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Solji (EXID)

Weight: 51Kg
Height: 170 cm
Real name:
Date of Birth: January 10, 1989

Solji (EXID)

About Solji (EXID)

Solji (EXID) Facts

  • Group K-Pop EXID
    • Position: Leader, vocalist and dancer.
    • Sub-unit Solji&Hani (DASONI)
    • Voice type soprano
      • Range : D3 ~ G6 (3 octaves, 2 notes and 1 half-tone)
      • Registration : G3/G#3 ~ C5
  • Former K-Pop group 2NB
  • Languages Korean (native language), English (basic) and Chinese (basic).
  • Mascot: A dog named Choco.
  • Specialty Practice mountaineering and eat with exquisite taste.
  • Hobbies Listening to music, watching doramas, floristry and playing arcade machines.
  • Favorite color Network.
  • Studies Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts.
  • Before debuting in EXID solji worked with her ex-partner & Kim Ga Hee in the duo 2NB.
  • In addition to her impressive singing skills, being the best voice of EXID solji can also play the piano.
  • She worked as a vocal coach.
  • Won the contest “King of Mask Singer”.
  • As a teenager, she learned hapkido (self-defense) and taekwondo Your rank in hapkido is a red belt.
  • Solji confessed in the program “1vs.100” what she did with her first earnings as a singer saying, “I promised my mother that I would earn money and make her rich. I withdrew my first earnings entirely in cash, spread the money on the bed and made my mother sit on top of the pile. I even took a picture of the moment. I told her that I would work more and make the pile of bundles grow. Because it was the first time I earned money singing, my mother was very happy.”
  • Solji decided to make a song with Yoo Jae Hwan after meeting her in a recording studio and the latter showed her the melody and lyrics Yoo Jae Hwan Jung Hyung Don solji was moved when she heard the song for the first time and did not hesitate at the end of the program with Yoo Jae Hwan.
  • Solji was the winner along with her partner, Dujinsu of the “Duet Song Festival”. on February 8, 2016.
  • Solji returned together with Hani to sing with its sub-unit DASONI now known as Solji&Hani on March 3, 2016, her song was released on “Only One”.
  • On December 20, 2016, the company of EXID released an important statement about Solji, who had been feeling unwell for several days, informing fans that after going to the hospital she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and therefore, to prevent her health from getting worse, she would be taking an indefinite break until she feels better. In the meantime, the group will promote and attend the rest of their scheduled events as four (LE, Hani, Hyerin and Jeonghwa )
  • The company’s EXID announced that Solji would not participate in the group’s comeback on April 10, 2017 so that she could fully recover. This is the first time that one of the members will not promote with the rest of her teammates, especially due to health problems.
  • She had a special appearance in the “EXID Asian Tour In Seoul 2017.” right in the middle of the performance of “Like The Seasons” the girls were singing, the lights went out and Solji appeared in the audience, causing both the fans and the girls to be excited to see her, especially since not one except the company knew of her surprise. It was a very touching moment and once she spoke and explained how she felt and how proud she was of her teammates, they sang again. “Like The Seasons” it was then that Solji promised to return as soon as possible after her recovery.
  • Solji will resume her career as a singer at EXID from November 7, 2017, with the group’s fourth mini-album, “Full Moon” it is still unknown whether or not she will promote with her colleagues due to her health.
  • The company confirmed on Nov. 1, 2017 that Solji would not be promoting with the girls because they were concerned about her health and thought more time off was in order. However, Solji was not completely back on hiatus as she inaugurated a special radio show on the app. VLive from EXID during the promotion period of “Full Moon”.
  • According to an exclusive report from DongA, Solji is scheduled for orbital decompression surgery. Solji has been on hiatus for about a year due to her condition with hyperthyroidism. It is reported that the level of thyroid hormones have returned to normal after continuous treatment, however, Solji suffers from orbital decompression, a common side effect in patients with hyperthyroidism. Solji is reportedly scheduled for surgery on Jan. 7 at a hospital in Seoul. Then she plans to make a long-awaited return along with EXID in April at the latest.
  • She was chosen as a vocal ‘director’ in the new survival program ‘Under 19′, will have the duty to guide young people to join a new idol group.

About Solji

After the dissolution of the duo in which she was a member together with Kim Ga Hee (2NB ), Solji wanted to be a soloist for a while and perform without the company of anyone in a world that has always fascinated him, that of music. After some years she decided to take a big step in her career as an artist and began to be an apprentice of AB Entertainment later, with the departure of Hye Yeon, U-JI and Hae Ryung from EXID, Shinsadong Tiger made her become part of the K-Pop group together with Hyerin.

Solji (EXID) Advertisement

  • 2016: CHERRYKOKO
  • 2016: CANMAKE

Solji (EXID) Collaborations

  • Primary – Diet (feat. Solji) (2017).
  • Various Artists – One Dream One Korea (2015)
  • BaeChiGi – Shut Up (feat. Solji) (2015)
  • A-In – First Love (feat. Solji) (2010)
  • Hyesung – Goodbye My Love (feat. Solji) (2009)

Solji (EXID) Films

  • Idol (2017)

Solji (EXID) Radio Programs

  • Cultwo Show (SBS Power FM, 2021) (05.05.2021) Special DJ
  • Cultwo Show (SBS Power FM, 2021) (17.03.2021) Special DJ
  • (SBS) Cultwo Show (11/19/15)
  • (MBC) Sunny FM Date (08/26/15, as special DJ)
  • (KBS) CoolFM Kpop Planet (17/05/15)
  • KBS Lee Sora’s Music Plaza (12/22/14)
  • Lee Sora’s Music Plaza Radio (03/11/14)
  • KBS Kim Bum Soo Radio (04/09/13)
  • KBS Kim Bum Soo Radio (09/28/13)
  • KBS Kim Bum Soo Radio (06/26/13)
  • KBS Kim Bum Soo Radio (06/19/13)
  • KBS Kim Bum Soo Radio (12/06/13)
  • KBS Kim Bum Soo Radio (5/06/13)
  • KBS Kim Bum Soo Radio (05/29/13)
  • KBS Kim Bum Soo Radio (22/05/13)
  • KBS Kim Bum Soo Radio (15/05/13)
  • KBS Kim Bum Soo Radio (01/05/13)
  • KBS Kim Bum Soo Radio (04/24/13)
  • KBS Kim Bum Soo Radio (04/17/13)
  • KBS Kim Bum Soo Radio (11/04/13)
  • KBS Kim Bum Soo Radio (03/04/13)
  • KBS Kim Bum Soo Radio (03/27/13)
  • KBS Kim Bum Soo Radio (03/20/13)
  • KBS Kim Bum Soo Radio (03/13/13)
  • KBS Kim Bum Soo Radio (06/03/13)

Solji (EXID) TV Programs

  • Wednesday Music Playlist (tvN, 2019) Ep. 10
  • Running Man (SBS, 2019) Ep.448, along with Hani
  • Love Me Actually (MBC, 2019) Guest MC.
  • Hello Counselor (KBS2, 03.12.2018) (Ep.390, besides Jeonghwa )
  • Under Nineteen (MBC, 2018)
  • The Third Way (SBS, 05/12/16)
  • WowWow (SBS, 09/22/16) along with the rest of EXID
  • Happy Piramid 333 (MBC, 09/22/16) along with the rest of the EXID
  • Happy Together (KBS2, 08/18/16)
  • Duet Song Festival (MBC, 07/22/16)
  • Cab (tvN, 07/19/16)
  • Immortal Songs (KBS2, 07/16/16)
  • Same Bed, Different Dreams (SBS, 06/06/16)
  • Sugar Man (jTBC, 05/24/16) together with Hani
  • Old House New House (jTBC, 12/05/16) besides Hyerin
  • Nation of Hip Hop (jTBC, 06/05/16)
  • Super Idol 2 (MBC, 4/26/16) besides Hani
  • (KBS) Battle Trip (23/04/16, besides Hani)
  • Duet Song Festival (MBC, 04/16)
  • Weekly Idol (MBCEvery1, 06/04/16) invited by Hani
  • King of Masked Singer (MBC, 03/04/16 and 10/04/16) as guest
  • The Capable Ones (MBC, 02/19/16)
  • Bon Boon Olympic (KBS, 10/02/16) besides Hani
  • National Idol Contest (KBS2, 08/02/16) besidesthe rest of the EXID
  • Let’s Go Food Star (SBS, 08/02/16) besides Hyerin
  • Duet Song Festival (MBC, 08/02/16)
  • The Boss is Watching (SBS, 06/02/16) besidesthe rest of the EXID
  • Healing C& (SBS, 01/18/16)
  • Baek Jongwon’s 3 Great Chefs (SBS, 15/01/16) besidesthe rest of EXID
  • 1vs.100 (KBS2, 07/12/2015).
  • Witch Hunt (jTBC, 04/12/2015)
  • Weekly Idol (MBCEvery1, 11/25/15) along with the rest of the EXID
  • My Little Television (MBC, 07/15 and 09/15) besides Hyerin
  • Weekly Idol (MBCEvery1, 06/05/15) along with the rest of the EXID
  • War of Words (jTBC, 04/30/15) besides Hani
  • Moon Hee Jun Pure 15+ (Mnet, 04/02/15) besides Hani
  • 1000 songs challenge (SBS, 20/01/15) besides Hani
  • 100 People, 100 Songs (jTBC, 01/13/15) besides Junghwa
  • 100 Songs Challenge (SBS, 01/01/15) besides Hani
  • Weekly Idol (MBCEvery1, 12/24/14) along with the rest of EXID

Reality Shows

  • EXID – BUTBUT TV, Season 5 (2016)
  • (MBC) EXID – Showtime (2015)
  • EXID – BUTBUT TV, Season 4 (2015)
  • EXID – BUTBUT TV, Season 3 (2014)
  • EXID – BUTBUT TV, Season 2 (2013-2014)
  • EXID – BUTBUT TV, Season 1 (2012-2013)

Solji (EXID) TV Drama’s

  • This Comfort theme for Mad for Each Other (2021)
  • If We Were Destined theme for Scripting Your Destiny (2021)
  • The Trace You Left theme for The Spies Who Loved Me (2020)
  • One Person subject for 18 Again (2020)
  • One Day subject for Find Me in Your Memory (2020)
  • Walking On This Street subject for Forest (2020)
  • Even a Bitter Wound May Hurt subject for Love with Flaws (2019)
  • Enough To Touch Hands subject for Perfume (2019)
  • Flame (next to Hani) theme for Money Flower (2017)
  • Lean On Wind for Witch’s Court (2017)
  • You and Me theme for Sweet Stranger and Me (2016)
  • Love Sweet theme for The Producers (2015)
  • Without U By My Side Subject for Wife Returns (2010)
  • Love Shake theme for The Lawyers of The Great Republic Korea (2008)

Movie Themes

  • In This Place theme for Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018).
  • Feel the Light (besides Hani) theme for HOME (2015)

Solji (EXID) is a member of:



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