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Shin HyeSung (Shinhwa, S (Supreme))

Weight: 65 kg.
Height: 179cm
Real name: 정필교 / Jung Pil Gyo
Date of Birth: November 27, 1979

Shin HyeSung (Shinhwa, S (Supreme))

About Shin HyeSung (Shinhwa, S (Supreme))

Shin HyeSung (Shinhwa, S (Supreme)) Facts

  • K-pop group Shinhwa, S (Supreme)
  • Favorite colors Black and white.
  • Favorite food Food with sesame seeds and oil.
  • Specialty Taekwondo: black tie and four Dans.
  • Education Department of English, Cheonan University.
  • Language Korean and English
  • Religion Christian
  • Shin Hye sung is the lead vocalist of the group Shinhwa.
  • He was discovered at a casting in the United States and was the first member of the group to join.
  • From the beginning he showed a great talent singing with a beautiful voice, being elected the best male voice in Korea (BoAwas the female one) and one of the best vocalists, surpassing even the very same Kang Ta (H.O.T.).
  • Every song he promoted from his albums became a hit in Korean sales, being in the top 10 of the charts for months.
  • The nickname “Mommy Bird” was born because of a program Shinhwa did in 2001 called X-File: Stunt Drive, where Junjin had a very risky challenge to do with a car. Hyesung nicknamed him “Baby Bird” back then.
  • He loves to play role-playing games on the computer.
  • Hyesung is well known for his creations such as the “Crab dance” and his abbreviated words such as “Kkam-Nol”, which means to be surprised and “simbaddul” which means my heart almost came out. For his popular abbreviations he was given the name Kim Se Jong (creator of Korean writing).
  • He placed third in a national taekwondo championship.
  • Apart from the group Shinhwahyesung has also made a project with his friends Kang Tay Lee Ji Hoona trio called S (Supreme)or Project-S, and even released an album with the collaboration of Eric Moon (Shinhwa).
  • In the second concert of The Return, Hyesung injured his knee again, just like 10 years ago. He was absent from Venus promotions but soon after, he was able to recover successfully.
  • Hyesung also collaborates with various artists on special singles and OSTs for dramas and movies.
  • In a television program, he played bungee jumping with Yoo Binof the group Wonder Girls.
  • Among his love affairs we find the member of S.E.S, Yoo Soo Youngand also the actress Yoo Min.
  • He jokes that he is the sexiest of the group.
  • He returned in winter 2012 with his new album titled “Winter Poetry” with the title song “It’d be nice if it were you”.
  • He would like to collaborate on a song with the solo singer IU as he considers his to be a good and talented singer.
  • When Shinhwa still lived together, Hyesung loved to sleep on his members’ chests to the point where Minwoo scolded him for it. They would play a game of rock-paper-scissors and if Hyesung won, the members would let him lie on their chests.
  • Although singing is not his only quality, he is also a good composer.
  • He bears a strong resemblance to actor Jung II Woo
  • This 2014 he revealed that he is preparing a special project for the upcoming tenth anniversary of his solo debut. He will be releasing a new version of his previous solo hits each month, featuring a special artist on each song. Each digital single that will be released each month at the end will form “Once Again”, a remake album to be released later this year
  • In the remake project “Once Again” each song I collaborate with special artists such as Lyn, In Chang Jung Snacky Chan, Ock Joo Hyun, Vanilla Acoustic and Dear Cloud
  • In 2014 The Group S (Supreme) he and his partners Kang Tay Lee Ji Hoon will make their comeback after 11 years with a mini-ambul titled “Autumn Breeze ” in October
  • He fainted once in the recording booth on the new album WE. During the concert, kim Dong Wan said they had some problems during the recording of their new album, revealing, “Even Shin Hye Sung fainted once in the recording booth.”
  • Shin Hye Sung together with Lee Min Woo to serve as special jurors in Sino-Korean World Collaboration audition program “Super Idol” will air on July 14 on MBC MUSIC
  • He will release a special album to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his solo debut, The first solo album “Love of May”, will be released as a special edition on September 30, Live Works, announced, “Shin Hye Sung’s debut solo album ‘Love of May’ will be re-created in a special edition, and will be on pre-order from today.”
  • The ticket for his solo concert WEEKLY DELIGHT in January were sold out in 5 minutes
  • Shin Hye Sung and Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo will appear on BOYS24have been chosen as leaders in Mnet’s BOYS24 unit survival program.


His Korean name “Hye Sung” means kite, and his English name is Steve Jung. He was cast in the United States through Brothers Entertainmentand became the first member to join the group.

Shin Hyesung moved to the U.S. when he was in his junior year of high school in Korea and spent his high school years there. In high school, he enjoyed playing sports such as soccer, especially basketball. Although he enjoyed singing since he was a kid, he never dreamed of becoming a singer. When he was in the U.S., he entered a singing competition at a Korean festival in Los Angeles.

Hyesung released his first solo album titled “오월지련” (May Love, 五月之恋) in 2005.This album was number one on the HMV to pre-order sales charts in Japan in February 2005, with 180,000 copies sold.Hyesung released his second album, entitled The Beginning on August 8, 2007, his song, “First Person, was number 1 in Kpoptop 10 lists. his album sold 30,000 copies when it was just released on August 8, 2007 and 50,000 copies sold in just seven days.

Shin HyeSung (Shinhwa, S (Supreme)) TV Programs

  • X-File (2001)
  • Shinhwa BabySitting (2001)
  • Amazing Challenge “Game Show” (2002)
  • A Funny One (2003)
  • Shinhwa Star Go Go! (2003)
  • Shinhwa Orange House (2003)
  • X-Man (2003)
  • Sunday Night Kendo (2004)
  • Happy Together (KBS2, 2004)
  • Love letter (MBC, 2005)
  • Let’s cokeplay battle Shinhwa (2005)
  • Heroine 6 (KBS2, 2006)
  • Infinity Challenge – Quiz Challenge with Shinhwa (MBC, 2006)
  • Radio Star (MBC, 2007)
  • Intimate Note (SBS, 2008)
  • Family Outing (2008) Ep 15-16
  • Radio Star (MBC, 2009)
  • Invincible Youth 2 (KBS, 2012) ep 20
  • Shinhwa Broadcast (JTBC, 2012-2014)
  • Y You & I (SBS, 2012) ep 7
  • Star Date (KBS, 2012)
  • Hello Counselor (KBS, 2012)
  • Guerilla (2012)
  • MUST (2012)
  • God of victory (2012)
  • Radio Star (MBC, 2012)
  • Win Win “WW” (KBS2, 2012)
  • Mnet Wide (Mnet, 2012)
  • Immortal SongImmortal Song 22 (KBS2, 2012) Ep 78
  • Mnet Open Studio (Mnet, 2013)
  • Real Talk Show (KBS, 2013)
  • Happy Together 3 (KBS2, 2013)
  • Hello Counselor (KBS, 2013)
  • Saturday Night Live “SNL” (TVN, 2013)
  • Radio Star (MBC, 2013)
  • Beatles Code (Mnet, 2013)
  • Cool Kiz On The Block (KBS2, 2013)
  • Talk Showa TAXI (TVN, 2013)
  • People Inside (2013) ep 353-354.
  • Running Man (SBS, 2013) ep 160-161
  • Barefooted Friends (SBS, 2013) ep 27
  • Witch Hunt (JTBC, 2014)
  • Immortal SongImmortal Song 22 (KBS2, 2014)
  • EXO 90:2014 (2014) ep 3
  • Healing C& (SBS, 2015)
  • Hello Counselor (KBS2, 2015)
  • Running Man (SBS, 2015) ep 236
  • Invisible Man (KBS, 2015)
  • Yoo Huiyeol’s Sketchbook (KBS, 2015)
  • Super Idol (MBC, 2015)
  • Same Bed, Different Dreams (SBS, 2016)
  • Weekly Idol (MBC, 2016)
  • BOYS 24 (Mnet, 2016)
  • Weekly Idol (MBCevery1, 2017) ep 335.
  • City Fishermen (Channel A, 2018) ep 35-36
  • Idol Room (jTBC, 2018) ep 2

Shin HyeSung (Shinhwa, S (Supreme)) Collaborations

  • Shin Hye Sung ft Dear Cloud – 그대라서 (2014).
  • Shin Hye Sung ft Vanilla Acoustic – 첫사람 (The First Person) (2014).
  • Shin Hye Sung ft Ock Joo Hyun – 사랑…후에 (2014).
  • Shin Hye Sung ft Snacky Chan – EX-MIND (2014)
  • Shin Hye Sung ft Lim Chang Jung – Doll (2014)
  • Shin Hye Sung ft Lyn – Buen Camino (2014)
  • Color Project [Color Purple] – “Purple Rain” a second special project album that highlights meeting between songwriters and singers (July 7, 2008)
  • I Love Asia Project – “Smile Again” various artists (July, 2007)
  • Social Enterprise logo song – “Beautiful Social Enterprise” (July 1, 2007)
  • Shin Hye Sung & Lyn [He Said… he Said…] – “It’s You” (Feb 27, 2008)
  • Jo Young Soo “all star” album LOVER (January 2007)
  • Kim Dong Wan – “Remaining Person (남은 사람)” Duet with Shin Hye Sung (July 5, 2007).
  • 사랑…후에 (Love…..after) (신혜성, Lyn (린)) (Track No. 1.)
  • SunMin thX HyeSung – 선민 Thanx 혜성 (31-Aug-2006).
  • Shin Hye Sung – Keep Holding U (With Sun Min)
  • Shin Hye Sung Kim Hyun Sung Power Single (#1 Ru Tto Haru) (May 11, 2006)
  • Michael Learns To Rock Ft. Shin Hye Sung: “Take Me To Your Heart” (from Greatest Hits Album All the Best korean Ver., April 2005)
  • Lee Soo Young – (#8 Ibyeoriyagi (feat. Lee Ji Hoon)) (Jan 13, 2005)
  • 통일염원 Special Album ‘사랑 (Love) – ‘그날이 오면’ (Hyesung, Minwoo, Dongwan) (Dec 24, 2004)
  • Jang Nara – ‘나의 이야기’-연인 (Jang Nara with Hyesung) (December 20, 2004).
  • Shin Hye-sung – Take Me To Your Heart (April 23, 2004)
  • Lee Ji Hoon이지훈 (‘Trinity’) track 01. 이별이야기 (Hyesung, Lee JiHoon & Lee SoYoung) (April 19, 2004).
  • The Gift (1st Gift) -나를 받으옵소서 (Dec 12, 2001)
  • DJ철의 Cross Over Vol.1 – Shining Good – Dog life (빛좋은 개살구) – Hyesung, Rap Eric, HuInChang (Oct 14, 2001).
  • Lee Ji Hoon이지훈 4.5집 Special With… (LeeJi Hoon 4.5 jib) – 인형 (Doll) (Feb 1, 2001).


  • 2014: Like A Child – OST Discovery Of Love
  • 2011: Like Bitterness Like Admiration – OST The Princess’ Man
  • 2010 Timeless Memory – OTS A Better Tomorrow
  • 2009: You’re beautiful – OST The man who can’t get married
  • 2008: Words Said by the Eyes – OTS Gourmet
  • 2007 You are the wind – OST Bad Love
  • 2006: Day by Day – OST Alone in Love
  • 2006: Ocean Blue -OST Let’s go to the beach (ft Lee MinWoo)
  • 2005: Don’t You Know – OST Super Rookie
  • 2005: I Promise – OTS The 101st Proposal

Shin HyeSung (Shinhwa, S (Supreme)) Films

  • Emergency Act 19 (2002)

Shin HyeSung (Shinhwa, S (Supreme)) Music

  • Shinhwa Vol. 2 “At Your Side (너의 곁에서)”
  • Shinhwa Vol. 3 “Never Come To Me”.
  • Shinhwa Vol. 3 “Vortex”.
  • Shinhwa Vol. 3 “Wedding March”.
  • Shinhwa Vol. 4 “Hey, Come On”.
  • Shinhwa Vol. 4 “Falling in Love”.
  • Shinhwa Vol. 4 “Sure I Know”.
  • Shinhwa Vol. 4 “바램 (I Swear)”
  • Shinhwa Vol. 6 ” Red Sunset (노을)”
  • Shinhwa Vol. 7 “Oh” (composed together with Minwoo)
  • Shinhwa Vol. 9 “Destiny of Love (흔적)”
  • Shin Hye Sung Vol. 1 “Don’t Leave” (co-written with JPS)
  • Shin Hye Sung Vol. 1 “Same Thought” (composed besides Park Chang Hyun)
  • Shin Hye Sung Vol. 1 “Punishment (벌)” (composed besides Kim Do Hyun)
  • Shin Hye Sung Vol. 1 “A Song For You”.
  • Shin Hye Sung Vol. 1 “After… “
  • Shin Hye Sung & Lyn [He Said… he Said…] “Echo”.
  • Group S Fr. in Cl “I Swear” (composed the parts in English)
  • Group S Fr. in Cl “I Believe”.
  • S.E.S Vol. 1 “Good-Bye” (Eric’s Rap)
  • S.E.S Vol. 2 “Kiss” (Eric’s Rap)

Shin HyeSung (Shinhwa, S (Supreme)) Awards

  • Mnet Asian Music Awards: Best Ballad Perfomance
  • Golden Disk Awards: Bonsang
  • SBS Gayo Daejun: Bonsag
  • M! Countdown (05/26): “Same Thoughts”
  • Music Core (28/05): “Same Thoughts”
  • Inkigayo (05/06): “Same Thoughts”
  • Inkigayo (12/06): “Same Thoughts”
  • Golden Disk Awards: Bonsang
  • MelOn Music Awards: Artist Of The Year
  • MelOn Music Awards: Music Video Of The Year
  • Inkigayo (30/09): “First Person”
  • Sohu Entertainment Awards: Annual Best Album
  • Sohu Entertainment Awards: Best MV
  • Model Ceremony Award: Popularity Award
  • China Top Hit Awards: Popular Asian Singer

Participatory concerts

  • 2014: KBS Open concert – Group S (November 04)
  • 2014: SMTOWN Shanghai – Group S (October 18)
  • 2014: Magnate concert – shanghai (01 October)
  • 2014: I want music cool – macau (september 13)
  • 2014: Idol Crazy concert (02 August)
  • 2014: The young the future (july 12)
  • 2014: Taipei korea culture tourism exhibition (july 05)
  • 2014: Yashion carnival (may 03)
  • 2011: The road not taken concert – shanghai
  • 2009: Family concert
  • 2009: Keep leaves live show


  • 2016: Shin Hye Sung Concert “Weekly Delight”.
  • 2013-2014: Shin Hye Sung Concert The Yeasr’s Journey (Dec. 30-31)
  • 2009: Keep Leaves Tour In Seoul
  • 2008: Live Tour Side 1 – Live And Let Live In Seoul
  • 2007: First Tour In Seoul

Shin HyeSung (Shinhwa, S (Supreme)) is a member of:

Proyect S

Proyect S

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