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Song BoRam (Crayon Pop)

Weight: 48 kg
Height: 165 cm
Real name: 백보람 / Baek Bo Ram
Date of Birth: June 18, 1988

Song BoRam (Crayon Pop)

About Song BoRam (Crayon Pop)

Song BoRam (Crayon Pop) Facts

  • Ex K-Pop Group: Pop Pencil
    • Position: Vocalist and Dancer.
  • Favorite color Blue
  • She studied dermatology, achieving her professional degree later. Prior to her debut she worked as a nurse in a dermatology hospital. She was a hair follicle specialist.
  • She introduced herself as ‘The Invisible Leader of Crayon Pop’.
  • As shown in episode 10 of Crayon Pop TV, she is the one who concentrates the most when exercising.
  • At the first presentation of Bar Bar Bar Bar Bar Bar I was very embarrassed to wear the helmet.
  • She said that since she is the oldest she would sometimes like a sexy concept, but admitted that she likes the current one better, they all agree with Gummi.
  • Gummi was the most affected by the 2012 crisis. According to the members of Crayon Pop. Chrome Entertainment had already signed an alliance contract with CUBE and LOEN. In order to affirm the separation of Crayon Pop, with this they were looking for economic reinforcement for the company, not for the group (since Crayon Pop was not very successful in its debut). The members of Crayon Pop were practically abandoned, sitting around waiting for their separation, unable to do anything about it. They all fell into depression, only months after their debut, they could never move forward as a group. They said that Gummi was the most affected by this, as she was no longer required to attend rehearsals. As a result, she stayed in bed all day, there were times when she did not eat (Gummi and Soyul were the members who had had the most training in the company from 3 to 4 years).
  • It was Gummi and Way who came up with the idea of taking to the streets to promote themselves with megaphones and self-made posters, dancing to all their songs and singing live in the streets. They did this throughout the winter of 2013 (December, January, February and March), a time when Crayon pop was reborn from the ashes.
  • She proved to be the strongest of the group, along with SoYul due to her appearance in Dream Team, winning three out of three rounds.
  • She sang for the OST of the webdrama Six-persons Room.
  • She had plastic surgery and had to lose several pounds from her body for the comeback of Crayon Pop’s “DooDomChit”.
  • It was revealed that Gummi had left Chrome Entertainment and signed an exclusive actress contract with the agency Climax Entertainment which said “We have signed an exclusive actress contract with Gummi, who has been a member of Crayon Pop; 5 years after her debut she will be promoting as an actress under the name Song Bo Ram please show interest, she was passionate about acting and we will be supporting her with everything we have to help her focus
  • February 9, 2020, Song Bo Ram revealed that she is pregnant and would be getting married on February 23, 2020.

    “Hello my dear fans, it’s Gummi from Crayon Pop, it’s been a while, have you all been well? I haven’t been active lately, so I felt terrible for not being able to communicate with you. I am really grateful and would like to sincerely thank you all. I was so immersed in the memories that it took me some time to get to the key point.

    So… the reason I wrote a letter today is because I wanted my fans to be the first to know the news. It’s a little awkward to say… I will become a man’s wife on February 23, 2020, and I’m getting ready to be a mother to a baby boy soon. she is my friend and my love for a long time and we have been dating for a while, she is a reliable person who has always been by my side. I will treasure the love you gave me and make sure to live every moment wisely with a grateful heart.”
  • On August 30, 2020, she gave birth to her first child.
  • On February 17, 2022, she announced that she was expecting her second child, a girl. In her Instagram post, Gummi used the word oppa for big brother, indicating that her second child is a girl. She also included in the hashtags, “mom of a son and a daughter” and “mom who has everything she could ever want.”

Song BoRam (Crayon Pop) Drama

  • 28 Faces Of The Moon (2015)
  • Six-Person Room (DramaWeb, 2014)

Song BoRam (Crayon Pop) TV Programs

  • Let’s Go Dream Team (11/05/14)

Song BoRam (Crayon Pop) TV Drama’s

  • Sunlight (feat Sung Hoon) for Six-Person Room (2014)

Song BoRam (Crayon Pop) is a member of:


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