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Weight: 48 kg
Height: 172 cm
Real name: 전소미 / Jeon So Mi
Date of Birth: March 26, 2023


About Somi


2015: Television debut: SIXTEEN

Somi became known for her participation in the SIXTEENsurvival program of JYP Entertainment where 16 trainees competed to make their debuts in the TWICE somi was eliminated in the last episode despite being one of the participants with the best evolution within the reality show, having been in “Major” for 5 out of 7 weeks. During her time on the show, she drew attention for her charisma and talent at an early age.

2016: Participation and winner of PRODUCE 101

After her time at SIXTEENand gaining some recognition from the public, in January 2016, it was reported that the talented trainee from JYP Entertainment would be participating in Mnet’s new survival program, PRODUCE 101on April 1, after 10 episodes, she was proclaimed the winner of the program, coming in first place with a sweeping score of 850,000 votes, thus becoming part of the final project group, I.O.I being the maknae and central member of the group.

During her time on the reality show, she attracted a lot of attention, achieving fame in a short period of time. Her time on the show was applauded on multiple occasions.

First collaboration: ‘Flower, Wind and You’.

On August 29, she collaborated with the leader of DIA, Hui Hyeon with the song “Flower, Wind and You” together with Chung Ha and Yoo Jung also members of I.O.I as a special collaboration.

Start in I.O.I

On January 4, she made her debut in I.O.I with the mini-album “Chrysalis”. During the group’s project group of I.O.I had several activities such as actively participating in TV shows, modeling for numerous brands, being part of the sub-unit of the group with the song “Whatta Man”, among other activities.

2017: Dissolution of I.O.I.

After one year, Somi ceased to be a part of I.O.I after the farewell concert “Time Sleep” that took place between January 20 and 22 in Seoul. After finishing her activities as a member of I.O.I signed an exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment as an artist in order to be able to continue her solo activities.

Member of Unnie’s project group

On February 10, the first episode of Sister’s Slam Dunk 2somi was part of an all-female cast of actresses, comedians and successful Idols such as Minzy Chae Youngo Kim Sookthe objective of the program was to prepare 7 totally different women to debut as a K-Pop group, also showing the coexistence and evolution of all of them.

On May 12, the group’s single was unveiled with the songs “Right?” and “Lalala Song” composed by Kim Hyung Sukthe popularity of the program resulted in the song “Right?” debuting at #1 on multiple music charts in South Korea, surpassing “Right? PSY and and TWICE in addition, they were presented on the same day in Music Bank.

Collaboration with Eric Nam

On March 9, during her participation in Sister’s Slam Dunk 2the song debuted at #1 on Mnet, Bugs and Genie, #2 on Naver and in the top 20 of MelOn.

Member of the Girls Next Door project group

Following her participation in several project groups, it was revealed that Somi would be part of the cast of Let’s Only Walk the Flower Roadsomi was praised from the beginning for her good acting despite her lack of experience in the field.

In addition, they also formed a project group to promote the program, Girls Next Door on June 8, they made their Music Bank debut with the song “Deep Blue Eyes”, co-written by Jin Young, Moon Byul from MAMAMOO and D.ana from SONAMOO and co-composed by Jin Young and Kang Myung Shin.

Collaboration with Jun. K of 2PM

Somi was part of the pre-single “From November to February” in collaboration with her then agency partner, Jun. K from 2PM for her second mini-album “My 20’s”. During the artist’s promotions she stated “Somi is working very hard and has already started producing her own songs.The company doesn’t really give Somi many opportunities, for that reason she is a bit worried.But having so many activities she looks happy as well.Personally I think that JYP Entertainment should debut it soon .

2018: Exit of JYP Entertainment

On August 20, 2018, it was reported her departure from JYP Entertainment she has been a trainee with the agency since 2013.

New agency: The Black Label

On Sept. 23, it was reported that Somi had signed an exclusive contract with The Black Label subsidiary of YG Entertainment.

On November 20, it was exclusively reported that Somi would be working on new music with the aim of making her solo debut in March 2019. However in early 2019 a report from NH Investment & Securities revealed that Somi would debut between April and June.

2019: Debut only

On February 23 it was finally confirmed that Somi would be making her solo debut in May, after several speculations and concerns about the artist’s future.The article also stated that the new song would be produced by Teddy (producer of hit songs such as “Gashina” by Sunmi or “Solo” by Jenniethey also specified that they had not yet decided whether it would be a single or an EP, but they were already preparing to film the music video.

February 25, 2009 The Black Label confirmed that Somi’s solo debut would be on May 1.

Fancafe opening

On February 28, the opening of her fancafe to celebrate her solo debut was announced along with the announcement of a fanmeeting on the occasion of her eighteenth birthday.

Delayed debut

On April 29, after several rumors, an industry source communicated that Somi’s solo debut would be postponed to the end of May due to internal problems at her agency. she also explained that the decision was reached after considering the quality of the album.

Also The Black Label reported that the production of the album had already been finalized but the definitive date had not yet been decided, as well as the music video, which has not yet been filmed.

Debut as a Soloist with her First Single ‘Birthday’.

On May 1, its initial debut date, the first teaser image was released indicating that the debut would be very soon.

On June 7, it was revealed that “Birthday” would be the title track of her solo debut, written by herself along with Teddy24 and Bekuh Boom, in addition to being produced and arranged by well-known producers from YG Entertainment the single also contains the song “Outta My Head”, composed and written by herself together with 24.

On June 13, hours before the release of her first single, a debut showcase was held. On the occasion she was able to answer some questions to the reporters at the press conference; her change of agency occurred due to her musical tastes, she has never had a bad relationship with JYP Entertainment and continue to support} each other today, she also said she did not know much about the meeting of I.O.I because each article provided different information.

Somi stated “Birthday” means “Birthday”.It also means the Day I was reborn as a solo singer. “Outta My Head” is the song composed by myself.I have no idea about writing lyrics or composing but the producers at my agency have helped me a lot.I have the experience of suffering creating for the first time.”.

The song “Birthday” managed to reach #1 on most music charts in the country; Bugs, Mnet, Naver, and Soribada. Also #1 on Genie and #9 on Melon. Internationally “Outta My Head” surpassed the title track reaching #1 on iTunes in 7 countries.

The music video garnered more than 6.4 million plays in 24 hours, making it one of the most viewed solo female debuts on the first day, second only to “Solo” from Jennie.

First return as a soloist

On August 29th, Somi did a live broadcast on her V LIVE channel and assured her fans that she is recording and writing a lot for her upcoming comeback, also confirming that Teddywill continue to be in charge of her new material.

2020: Back with What you waiting for

After almost a year without knowing anything about her comeback, on July 13th a teaser image of the long awaited comeback was revealed, with the date 2020.07.22. On July 14th a photo was uploaded revealing the name of the song, “What You Waiting For”. On July 15th a teaser image was uploaded in which we could see Somi in a sexy concept as well as the song’s credits, revealing that Somi participated in the lyrics and melody of the song. The song also includes the participation of industry greats, like Teddy and R.Teefrom the 16th to the 19th more images and teaser videos were uploaded. On July 20th the MV teaser 3 was uploaded, but it was deleted due to a hack on TheBlackLabel’s channel, apparently nothing else happened so the video was quickly re-uploaded.

On July 22 at 6:00 pm KST the mv was finally released. On August 6 she scored her first solo music program win with WWF on the program M! Countdown.

2021: Return with DUMB DUMB

On July 22nd KST, just one year after the launch of the What You Waiting For three photos of So Mi were published with a date, which is August 2 of this year, in which the caption revealed that she would be back with her third digital single named DUMB DUMB.

Back with First Album XOXO

On September 30, 2021, Somi posts on her personal Instagram account, a photo showing a pile of scattered albums, made up of two physical versions. It can be read on them, “SOMI 1ST ALBUM XOXO”.

In the description of the photo, Somi confirms that her first studio album will be released soon, thus announcing a new comeback with no exact date.

On October 20, 2021, Somi confirms with an official poster, on her personal Instagram account that she is coming back with her first full album “XOXO” on October 29, 2021 at 6PM KST.

october 21, 2021, Somi and The Black Label confirms the tracklist of XOXO, formed by 8 songs, where it is confirmed that it will have four unreleased songs, plus the compilation of all its digital singles since it debuted. Being the main song of the album XOXO.

Somi Facts

  • Ex-Project Groups:
    • I.O.I (April 2016 – January 2017)
    • Unnie’s (February 2017 – May 2017)
    • Girls Next Door (June 2017 – August 2017)
  • Apprentice time: 3 years.
  • Languages: Korean (fluent) and English (parent language).
  • Nationality Korean-Canadian/Dutch.
  • Education
    • Seoul Yongsan Foreign School (Transferred)
    • Misong Elementary School (Graduate)
    • Seoeon Middle School (Transferred).
    • Cheongdam Middle School (Graduate).
    • Hanlim Entertainment Arts High School, Practical Music Department. (Graduated)
  • Hobbies shopping, walking alone, playing the piano, listening to music, making video calls with friends, collecting shoes.
  • Specialties: Taekwondo (black belt level three) and Cooking.
  • Favorite color: Black.
  • Favorite food: Pizza.
  • Models to follow G-Dragon, TWICE and 2NE1.
  • Mascot: Three cats, named Zoro, Cookie and Cheese.
  • Nicknames: Vitasom, Gassam, Sommud, Maknae On Top, Somptang, Som, Cowboy, Middle Schooler, Disney Princess and Salmon Princess
  • Her father is Canadian-Dutch and her mother is Korean, so she has triple citizenship.
  • Her father revealed in Happy Togetherthat Somi was bullied as a child because of her more Western appearance than other children, and even said she wanted to have plastic surgery to look more Asian. Later, Somi confessed that as she grew older, she began to gain more confidence in herself. Now she feels happy the way she is, and also thanked her father for being supportive.
  • It was revealed that JYP Entertainment refused to participate in PRODUCE 101on the third time, Somi was consulted and accepted the proposal, becoming the last trainee to enter the reality show just four days before the first taping.
  • During their promotions in I.O.I was banned from performing at the 2016 KCON France because of YMC Entertainment the agency that managed the group did not apply in time for a minor’s work permit for Somi (she was 15 years old at the time), but she was still able to visit France with the group.
  • On September 3, 2019, images were leaked on the internet confirming that JYP Entertainment planned to debut So Mi within ITZY.
  • On December 23, 2020 at 8 pm KST will hold a Christmas live special called ‘Som Alone’ through the Tik Tok platform.
  • In the year 2020 on the official website of TC Candler appeared in “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2020”, being ranked #58 and being the first time to appear on that list.

Somi Advertisement

  • LOUIS VUITTON (2021, eyewear)
  • Alba Heaven (2019)
  • Shiseido (2019)
  • BC card (2019)
  • Beanpole Sport (2019)
  • FANTA (2019, along with Daewhi)
  • Alba Heaven (2019)
  • NUOVO (2019)
  • GIVERNY (2018-2019)
  • Skoolooks (2017-2018)
  • Reebok Classic (2017-2018)
  • FANTA (2017-2018)
  • American Tourister (2017, with Evelyn Douma).
  • Jambangee jeans (2017)
  • Calvin Klein (2017, together with Jackson Wang and Jin Young)
  • Nexon Special Soldier (2017)
  • Sudden Attack (2017)
  • Elite Uniforms (2017)
  • MoveMnet (2017)
  • LG x5 (2016)
  • SPAM (2016)
  • Stone Age (2016)
  • CJ Alaska Salmon (2016)
  • SK Telecom (2016)
  • Sky Barley (2016)
  • Sweet Pudding (2016)

Somi Collaborations

  • Jun. K – From November to February (2017)

Participatory Concerts/Festivals

  • Music Bank in Berlin (10/31/18)

Somi Films

  • Gukje Market (2014) cameo

Somi Radio Programs

  • Jun Hyosung’s Dreaming Radio (MBC FM4U, 2021) (09.08.2021)
  • Wendy’s Young Street (SBS Power FM, 2021) (04.08.2021)
  • Radio 2 O’clock Date with Ji Suk Jin (MBC, 19.06.2010; besides Lee Hi)
  • Idol Radio (MBC, 06/17/19)
  • Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time (SBS, 06.03.17)

Somi TV Programs

  • Don’t Be Jealous (MBC,2020) Presenter
  • Not The Same Person You Used To Know V2 (Mnet, 27.07.19)
  • Idol Room (JTBC, 18.06.19)
  • After Mom Falls Asleep (YouTube, 07.06.19; besides Zion.T)
  • Knowing Bros (JTBC, 08.06.1; besides AKMU)
  • Real Men 300 (MBC, 01/25/19)
  • PRODUCE 48 (Mnet, 2018; invited along with. I.O.I and BATHTUB ONE)
  • Please Take Care of My Refrigerator (JTBC, 24.07.17)
  • Let’s Only Walk the Flower Road (KBS, 2017)
  • Gag Concert (KBS2, 05/28/2017)
  • Oh! Cool Guy (Channel A, 1.04.2017)
  • Happy Together 3 (KBS, 23.03.2017).
  • I Can See Your Voice 4 (Mnet, 23.03.2017).
  • Sister’s Slam Dunk 2 (KBS2, 2017)
  • My Little Television (MBC, 2017) Ep. 88-91
  • 26th Seoul Music Awards (19.01.2017, as MC)
  • Golden Tambourine (Mnet, 19/01/2017)
  • The Show (SBS, 2016-2017; as MC)
  • Idol Battle Likes (KBS, 30.12.2016; as MC).
  • We Well Eat Well (JTBC, 12/01/16)
  • Abnormal Summit (JTBC, 28.11.2016).
  • Hello Counselor (KBS, 11/21/2016).
  • Battle Trip (KBS, 2016; besides Joo Kyul Kyung)
  • Happy Together (KBS, 02.06.2016).
  • Hello, Our Native Language (KBS, 2016)
  • Welcome Show (KBS, 11.05.2016)
  • Two Yoo Project – Sugar Man (JTBC, 26.04.16)
  • PRODUCE 101 (Mnet, 2016)
  • SIXTEEN (Mnet, 2015)
  • Let’s Go! Dream Team II (KBS, 2013)

Reality Shows

  • Follow Somi (YouTube, 2019)
  • I AM SOMI (YouTube, 2020)


  • Korea First Brand Awards: CF Model most looked forward to in 2018
  • Mnet M! Countdown (06/08): “What You Waiting For”
  • Mnet M! Countdown (12/08): “DUMB DUMB”
  • Asian Pop Music Awards: Best Female Artist (Overseas)
  • 36th Golden Disc Awards: Best Performance
  • Korea First Brand Awards: Best Solo Artist (Female)

Somi Music Videos

  • Girls Next Door – Deep Blue Eyes (2017)
  • Sister’s Slam Dunk 2 – Right? (2017)
  • UP10TION – White Night (2016)
  • GOT7 – Stop Stop It (2014)

Somi is a member of:


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