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Weight: 43 kg
Height: 163cm
Real name: 김용선 / Kim Yong Sun
Date of Birth: February 21, 1991


About Solar (MAMAMOO)

Solar (MAMAMOO) Facts

  • Group MAMAMOO
    • Position: Leader, Vocalist and Dancer.
    • Voice type Light lyric soprano
    • Vocal Rank E3 – G#6 (3 Octaves and 2 notes)
    • Registration supported A3 – C#5.
  • Education:
    • Modern K Music Academy.
  • Favorite artists Lil Wayne, Amy Winehouse, BoA.
  • Fanclub:
    • Yongwang-nims (this is how she names her followers on her YouTube channel)
  • Instruments: Piano and Guitar
  • Nicknames: Yongkong, Yeba.
  • She performed together with Geeks with the song “Wash Away” in several music shows before the debut (2013).
  • She had a dog named Jjing Jjing, who passed away on April 4, 2019.
  • She never thought about being a singer. When she was 20 she wanted to be a flight attendant, she focused on that and studied, but realized it wasn’t for her.
  • She was walking with a friend when there was a promotion in the place that if you sang and won they would give you free food, so she sang and won. Among those present was a person who works in the music business, that same person approached her and said: “I’ll give you a free meal You should definitely try to become a singer” After that, she auditioned for about 50 times before becoming a member of Rainbow Bridge World.
  • In her trainee days she was the lead vocalist for “Don’t Touch Me ” & “I Will Show You” of Ailee.
  • When it came to choosing her stage name, she thought of “Doremi” or “Mifa”, but her manager wasn’t convinced. So, as she is in charge of the high tones, she decided on “Solar. “In English, Solar connects to “Sun”, which also connects to my real name (Yong Sun) “He also said that she wanted her stage name to be “Sunny” or “Tae Yang”, but quickly changed her mind because they are already occupied by other artists.
  • She has a laughter therapy license (recreational license).
  • Model for Arena Homme+ Korea (March Edition) in 2015
  • Tickets for her concert ‘Solar Sensibility Concert Blossom’ which went on sale on March 30, 2018 for the general public, sold out all 2,100 seats during the 3 days as soon as they went on sale. her company, Rainbow Bridge World thanked the fans, and stated: “We will make every effort to prepare high quality performances to reward your attendance. Please look forward to attending “.
  • Modeled with Hwasa for Dazed Korea (June Edition) in 2018.
  • In December 2019, she donated 100 twenty-two-pound boxes of kimchi to underprivileged seniors with the help of Dongdaemun Senior Welfare Center Association. Sola took it upon herself to personally deliver some boxes.
  • In 2019 on the official website of TC Candler appeared in “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2020” ranking #24.
  • For her solo debut, her ‘bald’ look went viral on Korean portals. Solar responded to the backlash with: “My solo album ‘Spit It Out’ is an album where I show who I am. I have prepared a lot of things for it, but I am grateful that many people have shown a particular interest in my bald appearance. “. Solar shared that she tried this because she wanted to abstractly show herself as she is and her natural appearance. She added: “I always enjoy taking on new challenges, so even though sometimes people think it’s strange, I think this is a way of expressing who I am. I’m very grateful that many people are looking at it positively. “.
  • She shared that she thought about BoA to write the song “I’m your Fan “based on the experience of being a long-time fan and how she became an inspiration for her work.
  • Model for Marie Claire magazine (June edition) and 1st Look (December edition) Korea in 2020.
  • In 2020 on TC Candler’s official website she appeared in “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2020”, ranking #76.
  • Model for Singles magazine (March issue), Men’s Health (August issue) Korea in 2021.

About the Artist

Solar made her official debut as a member of the female quartet MAMAMOO on June 19, 2014, being one of the leading voices.

2015-2018: solo project “Solar Emotion”.

On October 23, 2015, Solar started a remake/covers project of old songs under the title ‘Solar Emotion’, which concluded on April 24, 2018. It had a total of 6 parts, the first 5 were released in digital single format, and the last one in special mini album format (the same was not available for charting on Gaon Album Chart).

2020: Solo debut with Single “Spit It Out”.

On April 10, RBW announced that Solar would be making her solo debut on April 23 with the album “Spit It Out”, which was released at 6 PM KST.

“Spit It Out” is co-composed and co-written by Solar and RBW songwriter Kim Do Hoon. A Latin guitar riff and unique synth sounds combine to create a catchy song about doing what you want to do and saying what you want to say without worrying about other people’s standards.

The physical version of “Spit It Out” sold 62,000 copies on the first day of its release and went on to debut at number two on Gaon’s album chart, the single managed to rank as the third best-selling album by female solo artists on its first day and trailing only behind major solo artists like Tae Yeon and IU the song debuted at No. 12 on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart, and then peaked at No. 6. With two days of tracking, it debuted at No. 96 on Gaon’s digital chart. In the week of May 7, 2020, the song peaked at No. 71.

Solar (MAMAMOO) Advertisement

  • 2020-2021 Blancow Cleansing Foam
  • 2019: Lipton

Solar (MAMAMOO) Collaborations

  • MC Mong – Bubble Love (Feat. Solar) (2021)
  • Ravi – LEOPARD (Feat. Solar) (2019)
  • Cosmic Girl – Lie Ya (Feat. Solar) (2018)
  • Kiggen – Cloudy (Feat. Solar) (2017).
  • Yang Da Il – Loveagain (Feat. Solar) (2016)

Solar (MAMAMOO) Music

  • Kassy x Solar – A Song From The Past (2020)
  • MAMAMOO – Gogobebe (2019)
  • Ravi – Leopard (feat. Solar) (2019)
  • MAMAMOO – I’m Your Fan (2019)
  • MAMAMOO – From Winter To Spring (2018)
  • MAMAMOO – Sleep in the Car (2018)
  • Cosmic Girl – Lie Ya (feat. Solar) (2018).
  • MAMAMOO – No More Drama (2018)
  • MAMAMOO – Star Wind Flower Sun (2018)
  • MAMAMOO – Hello (2018)
  • MAMAMOO – AZE GAG (2017)
  • MAMAMOO – Yes, I Am (2017)
  • MAMAMOO – 1cm (2016)
  • MAMAMOO – Decals (2016)
  • MAMAMOO – 고향이 (Hometown) (2016).
  • MAMAMOO – 그리고 그리고 그려봐 (Memory) (2016).
  • MAMAMOO -나만의 (Recipe) (2016).
  • MAMAMOO – You’re the Best (2016)
  • MAMAMOO – I Love You Too / Tears (2016)
  • MAMAMOO – Draw Draw Draw (2016)
  • MAMAMOO – Angel (2016)
  • MAMAMOO – An Oh Ah Yeh (2015)


  • Solar “Emotion Concert Blossom” 2018.
    • 27, 28 & 29 April – Seoul, South Korea – Ewha University
    • 16 and 17 June – Busan, South Korea – Sohyang Theater Shinhan Card Hall

Solar (MAMAMOO) Drama

  • Entourage (tvN, 2016) Ep. 1
  • Imaginary Cat (MBCEvery1, 2015) Ep. 2 and 5

Solar (MAMAMOO) Radio Programs

  • Studio Moon Night (01.03.2021, as guest)
  • 2PM Date (MBC, 12/15/2020, with Na Eun from Apink guests)
  • Cultwo Show (SBS, 11.12.2020, as special DJ)
  • Kim Han Na’s Volume Up (KBS, 12.11.2020, as special DJ)
  • Cultwo Show (SBS, 30.04.2020, next to GOT7 as a guest)
  • Kim ShinYoung Hope Song at Noon (MBC, 28.04.2020, as guest)
  • Choi HwaJung’s Power Time (SBS, 21.01.2021, besides Kassy as guests)
  • Park Won’s Kiss The Radio (KBS, 20.01.2020, as guest)
  • Sandeul’s Starry Night (MBC, 16.01.2020, besides Kassy as guests)
  • Sandeul’s Starry Night (MBC, 16.09.2019, as a special DJ, besides. Moon Byul)
  • Kim ShinYoung Hope Song at Noon “WGM Special” (MBC, 08.09.2016, besides. Eric Nam)
  • Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio (KBS, 2015, as a guest).
  • YounHa’s Starry Night (MBC, 2014, besides Whee In as guests)

TV-Internet Programs

  • Midnight Horror Story (MBC, 2022) Ep.40
  • Family Mate (MBC, 2022) Ep.1
  • Open Concert (KBS, 26.12.2021)
  • Radio Star (MBC, 2021) Ep.747
  • Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook (KBS2, 08.10.2021) Ep. 560-561
  • Wild Idol (MBC, 2021) Ep. 9
  • Immortal Song 2 (KBS, 2021) Ep. 525-526
  • Joseon Top Singer (JTBC, 2021, like judge)
  • The Song We Loved, New Singer (KBS2, 2021, as a judge)
  • Sixth Sense 2 (tvN, 2021, con Moon Byul) Ep.6
  • Ask Anything Fortune Teller (KBS Joy, 22.02.2021, part 2)
  • Ask Anything Fortune Teller (KBS Joy, 15.02.2021, part 1)
  • Gamsung Camping (JTBC, 2020-2021, as cast member)
  • Boss in the mirrors (KBS2, 2020-2021, regular member) Ep. 81-85,107-109, 115-117
  • On&Off (tvN, 2020) Ep. 5, 9, 26
  • HonDry (Mobidic, 2020) Ep. 4
  • Running Man (SBS, 2020) Ep. 514
  • Show!terview with Jessi (SBS-Mobidic, 2020) Ep. 3
  • Yoo HeeYeol’s Sketchbook (KBS, 2020, besides Kassy) Ep. 475
  • Happy Together 4 (KBS2, 2019) Ep. 57
  • Baek Jong Won’s Alley Restaurant (SBS, 2019, besides Moon Byul) Ep. 92
  • My Little Television v2 (MBC, 2019) Ep. 24-25
  • Rewriting Chart Show Number 1 (MBC, 2019) Ep.10-11
  • Rewriting Chart Show Number 1 (MBC, 2019) Lunar New Year Special
  • Amazing Saturday (tvN, 2019, with Hwasa) Ep. 50
  • Let’s Eat Dinner Together (jTBC, 2018, together with. Hwasa) Ep. 90
  • Unexpected Q (MBC, 2018) Ep. 1
  • 1 vs 100 (KBS2, 2018)
  • KBS Gayo Daechukje (KBS, 2017, as. hostess)
  • Battle Trip (KBS, 2017, with Moon Byul) Ep. 74
  • King of Mask Singer (MBC, 2017, panel). Ep. 129 and 130
  • Night Goblin (jTBC, 2017, with. Whee In) Ep. 3
  • Baek Jong Won Top 3 Chef King (SBS, 2017) Ep. 92
  • 2016 6th Gaon Chart Music Awards (Mnet 2017, as hostess)
  • Singing Battle – Victory (KBS, 2016, besides Whee In) Ep. 8-9
  • We Got Married (MBC, 2016, as a couple of Eric Nam) Ep. 316-348
  • Radio Star (MBC, 2016) Ep.495
  • Same Bed Different Dreams (SBS, 2016, besides Whee In) Ep.47
  • Duet Song Festival (MBC, 2016) Ep. 1, 21, 23-24
  • The Show (SBS, 22.03.2016, as. Special MC together with Whee In)
  • Sugar Man (jTBC, 24.11.2015, together with Moon Byul) Ep. 6
  • King of Mask Singer (MBC, 2015) Ep. 21-22
  • Show! Music Core (MBC, 04.04.2015, Special MC)
  • Tray Relay Song (KBS, 2014) Chuseok Special
  • Hello Counselor (KBS, 2014, along with Moon Byul) Ep. 185


  • MBC Entertainment Awards: Best Couple Award
  • SBS The Show (4/28): “Spit it out”
  • KBS Entertainment Awards: Best Entertainer Award – Variety Show (for New Singer/Boss In The Mirror)

Solar (MAMAMOO) TV Drama’s

  • Winterblooming theme for School 2021 (2021)
  • I Was You, You Were Me theme for Lovers of the Red Sky (2021)
  • Adrenaline theme for Vincenzo (2021)
  • Blue Bird theme for Run On (2020)
  • Star (together with Kim Min Jae) theme for Second 20s (2015)

Solar (MAMAMOO) Music Videos

  • Hwasa &- Maria (2020)&cameo
  • Kim Jo Han – Y.O.U (2016). cameo

Solar (MAMAMOO) is a member of:



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