Real name: Kim Ryeong Hwa / 김령화

Stage name: Unknown

Gender: Female

Age: 31 years

Date of birth: July 4, 1991

Place of birth: Guri, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Height: 167cm

Weight: 45kg

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Sleeq Profile

About Sleeq

About Sleeq

She started her career in 2011 in the Underground Crew ‘We make history’, being recognized for her classic style and also as a Female MC, receiving attention as a good rapper. The same year she released her second single “Youth”.

In 2013 she was chosen by Jerry.K along with Rico to form the new music company Daze Alive, being recognized by her thanks to the single “Lightless”, being able to observe the potential of Sleeq. She debuted in 2014 in Daze Alive with the single “Rap Tight”.

She was chosen to rap the song with which Shin Sizu made her official debut.

Sleeq Facts

  • She is considered along with Choi Sam as the two most outstanding female rappers of the underground scene.
  • She produced a song called “Equalist” that she dedicated to San E for her song “Feminist”, since the song by San E sleeq was quick to respond by showing “Equalist” to the audience and showing an obvious diss a San E saying that the feminist movement was not all that she thought it was and much more on the subject in her song.

Sleeq Collaborations

  • Rico – All I Want (Feat. Sleeq) (2017)
  • Jerry.K – 걸리버 (Feat. Sleeq) (2017).
  • Jerry.K – 알약 (Feat. Don Malik, Sleeq, Saza) (2017).
  • Choix2 – 시선 (Feat. Sleeq) (Prod by 구름) (2017).
  • Rico – Pistol Bae (Feat Verbal Jint, Sleeq) (2017)
  • Muzin – The Climb (Feat. Sleeq) (2017)
  • Jerry.K – No Role Models (Feat. Don Malik, Sleeq) (온스테이지 Ver.) (2016).
  • Jerry.K – No Role Models (Feat. Nafla Don Malik, Loopy, Sleeq, DJ Dolphin) (2016).
  • Jerry.K – Fire (Remix) (Feat. Rico, Sleeq, Don Malik) (2014).
  • Jerry.K – Higher (Feat. Sleeq, Rico, Don Malik) (2014)
  • Junweather – Where U At (Feat. Sleeq) (2014)
  • Jerry.K – 묵념 (Feat. Sleeq) (2014).
  • Jerry.K – Daze Alive (Feat. Sleeq &. Rico) (2013)
  • Code art – 음악을 끊지 말아줘 (besides Sleeq) (2013).

Sleeq Music

  • LATE LATE LATE NO LATE – 척 (2019).
  • LATE LATE NO LATE – Do It For Ma (2019)
  • LATE LATE LATE NO LATE – 담 (2019).
  • Rico – Sign (2017)
  • Rico – Vanish (2017)
  • Rico – Everything (2017)
  • Rico – Come My Way (2017)

Sleeq Awards

  • 2017 Korean Hip Hop Awards Underrated Album of the Year (Colossus)

Sleeq TV Programs

  • GOOD GIRL (Mnet, 2020)

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