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Song SeungHyun (FTISLAND)

Weight: 65.7kg
Height: 181cm
Real name:
Date of Birth: August 21, 1992

Song SeungHyun (FTISLAND)

About Song SeungHyun (FTISLAND)

Song SeungHyun (FTISLAND) Facts

  • Ex-Kpop Group: FTISLAND / Two Song Place (Ft Song Eun Yi) (2009-2019)
    • Position: Guitarist and Rapper
  • Education Information Industry Shindongshin High School Seoul High School of Performing Arts, Kyung Hee Cyber University
  • Hobbies Swimming, surfing the Internet, stimulating people’s anger and playing badminton, soccer and table tennis.
  • He joined FT Island in 2009 after the departure of Won Bin.
  • He was an apprentice for 3 years.
  • In “Idol Maknae Rebellion” he showed how good he looked dressed as a woman, his appearance left SHINee members in awe.
  • He was recruited by SM Entertainment, but turned down the offer for fear of the contract, as the contract gave the company the rights to his name and image.
  • He composed and wrote the lyrics of “I’m a Singer”.
  • Seunghyun together with Jaejin and Kaji Katsura wrote the lyrics of Flower Rock.
  • He wrote the lyrics for Brand New Days and Winters Night.
  • He has a puppy named “Kongari”.
  • He learned piano at the age of 7.
  • On February 16, 2011, he graduated along with Minhwan of the Seoul School of Performing Arts.
  • He and Minhwan were accepted to Kyung Hee University for the class of 2011.
  • To think that Minhwan is the youngest, he is considered the maknae for being the last to enter the FT Island.
  • He likes Muse, Smap and Jason Mraz.
  • Although he likes the electric guitar, he loves the acoustic guitar.
  • In January 2014, he formed a duo with comedienne Song Eun Yiand so they form Two Song Place having as their first digital single the song “Age-Height”.
  • When asked why he didn’t join SM Entertainment, Song Seung Hyun mentioned about the contract he had read, “The scariest part,” he said, “was that there was something about giving up the rights to your body.” The MC Shindong (from Super Junior) laughed at this and offered a clarification, “It was probably a clause related to trusting the authority and managing their image rights and naming rights to them,” said the program’s MC shindong added: “If I had debuted through SM, you probably would have been a part of SHINee “Song Eun Yi then joked, “Song Seung Hyun can’t dance.”
  • On December 24, 2019, FNC announced that Song Seung Hyun will end his activities with the group when his exclusive contract ends on December 31. Song Seung Hyun, who has also pursued an acting career through plays, musicals, short films and web dramas in addition to his activities as FTISLAND, has decided to mainly focus on his activities as an actor after the end of his contract. The decision has been made after long discussions not only with the agency, but also with the group members. Our agency and the group respect the decisions made by Song Seung Hyun, and we will continue to give warm encouragement and support to Song Seung Hyun, who has been with us for 11 years.
  • On September 4, 2021, the day after N.Flying members Lee Seung Hyub, Yoo Hwe Seung and Seo Dong Sung tested positive for COVID-19, FNC Entertainment announced that Kim Jae Hyun had also been diagnosed with the virus. He entered quarantine as of yesterday.

Song SeungHyun (FTISLAND) Advertisement

  • Smart Uniform 2009
  • Litmus Summer 2009
  • Litmus Summer 2008
  • 스마트 2007

Song SeungHyun (FTISLAND) Drama

  • I Asked ‘Is it Love?’ and Answered ‘Love’ (VLIVE, 2019)
  • Investigator Alice 2 (NaverTV Cast, 2016)
  • Style (2009, SBS) Cameo – Ep 6

Song SeungHyun (FTISLAND) Musicals

  • 2013: The Three Musketeers
  • 2013: Summer Snow
  • 2012: Jack The Ripper as “Daniel”

Song SeungHyun (FTISLAND) Films

  • The Youth (2014)

Song SeungHyun (FTISLAND) TV Programs

  • 2014: Weekly Idol 3rd anniversary (Episode 157)
  • 2013-2014: Cheongdam-dong 111tvN
  • 2012 Miss & Mister Idol Korea
  • 2009 “Idol Maknae Rebellion”.
  • 2009 Star King

Song SeungHyun (FTISLAND) is a member of:


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