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Seunghyub (N.Flying)

Weight: 65kg
Height: 181cm
Real name: 이승협 / Lee Seung Hyub
Date of Birth: October 31, 1992

Seunghyub (N.Flying)

About Seunghyub (N.Flying)

Seunghyub (N.Flying) Facts

  • Group: N.Flying
    • Position: Leader, Rapper, Vocalist, Guitarist and Pianist
  • Project Group: Jimin N J.Don
  • Hobbies: Basketball, exercising and playing video games.
  • Models to follow: Nas, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar.
  • On July 7, 2014, he suffered an accident where he injured his knee cartilage and had to undergo surgery on July 10. All this caused delay in the debut preparations of the N.Flying group.
  • Seung Hyub was at the Agency’s N PROJECT together with Jimin under the name “JIMIN N J.DON”, which debuted on April 27, 2015.
  • He was chosen as a Model of the “Buckaro” brand together with Seolhyun from AOA during the 2015 season.
  • On June 8, 2020, Seung Hyub revealed that he was exempted from compulsory military service due to the accident in 2014, which still left him with some discomfort in his knee. He stated:

“A while ago, a fan asked me during a fan signing when I was going to enlist, so I told him I couldn’t go because of the injury, but this is the first time I’m making an official announcement. Somehow, it’s a sensitive issue and thinking about how fans will receive the news, I thought I shouldn’t rush to reveal the news when I wasn’t completely ready.

“Even after the surgery I’m experiencing discomfort. Even now, after performing and pouring my energy on stage, my leg gets very swollen. Even after the surgery I’m experiencing discomfort. Even now, after performing and pouring my energy on stage, my leg gets very swollen. If I don’t keep exercising, I feel pain even during everyday tasks, so I’ve been exercising regularly. I regret not being able to enlist in the army and my heart feels bad.”.

  • On September 3, 2021, FNC Entertainment released a statement to inform that three members of N.Flying have tested positive for COVID-19: Lee Seung Hyub, Yoo Hwe Seung and Seo Dong Sung they used rapid detection kits on September 2 as they were experiencing symptoms. All three received positive results and immediately underwent PCR tests which were also positive. As a result, they will undergo self-quarantine and all necessary measures required by health authorities.

Seunghyub (N.Flying) Music


Seunghyub (N.Flying) Drama

  • Shooting Star (tvN, 2022)
  • Nevertheless (jTBC, 2021)
  • Will You Leave? (Seezn/skyTV, 2021)
  • Big Picture House (Naver TV, 2020)
  • All-Boys High (VLIVE, 2019)
  • Best Chicken (Dramax, 2018)
  • Love Pub (Naver TV, 2018)
  • All the Love in the World (Naver TV, 2017)
  • Save Me (OCN, 2017)
  • Entertainers (SBS, 2016) Ep. 18

Seunghyub (N.Flying) Radio Programs

  • Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope (MBC FM4U, 2021) (04.03.2021) together with Dae Hyeon and Yo Han

Seunghyub (N.Flying) Music Videos

  • JUNIEL – Pretty Boy

Seunghyub (N.Flying) is a member of:



Jimin N J.Don

Jimin N J.Don

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