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Shoo (S.E.S)

Weight: 46kg
Height: 1.58 cm
Real name: 유수영 / Yoo Soo Young
Date of Birth: October 23, 1981

Shoo (S.E.S)

About Shoo (S.E.S)

Shoo (S.E.S) Facts

  • Kpop Group: S.E.S
  • Specialties Japanese, Rap and Swimming.
  • Education:
    • Seoul International School
    • Korea Kent Foreign School
  • Maintained a relationship with Shin Hye Sung member of Shinhwa.
  • She married Korean basketball player Lim Hyo Sung on April 11, 2011.
  • On June 23, 2011, she gave birth to her first child.
  • Shoo gave birth to twin girls on July 02, 2013. Her daughters were born healthy around noon at a hospital in Boondang.
  • In the April 17 episode of “King of Mask Singer “, surprises the judges by revealing that it is none other than Shoo from S.E.S she caused laughter in the audience when she said, “It’s been so long since I’ve been on stage that I’m shaking
  • August 3, 2018, Shoo admits involvement in gambling debt scandal although Shoo’s agency stated on the same day that Shoo was not the celebrity either, she later confirmed her involvement. She stated, “I decided to reveal myself as the person in question after seeing Eugene’s name appear in real-time search results and her suspicion. Regardless of the reason, I deeply apologize for causing such an uproar.” Shoo continued, “It is true that I have found myself 600 million won (approximately $530,000) in debt, but it is not true that I borrowed all that money to gamble. It also includes money I borrowed for other unavoidable reasons. I am now aware of how scary gambling can be. I will pay back the borrowed money and not cause such a fuss again.”
    • On August 7, Shoo’s close associates stated that reports of Shoo gambling 80 million won (approximately $70,000) on baccarat games at the Paradise City Hotel Casino located in Incheon were “completely false.” In addition, in response to the news about Shoo’s divorce rumors and other malicious gossip, they stated that “most of [the information] is either false or greatly exaggerated.” For the time being, Shoo will take some time off from her celebrity activities and work to pay off her 600 million won (about $530,000) debt. Earlier, two people filed a lawsuit against Shoo for failing to repay a large sum of borrowed money in July. According to the plaintiffs, the star in question borrowed two separate sums of 350 million won (about $309,839) and 250 million won (about $221,280) for gambling. The Seoul Eastern District Public Prosecutors’ Office is investigating the case, along with Shoo herself, for j
    • On August 31, 2019, S.E.S. Shoo took out a loan to pay off her gambling debts and to fund other expenses, such as legal fees, while facing her lawsuit. It was recently reported that the celebrity obtained a loan of 345 million won (approximately $310,000), with the house in which she and her family currently reside as collateral. Shoo’s legal representative stated, “Shoo is currently paying legal fees through the joint assets of her [and her husband], and is willing to pay her debts. Using so-called terminology, she was ‘used. ‘Previously, it was reported that a former member of the girl group (Eugene ) was facing a lawsuit for not paying gambling debts. Shoo later admitted to being the member of the girl group, having gambled, and borrowed a total of 600 million won (approximately $530,000) from two people. The parties who sued Shoo for not paying her debt later clarified that they had reluctantly lent her money, that they had nothing to do with the casino where Shoo gambled, and that they had been unable to contact her since mid-June.
    • On Dec. 27, it was reported that Seoul prosecutors recently indicted Shoo on suspicion of habitual gambling. Shoo is under suspicion for gambling hundreds of millions of won at a casino in Macau several times since last year. However, her other charges of fraud and domestic gambling have been dismissed. According to the law, a simple gambling charge is a fine of up to 10 million won (approximately $8,900), while a repeat offender can receive up to three years in prison or a fine of up to 20 million won (approximately $17,900).
    • On February 18, a second trial for Shoo was held at the Seoul Eastern District Court, during which the singer received her sentence for suspicion of habitual gambling. The court declared two years of probation, with the possibility of a six-month prison sentence if she commits a repeat offense during her probation, and 80 hours of community service. In response, Shoo said, “I am very remorseful. I apologize to my children and I am ashamed. I apologize to my fans who have loved me and to everyone who has stood by me. “He continued, “I started [gambling] out of curiosity, but I was disgusted, angry and ashamed to see how I was changing. “Regarding the sentence Shoo commented, “I think the punishment was just. I will serve it diligently. “He said, “I think the punishment was fair. I will serve it with diligence.
  • In May 2019, a plaintiff known as “Park” filed a civil lawsuit against Shoo, whom they had initially met at a casino in Las Vegas in 2017. Park loaned her large amounts of money to gamble, but she did not pay her back. On May 27, 2020, the first trial for the case was held, in which Park demanded Shoo to return 346 million won (approximately $280,000). Shoo had argued that since Park had loaned her the money for illegal gambling, this was considered “performance for an illegal cause” under the Civil Law, which would mean that the plaintiff could not require her to return the money. “Performance for an unlawful cause” involves the granting of goods or services for an unlawful cause. The Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of the plaintiff and ruled that Shoo must return the full amount that Park has demanded. The reason for this is that Shoo, who was born in Japan, is a resident of Japan. According to the Tourism Promotion Law of the Paradise Casino Walkerhill where Shoo gambled with Park’s money, foreigners and overseas emigrants are allowed to enter. Since Shoo is a special permanent resident of Japan, her act of gambling, unlike usual acts of gambling, is not subject to criminal punishment. “.

Shoo (S.E.S) Collaborations

  • SoRi – One Day (2006)
  • 2004 Summer Vacation in – Time After Time (2004)
  • 2003 Winter Vacation in – White (2003)
  • 2003 Summer Vacation in – Feel Like… (2003)
  • 2002 Winter Vacation in – Snow in My Mind (Shoo, BoA Isak N Jiyeon) (2002)
  • 2002 Winter Vacation in – I Miss You (Shoo, Shinbi, Eric)
  • V6 – One (2002)

Shoo (S.E.S) Drama

  • 20 Years (SBS, 2003)

Shoo (S.E.S) Musicals

  • 2012: Resurrection The Golden Days
  • 2009: Super Monkey
  • 2008: Savita
  • 2008: Singin’ in the Rain
  • 2007: Singin’ in the Rain
  • 2007: High School Musical
  • 2005: Bat Boy

Shoo (S.E.S) Films

  • Santamaria (2008)
  • Kiss the Date (2008)
  • Deja Vu (2008)
  • Wrongful Meeting (2008)

Shoo (S.E.S) TV Programs

  • 2015: & Running Man episode 234
  • 2014 The Return of Superman – Episode 34
  • 2014: Roommate
  • 2014 Oh! My Baby

Shoo (S.E.S) Music Videos

Shoo (S.E.S) is a member of:



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