sungyeol and L)
  • 2015 Weekly Idol
  • 2014 This is INFINITE
  • 2014 KBS Hello Counselor (SungKyu, DongWoo and Sungyeol)
  • 2013 SBS The Laws of the Jungle
  • 2013 JTBC High Society (All but Dongwoo, Ep 75, Ep 76)
  • 2013 Weekly Idol
  • 2013 “Hidden Singer” (Woohyun, Sungyeol and Dong Woo).
  • 2013 “Ask in a box”
  • 2013 “TheBeatles Code 2”
  • 2013 “1000 Song Challenge” (Dong Woo, Sungyeoly Woohyun)
  • 2013 Mnet Show! M Countdown (Hoya, Sungyeoly SungJongas One Day MCs)
  • 2013 TrunQ Korea
  • 2013 MBC 2013 Idol Athletic Championship
  • 2013 Mnet Show! M Countdown (Sungyeoly SungJongas One Day MCs)
  • 2012 Idol Wrestling
  • 2012 Mnet King Ranking
  • 2012 Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook
  • 2012 Shinhwa broadcast
  • 2012 Weekly Idol (Jeju Island Special)
  • 2012 KBSgag Concert
  • 2012 MBC 2012 Idol Athletic Championship
  • 2012 Weekly Idol
  • 2011 Tooniverse “Mak Irae Show”.
  • 2011 Weekly Idol
  • 2011 Mnet “Secret t”
  • 2011 Mnet “Sesame Player Season 2”.
  • 2011 KBS Gag Concert
  • 2011 KBS “Star King” (Woohyun-Sungyeol)
  • 2011 Mnet “Mnet Starcam Season 2 with Infinite”.
  • 2011 KBS Gag Concert
  • 2011: Talk Show Hello
  • 2011 MBC “Show! Music Core” (Woohyunand Sungyeolas One Day MCs)
  • 2011 tvN “Comedy Big League” (Dong Woo, Sungyeol, L, SungJong)
  • 2011 MBC 2011 Idol Athletic Championship
  • 2011 KBS “Family Ties”
  • 2010Mnet “Infinite! you are my oppa!”
  • 2010 Mnet Japan “Days of Infinite”.
  • 2010 MBC “Quiz That Changes The World” (Sungyeoly SungJong)
  • 2010 Mnet “Mnet’s M-Rookies”.
  • 2010 KBS “Big Star! Dance Grand Prix”
  • 2010 MBC “Flower Bouquet” (ep.08, ep.11, ep.29)
  • 2010 MBC “Children of the Night” (ep.01, ep.02)
  • 2010 MBC “Children of the Night” (ep.03, ep.04)
  • 2010 MBC “Infinity Girls”.

Sungyeol (INFINITE) is a member of:



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