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Sungmin (Super Junior)

Weight: 64kg
Height: 177 cm
Real name: 이성민 / Lee Sung Min
Date of Birth: January 1, 1986

Sungmin (Super Junior)

About Sungmin (Super Junior)

Sungmin (Super Junior) Facts

  • Kpop Group: Super Junior
  • Position Vocalist and Dancer.
  • Voice type Tenor.
  • Individual Fanclub: VitaMins.
  • Education Myongji University.
  • Religion: Christian
  • Instruments: Guitar, bass, harmonica, saxophone, piano and drums.
  • Languages Korean (fluent), Japanese (fluent), Chinese (Intermediate) and English (Basic).
  • Nicknames: Pumpkin Guy, Niel Lee, Rabbit (for his Chinese zodiac), Aegyo Prince, Danhobak (pumpkin candy) and Pink Prince.
  • Mascots One dog (Cacao), previously owned two cats (Hyaku and Zen).
  • Casting 1st SM Yout Best Selection Best Outward.
  • His first TV appearance was in August 2005, appearing briefly in the MBC drama, Sea of Sisters.
  • He is a perfectionist.
  • Although he is very vain, he says that one of his shortcomings is the fact that he hardly ever speaks or participates.
  • Off stage he does not usually comb his hair and always wears hats, as he loves them.
  • Of the Super Junior members, Sungmin is the one who becomes close to women most easily but claims that they only see him as a friend. Donghae said this is due to Sungmin’s sometimes feminine attitude.
  • It has a great affinity with Sunny and Choi Soo Young from Girls Generation because they worked together at a radio station.
  • He had a love scandal with Sunny from Girls’ Generation.
  • He suffers from anemia (decrease of red blood cells in the blood), for which he constantly gains and loses weight.
  • He calls himself “Chick”, although his fans call him “bunny” because he looks like one.
  • He practices martial arts.
  • He comes from a wealthy family, his father owns a company called “Sendbill”.
  • One of his favorite phrases in Japanese is: “いちごいちえ” (ichigo ichie), which means something like: “to be the first” or “just a chance in life”.
  • Sandeul of B1A4 is very similar to Sungmin.
  • Next to Hyolyn participated in the spin-off of We Got Married “Pit a Pat Shake” which did not show a married life but was a dating show.
  • He learned to play the guitar from singer Chu Gayeoul. Then Sungmin taught them to Sunny and to Choi Soo Young from Girls’ Generation.
  • Won first place for “Best Outward Appearance” along with fellow group member Dong Hae.
  • He has participated twice singing with the group Wonder Boys together with his group mate Shin Dong, Jo Kwon from 2AM, Seung Ri from BIGBANG and Lee Taemin from SHINee where they imitate Wonder Girls
  • He participated in the song “Let’s Go” for the “2010 Seoul G20 Summit” campaign, a project that featured a total of 20 artists, including his agency colleagues. Moon from F (x), Seo Hyun from Girls’ Generation and Kim Jong Hyun from SHINee the video of the song was recorded in Korean and English.
  • He participated from December 2013 to January 2014 in the musical “The Three Musketeers” with the role of D’artagnan, a role that Cho Kyu Hyun previously performed for several seasons.
  • Sungmin likes it when in the hour the numbers are the same; 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc.
  • Although it was reported several months ago that Sungmin had auditioned with the Seoul Metropolitan Police to fulfill his military service and in fact, that he had been one of the 8 selected in the first round of the process, it has now been confirmed that he decided to delay his service to take part in the comeback album of Super Junior for the time being, his enlistment date is still unknown.
  • With his last musical called “Vampire”, he had remained as the idol who has participated in more musicals, this being the sixth in his list, however now this position belongs to both his bandmate and his bandmate. Cho Kyu Hyun who, in November 2015, will participate in his seventh musical as a Key from SHINee (company partner) who has also participated in seven musicals.
  • It is said that during the recording for his comeback in Inkigayo, due to his hairstyle (a fringe that almost completely covered his eyes) he crashed against Kim Hee Chul, Lee Teuk and Eun Hyuk the recording had to be repeated.
  • There were rumors that the famous actress Kim Sa Eunshe was going to marry Sung Min as the name was misspelled in the information as the correct name was kim sa eun, which caused a lot of controversy and joy from the fans of both of them as kim so eun and sung min had already worked together in a drama.
  • On September 24, it was reported that he is in a relationship with the actress Kim Sa Eun according to reports, Sungmin and Saeun met while they were both castmates in the musical “The Three Musketeers”.
  • After several hours with the commotion caused by the rumors of his alleged marriage to the actress Kim Sa Eun and after the latter’s company denied the reports; on October 14 (2014), on his official blog, Sungmin himself confirmed the news of his upcoming wedding on December 13 with his current girlfriend Saeun.
  • He entered military service on March 31, 2015. He will end his enlistment on December 30, 2016.


Sugmin was born in Ilsan, South Korea, on January 1, 1986. In 2001, he won first place in the Better External Appearance, so he started as a trainee for the music company SM Ent. After being trained for a while, he made his debut in the K-pop group Super Junior in which he is currently working.

Married singer and actress Kim Sa Eundecember 13, 2014.

Sungmin (Super Junior) Collaborations

  • “Let’s Go” – Together the artists of the ‘G-20’ project
  • “Falling Slowly” – (besides Sunny from Girls’ Generation) (2009)
  • “Now We Go To Meet” (Sang Geun’s Wish Album) – besides Ye Sung 2008
  • “Someone Special” – besides Dana and Linafrom CSJH The Grace (2007)

Sungmin (Super Junior) Music

Musical Lyrics.


  • “Now We Go To Meet” – Wishes of Sang Geun Album “letter, with Lee Teuk (2008)

Sungmin (Super Junior) Drama

  • President (KBS2, 2010)
  • Sisters of the Sea (MBC, 2005)
  • Banjun Drama (SBS, 2004)

Sungmin (Super Junior) Musicals

  • Boys over Flower (2017) as Yoon Ji Hoo
  • Vampire (Japan, 2014) – as Dracula
  • The Three Musketeers (2013-2014) – as D’Artagnan
  • Summer Snow (2013) – as Natsuo
  • Jack The Ripper (2011-2013) – as Daniel
  • Hong Gil Dong (2010) – as Hong Gil Dong
  • Akilla (2009) – as Ro

Sungmin (Super Junior) Films

  • SMTOWN The Stage (2015)
  • Super Show 4 3D (2013)
  • I AM (2012)
  • SMTOWN Live in Tokyo Special Edition (2012)
  • Super Show 3 3D (2011)
  • Attack On The Pin-Up Boys (2007)

Sungmin (Super Junior) Radio Programs

  • Super Junior Kiss The Radio (Sukira) (KBS, 2011-2012, DJ and announcer) – besides Ryeo Wook
  • ChunJi Reckless Radio (2007-2008, DJ and announcer) – besides Soo Young and Sunny

Sungmin (Super Junior) TV Programs

  • A Song for You 3 (KBS, 2014, Ep. 14-15)
  • Super Junior M’s Guest House (SBS, 2014-2015)
  • Strongest Group/The Ultimate Group/最强天团 (Jiangsu TV, 2014.08.08).
  • The Genius 2 (tvN, 2014.02.08, Ep. 10) besides Shin Dong, Eun Hyuk and Cho Kyu Hyun
  • High Society (JTBC, 2012-2013, Ep. 54-56)
  • Shinhwa Broadcast (JTBC, 2012, Ep. 28-29)
  • Star Life Theater (KBS, 2012)
  • Saturday Night Live Korea 2 (tvN, 2012)
  • The Beatles Code Season 2 (Mnet, 2012, Ep. 20-21)
  • Invincible Youth 2 (KBS, 2012, Ep. 24)
  • We Got Married – Pit a Pat Shake (MBC, 2012) With Hyolyn [1 Episode]
  • The Beatles Code (Mnet, 2011, Ep. 53-54)
  • Let’s Go Dream Team 2 (KBS, 2010-2011, Ep. 33 and 98)
  • Happy Together 3 (KBS, 2010, Ep. 176)
  • Night Star (KBS, 2010, Ep. 5)
  • Intimate Note (SBS, 2009, Ep. 24-25)
  • Come to Play (MBC, 2009, Ep. 231)
  • Star Golden Bell (KBS, 2008-2010, Ep. 188,262,272)
  • Unbelievable Outing Season 3 (Comedy TV, 2008)
  • Explorers of the Human Body (SBS, 2007-2008)
  • Idol Army (MBC, 2008) With Super Junior Happy
  • Idol World (KM, 2007, Ep. 6-13) Con Super Junior T
  • Super Junior Mini-Drama (Mnet, 2006)
  • Super Junior Adonis c& (KM, 2006)
  • Mystery 6 (Mnet, 2006)
  • Super Junior Full House (SBS, 2006)
  • Super Junior Show (KM, 2005-2006)
  • Battle of the Century: Pop vs. Rock (2002)

Sungmin (Super Junior) TV Drama’s

  • Oh Wa subject for I Need a Fairy (2012)
  • Biting My Lips feat Ryeo Wook and Kyu Hyun theme for President (2010)

Themes for Musicals

  • “I Akilla You” – track for Akilla (2009).

Sungmin (Super Junior) Music Videos

Sungmin (Super Junior) Advertisement

Sungmin (Super Junior) is a member of:

Super Junior-T (Sub-Unit-Trot)

Super Junior-T (Sub-Unit-Trot)

Super Junior M

Super Junior M

Super Junior-H (Sub-Unit)

Super Junior-H (Sub-Unit)

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