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Weight: 45kg
Height: 166cm
Real name: Shannon Areum Williams
Date of Birth: February 6, 2023


About Shannon




Shannon began practicing singing as a child, attending acting and singing classes in England. She performed in several musicals and plays in England before moving to South Korea. While living in England she attended Sylvia Young Theatre School, a school specializing in performing arts, music and art. When she was 7 years old she got the role of Cosette in the musical Les Miserables..

South Korea

In 2009, 2010 and 2011 Shannon appeared for the first time in the Korean show Star King singing opera, dancing and acting in it starting her training.

During 2012, Shannon did two music collaborations demonstrating her vocal versatility and her ability to adapt to different types of music. She did the collaborations My Love with the singer Yangpa and Day And Night with Ahreum and Gun Ji from Gavy NJ.

In late 2012, it was announced that Shannon would be making her debut with the 5Dolls group and began training with the other girls in the group.

In mid-2013, it was announced that Shannon was leaving the group before debuting in it to become a solo singer. Whereupon, she started training to become a soloist.

2013-2014: Hidden Singer 2

During 2013 and 2014 Shannon caught the public’s attention with her participation in the show Hidden Singer 2, in which Shannon adapted her voice to resemble the solo singer’s voice IU shannon also showed her vocal ability when singing the famous three high notes of IU in the song Good Day. In this program Shannon also showed her ability as a singer singing the songs “I Dreamed a Dream” from the movie “Les Misérables” and “Listen” by Beyonce, thrilling and surprising the audience and artists who attended the program.

Her agency Core Contents Media stated that “Shannon, who has demonstrated her incredible singing ability with “I Dreamed a Dream” from the movie “Les Misérables”, “Listen” by Beyonce, and “Good Day” by IU in “Hidden Singer 2″, is ready to debut as a solo singer, as the vocal skills she has demonstrated will be a great advantage to achieve great success…As Shannon makes her debut, she works hard to improve…Her debut album will feature songs of various musical genres that will demonstrate her talent.” By the date before her debut a fan club has already been created whose name is not yet confirmed, although this fan club has not been recognized by CCM its creation is one of the pillars that will influence her career because even before her debut she has already achieved great popularity.

January 2014: Remember Me (digital song) and Showcase

Shannon is currently practicing not only singing, but also rapping and dancing. A surprise was announced for January 29th, that day she revealed the MV of Remember You where she shows her incredible vocal ability.

In the same month Shannon performed a showcase that was attended by other artists from the same company and some of her colleagues in Hidden Singer 2. Again Shannon showed her good singing skills as well as a refreshing personality as the MC of her own showcase.

November 2014: Official Debut

MBK Entertainment (Core Contents Media) unveiled a teaser for Shannon’s debut track Daybreak Rain november 24..

On November 27, it was revealed that Shannon’s activities will be carried out by the agency DAP Sound an independent subsidiary agency created by MBK Entertainment and composed of Shin Dong Wook (member of the 1990s group Goofy), Lim Sang Hyuk (former member of Cube entertainment) and Choi Sun Yong (former director of the Davichi team). This subsidiary agency has been created by MBK Entertainment to promote Shannon in its entirety and focus on her career, while MBK entertainment Shannon’s focus is on T-ARA and its expansion into the Chinese market. As a result, Shannon now belongs to two agencies MBK Entertainment and its subsidiary agencydAP Sound and will be promoted by the agency DAP Sound..

Her debut took place on November 29, 2014 on Hidden Singer 3. It was also revealed that after debuting on that show, Shannon will debut on Inkigayo on November 30, 2014 and later on MTV The Show.

On the radio show ‘Sound K’, Shannon announced that in 2015 she will release a mini album with a completely different color than the current one, according to her, the concept will be ‘cute’.

2015: Comeback Why Why

On February 10, 2015 it was announced that Shannon was going to make her next comeback on March 5 through a mini album composed of 7 songs and whose title track is called Why Why which is a hip hop dance song with an exciting hip hop rhythm and a singable rhythmic melody. It is an adorable confession song to a boy and also contains cute choreography. Through this mini album, it is intended to show a fresh new concept.

Black Eyed Pilseung, the composer of Sistar’s “Touch my Body”, Teen Top’s “Missing” and HyorinXJooyoung’s “Erase” participated in this album raising expectations.

2017: Comeback Hello & Love Don’t Hurt

After almost three years, Shannon returns with her mini album called Hello; whose album shares a name with the title track. Producer Ryan Jhun – also known for producing Dumb Dumb for Red Velvet – co-produced Hello, along with Swiss producer Simon Petrén and Slovakian singer Maka Keuc.

Shannon Facts

  • Education:
    • Sylvia Young Theatre School (graduate)
    • Korea International School (graduate)
    • Dwight International School.
  • Languages: English, Korean and Japanese (basic)
  • Fan club: Pixies (Unofficial)
  • Specialties: Singing, acting and dancing.
  • Sweet Favorite: White chocolate
  • Mascot: Dog named Chico and a little dog named “Cherry”. She loves animals.
  • Personality: Mature, responsible, humble, sociable, respectful, warm and hardworking. She is usually optimistic. She is a bit 4D. Some people have said that Shannon behaves like an older sister even with people who are older than her.
  • Rolemodels: BoA
  • Favorite Singers: BoA, IU, Lee Hyo Ri
  • Her mother is Korean and her father is British, specifically Welsh.
  • She was going to debut in F-VE DOLLS, but she conveyed her desire to be a soloist, so she has trained for another year and a half to develop her talents so she can debut as a soloist.
  • She has been practicing opera since she was 4 years old and is a Mezzosoprano.
  • It is capable of reaching 4 octaves.
  • Her period as a trainee at MBK Ent lasted 5 years.
  • Daybreak Rain “It has achieved high positions in the real time charts and #1 in search platforms such as Naver and Daum.
  • She has been the only minor to participate in the Immortal Song program.
  • She supports the LGBTQ community in public and declares that she doesn’t care what people who speak ill of her say.
  • She openly supports the social movement called “Black Lives Matter”, against racism and oppression of people of African descent.
  • She made it all the way to the semifinals of K-Pop Star 6 and placed fourth.

Shannon Advertisement

  • a:t fox Beauty (2016)
  • Etude House (2015)
  • Burger King (2014)

Shannon Collaborations

  • Shannon – Lachrymal Gland (feat. BJ So Hee Chan) (2016).
  • Shannon & Yuk Ji Dam – Love X Go Away (2015)
  • Shannon, Vasco & Giriboy – Breath (2014)
  • Yangpa – My Love (feat. Shannon) (2012)
  • Ahreum (feat Gun Ji (Gavy NJ ) & Shannon) – Day And Night (Love All) (2012)

Participatory Concerts/Festivals

  • Asia Music Network (12/09/15)
  • Baseball Match Nexen vs Lotte (15/08/15)
  • Gwangju Chosun University Festival (20/05/15)
  • Samsung Campus Talk 業 & UP (20/05/15)
  • The 23rd Yeonchun Paleolithic Festival (2/05/15)
  • Dream Concert (05/23/15)
  • Cherry Blossom Festival (04/18/15)
  • KCC All-Star Game Performance (10/01/15)
  • Volleyball K-league Performance (8/01/15)
  • 2014 SBS Awards Festival (29/12/14)
  • Guerilla Mini Concert (8/12/14)
  • IU concert – Modern Times Seoul 2013 (24.11.13, special performance)


  • SPEED Showcase (02/12/14)
  • Remember You showcase (29.01.2014)

Shannon Drama

  • Moorim School (KBS2, 2016)

Shannon Musicals

  • Oliver Twist as Oliver (2007, in England)
  • Les Miserables as Cossete (2006, in England)

Shannon Films

  • ALS (2006)

Shannon Radio Programs

  • 2016: MBC FM4U KSY’s Noon Song of Hope (06/28/16)
  • 2015: (MBC FM) Heo Kyung Hwan’s Starry Night (10/04/15)
  • 2015: (Arirang) K-Poppin Radio (03/23/15)
  • 2015 (KBS Cool FM) Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio ‘Sukira’ – ‘Language and the City’ (3/03/15, besides Seung Yeon from UNIQ, BamBam, Kevin and Zhou Mi )
  • 2014 (Arirang Radio) Sound K – Star Date: Shannon Williams (12/29/12)
  • 2014 : (MBC FM4U) Radio Sunny’s FM Date (12/20/14).
  • 2014: (MBC Radio) Jung Junyoung Shimshimtapa (20/12/14)
  • 2014: (MBC Radio) Starry Night (10/12/14)

Shannon TV Programs

  • (MBC) King of masked singer (18/06/17)
  • (MBC) King of masked singer (11/06/17)
  • (SBS) Kpop Star 6 (2016-2017)
  • (MBC) People of full capacity (16/06/16)
  • (MBC) Radio Star (15/06/16, ep 482)
  • OnStyle Get It Beauty (1/06/16)
  • (SBS) Starking (05/31/16)
  • POP On The Road (2/04/16)
  • (KBS) My Neighbor, Charles (2/01/16)
  • (Arirang TV) Bring It On (01/05/15)
  • (SBS) Plus Fashion King: Box Of Secrets (9/05/15)
  • (KBS) Charles the Next Door Neighbor (10/03/15)
  • (SBS) MTV The Show (10/03/15)
  • (KBS) Charles the Next Door Neighbor (02/24/15)
  • (KBS)Charles the Next Door Neighbor (02/17/15)
  • (KBS) Charles the Next Door Neighbor (10/02/15)
  • (KBS) Immortal Songs 2 (7/02/15)
  • (KBS) Charles the Next Door Neighbor (05/02/15)
  • (KBS) Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook (9/01/15)
  • (SBS) MtV The Show kPOP Winter Special (12/30/14)
  • (SBS) Star King (12/13/14)
  • (KBS) Good Morning Korea (8/12/14)
  • (SBS) Star King (6/12/14)
  • (KBS) Star Golden Bell (1/12/14, as MC)
  • (JTBC) Hidden Singer 3 (11/29/14)
  • (JTBC) Hidden Singer 3 (10/25/14)
  • The Show News (02/18/14)
  • Human Documentary (01/25/14)
  • (JTBC) Hidden Singer 2 (01/18/14)
  • (SBS) Star King (11/01/14)
  • (JTBC) Hidden Singer 2 (11/01/14)
  • (JTBC) Hidden Singer 2 (05/01/14)
  • (JTBC) Hidden Singer 2 (11/23/13)
  • (SBS) Star King (2010-2011, 3 episodes)

Themes for advertisements

  • Colorful for JTBC Advertising Campaign (23/05/2014).

Shannon TV Drama’s

  • Wind subject for Item (2019)
  • Remember Our Love subject for Shine or Go Crazy (2015)

Shannon Music Videos

  • Amber – Need To Feel Needed (2016)
  • Amber – On My Own (2016)
  • SPEED – Zombie Party (2014)

Shannon is a member of:


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