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Sungjong (INFINITE)

Weight: 58kg
Height: 180cm
Real name: 이성종 /Lee Sung Jong
Date of Birth: September 3, 1993

Sungjong (INFINITE)

About Sungjong (INFINITE)

Sungjong (INFINITE) Facts

  • Kpop group: INFINITE
    • Position: Maknae, Vocalist and Dancer.
    • Sub-Unit INFINITE F
  • Education Daekyung University
  • Languages: Korean and English.
  • Hobbies: Watching movies (especially horror movies), listening to music, playing the piano, reading.
  • Role model Epic High and Michael Jackson
  • Religion Christian.
  • Fanclub Sungels.
  • Infinite Band: They play Infinite songs in instrumental form L on the electric guitar, Dong Woo in the bass, Sungyeol on the battery and Sungjong on the keyboard.
  • His first roommate was Hoya.
  • He is considered a Flower Boy in Korea.
  • He is the maknae of INFINITE’s Maknae Line (Sungyeol, L and Sungjong).
  • His characteristics are having a feminine face and a very slim body, his waist measures 59cm. Despite his physical build he has proven to be very strong when playing with his hyungs.
  • His personality is tender, playful, he often throws tantrums, has a lot of aegyo and is very dedicated to the fans, in his real life he is much more mature and tries not to draw so much attention to himself when he is off stage, he is often found lost in his own universe. He has very feminine actions for a boy, and too masculine for a girl.
  • Ranked #1 in the top 20 most beautiful idols than a girl (MBC Music Talk MaBling: Top 20 Male Idols Prettier than Girls) surpassing Taemin, Heechul, Hongki, Minho, etc.
  • When he gets upset and angry, he usually hits his teddy bear, which he also sleeps with. However, he often hits the first thing he finds.
  • He has parodied multiple girl group songs.
  • His first kiss was with Hwang Bo on the “Midnight Idol” program.
  • He enjoys reading novels very much.
  • The members of Girls Generation, Taeyeony Seohyunas well as Goo Ha Ra attended the same high school as he did.
  • Parodied ‘Magic Girl’ by Orange Caramel together with Shin Dong Hoy Dongjoon from ZE:A during his ‘Magic Girl’ skit, he wore the same dress as the ‘Milk Caramel’. Nana leaving the audience impressed by his good figure.
  • At Music Bank he danced to “Be My Baby” by Wonder Girls together with Kwanghee from ZE:A, Shin Dong from Super Junior, Mir from MBLAQ and Hyunmu.
  • Kissed sungYeol in their parody of the song “TroubleMaker”.
  • He is the second highest of the group, after Sungyeol however, the agency decided to edit his profile, as he is the youngest of the group.
  • He went to Gangnam Choice Hospital and was diagnosed with scoliosis, stiff neck and hip de-compensation. He is receiving medical treatment at Gangnam Choice Hospital twice a week.
  • He replaced Dong Woon from HIGHLIGHT as MC of the program Super Idol Chart Show.
  • Appeared in episode 5 of LOVELYZ DIARY WOOLLIM ENTERTAINMENT’s first all-female group, which debuted in 2014, said he went to give them his full support and was very happy because it was WOOLLIM’s first all-female group.
  • On April 20, 2015, he visited the site of an arson fire in Busan and volunteered to help clean it up.
  • He was unable to be at the celebration of the 5th anniversary of INFINITE because he was at the military filming a video of the Real Mento apologize for his absence on the anniversary of his group, he wrote a letter.
  • He has dressed multiple times as a girl and performed dances in heels and dresses.
  • On July 29, 2019, it was confirmed that he had secretly enlisted on July 22 as a public service worker. He was excused from serving as an active soldier by reason of neck and back injuries.
  • On January 24, 2022, Woollim Entertainment shared a statement announcing that the exclusive contract with Sung Jong has ended. He is leaving the agency after 13 years.

Sungjong (INFINITE) Advertisement

  • Galaxy player 5.8
  • Elite Uniform (Con IU)
  • EDIQ Unique Edition (2012)
  • Elite’s School Uniform – (with F (x))
  • FILA (2013)
  • NaturePOP
  • NIKE 1st Look
  • Pepsi
  • Canon CF
  • Nature Republic ACUA
  • Elite (2013)

Sungjong (INFINITE) Drama

  • Mysterious Nurse (SBS, 2018)

TV Programs

  • 2017 : SBS Master Key Ep. 2
  • 2017 Weekly Idol (With Dong Woo and Sung Yeol)
  • 2017: Stargram 2 (MC)
  • 2016: Law of the Jungle; Tonga
  • 2015: KBS Global Request Show: A Song For You
  • 2015: Weekly Idol
  • 2015: MBC “Real Men” Ep. 112 -…
  • 2014: & Super Idol Chart Show (MC)
  • 2014: “This is INFINITE”
  • 2013: “JTBC High Society” Ep 75, 76.
  • 2013: “Ask in a box”
  • 2013: “TheBeatles Code 2”
  • 2013: TrunQ Korea
  • 2013: MBC 2013 Idol Athletic Championship
  • 2012: Infinite Ranking King
  • 2012: Idol Wrestling
  • 2012: Mnet King Ranking
  • 2012: Weekly Idol
  • 2012: KBS gag Concert
  • 2012: MBC 2012 Idol Athletic Championship
  • 2011: Birth of a Family
  • 2011: Strong Heart
  • 2011: Happy Together
  • 2011: Sesame Player 2
  • 2011: Weekly Idol
  • 2011: E Channel Life or Death Situation 1%
  • 2011: KBS “Family Ties
  • 2011: Mnet Starcam 2 with Infinite
  • 2011: Tooniverse “Mak Irae Show”.
  • 2011: The Beatles Code
  • 2011: KBS Gag Concert
  • 2011: MBC 2011 Idol Athletic Championship
  • 2010: You’re my oppa
  • 2010: Goguma
  • 2010: Mnet “Mnet’s M-Rookies”.
  • 2010: Mnet Japan “Days of Infinite”.
  • 2010: MBC “Quiz That Changes The World” (SungYeol, SungJong)
  • 2010: Infinity Girls
  • 2010: KBS “Star Golden Bell
  • 2010: KBS “Big Star! Dance Grand Prix”
  • 2010: MBC “Flower Bouquet” (ep.08, ep.11, ep.29)
  • 2010: MBC “Children of the Night” (ep.01, ep.02)
  • 2010: MBC “Children of the Night” (ep.03, ep.04)

Sungjong (INFINITE) TV Drama’s

  • Beside Me theme for Mysterious Nurse (2018)

Sungjong (INFINITE) Music Videos

Sungjong (INFINITE) is a member of:

Infinite F (Sub-Unit)

Infinite F (Sub-Unit)



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