Seungkwan (SEVENTEEN)


Member of: Seventeen

Real name: 부승관 / Boo Seung Kwan

Stage name: 승관 / Seung Kwan

Gender: Male

Age: 24 years

Date of birth: January 16, 1998

Place of birth: Jeju Island, South Korea

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 58 kg

Bloodtype: B

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Tiger

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Seungkwan (SEVENTEEN) Facts

  • Group K-Pop SEVENTEEN
    • Unit: Vowel Team
    • Position Vocalist and Dancer.
  • Sub-unit BSS
    • Position: Vocalist, Dancer and Maknae.
  • Training period: 3 years and 2 months.
  • Education
    • Donggwang elementary school (Graduate)
    • Jeju Jeil Middle School (Transferred)
    • Daemyeong Middle School (Graduate)
    • Seoul Broadcasting High School (Graduate)
  • Languages: Korean (Fluent) English (basic) Mandarin (basic).
  • Role model Xiah Junsu.
  • Favorite food: The Hamburgers.
  • He was contacted privately by PLEDIS Entertainment after his teacher uploaded a video of him singing “Fate ” of Big Mama he says that at first he thought it was a hoax. He was also contacted by JYP Entertainment but he declined the offer.
  • It was the third member revealed of SEVENTEEN.
  • His surname, Boo, is uncommon in Korea, so much so that he has been asked on different occasions whether it is his real surname or part of a stage name.
  • In Sukira, he said that in the time off taken by the members of SEVENTEEN after his encore concert, he visited his home island Jeju to be with his family and was pleasantly surprised as people now recognized him in the streets.
  • Next to DK attended as special guests to the concert “The Agit” of Ryeo Wook where the three of them sang “We Can ” of Super Junior K.R.Y.
  • DK and he wrote the lyrics to “Say Yes he was also part of the composition of the lyrics of “La Vida” in his pre-debut stage Pretty U “.

Seungkwan (SEVENTEEN) Music


Seungkwan (SEVENTEEN) Awards

  • 2022 Korea First Brand Awards: Best Idol Entertainer (Male)
  • 2021 TVING Awards: This Year’s TVING Family
  • 2018 Fandom School Awards: Best East Singer
  • 2018 MBC Entertainment Awards: New Star Award (Music & Talk)

Seungkwan (SEVENTEEN) Radio Programs

  • (SBS) Choi Hwa Jeong Time Power SBS Power FM | besides Dino and Jun (21.10.2020)
  • (SBS) Boom Boom Power | besides Joshua (25.06.2020)
  • (KBS) Cool FM Gayo Plaza Radio | Next to Vernon and Dino (23.06.2020)
  • (KBS) Sukira Kiss The Radio | besides DK (Frequent guests since 2015)

TV-Internet Programs

  • No Prepare (21.01.2022) (Ep.12)
  • Idol Dictation Contest (TVING, 2021)
  • Job Real Estate (Channel S, 2021)
  • Idols Above Quizzes (KBS2, 2020) besides Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, DK, The8, Vernon and Dino (20.07.2020)
  • Where is my Home (MBC, 2020) besides Jeong Han (05.07.2020)
  • Amazing Saturday, Do Re Mi Market (tvN, 2020) besides Woozi (27.06.2020)
  • Carefree Kickers (JTBC, 2020) besides S.Coups, Hoshi, Dino, DK and Jeong Han (14.06.2020)
  • Five Cranky Brothers (JTBC, 2019-2020).
  • Player 7 (tvN, 2019) besides DK, Hoshi, S.Coups, Jun, Dino and Won Woo (20.10.2019)
  • Hello Counselor (KBS, 2019) Along with. S.Coups (Ep.430) (30.09.2019)
  • Running Man (SBS, 2019) Together with Mingyu (Ep.448) (04/21/2019)
  • UHSN (Mnet, 2019)
  • The Manager (MBC, 2019) Together with Mingyu
  • Mafia Game in Prison (tvN, 2019)
  • Not The Same Person You Used To Know (Mnet, 2018) (As special MC)
  • Unexpected Q (MBC, 2018)
  • Happy Together (KBS, 2018) Along with. Min Gyu (Ep.546) (07/26/2018)
  • Hello Counselor (KBS, 2018) Along with. Hoshi (Ep.365) (21.05.2018)
  • King of Mask Singer (MBC, 2018) (Ep. 135 & 136)
  • Top 3 Chef King (SBS) besides Min Gyu (Ep. 79)
  • Night Goblin (jTBC, 2017)
  • Battle Trip (KBS, 2017) besides Min Gyu (Ep.78) (03.02.2018)
  • Master Key (SBS, 2017) (Ep.09) (09.12.2017)
  • Hello Counselor (KBS2, 2016) besides. Jeong Han (Ep.302) (12/12/2016)
  • Duet Song Festival (MBC, 2016) (Ep.11)
  • The Capables Ones (MBC, 2016)

Seungkwan (SEVENTEEN) TV Drama’s

  • The Reason theme for Lovestruck in the City (2021)
  • Go theme for Record of Youth (2020)
  • Kind of Love theme for Mother (2018)

Seungkwan (SEVENTEEN) Music Videos

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