Seoho (ONEUS)


Member of: ONEUS

Real name: 이서호 / Lee Seo Ho

Stage name: 서호 / Seo Ho

Gender: Male

Age: 26 years

Date of birth: June 7, 1996

Place of birth: South Korea

Height: 176cm

Weight: 63kg

Bloodtype: A

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rat

Seo Ho Profile

About Seoho

Seoho (ONEUS) Facts

  • K-Pop Group: ONEUS
    • Position: Vocalist and Dancer
  • Hobbies: Play basketball and soccer.
  • Favorite artists: Bruno Mars.
  • He participated in the second season of PRODUCE 101 where he was eliminated in episode 5.
  • Participated in the survival program MIXNINE in which he was eliminated in episode 14.
  • He was formerly known as “Lee Gun Min”, but decided to use his real name, “Lee Seo Ho”.
  • “AMORTENTIA”, is a commercial type web drama, under the collaboration between the clothing brand SPAO & RBW.
  • He recorded part of the backing vocals for some of the songs on the EP ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ by Moon Byul.
  • He shared in an 2020 audio that initially his dream was not exactly to be an idol, but a person who conveys positive influence/emotions through his songs.


  • ONEUS – Youth (2021) [Lyrics]
  • ONEUS – Leftover (2021) [Lyrics]
  • ONEUS – DIZZY (2020) [Lyrics and music] [Lyrics and music

Seoho (ONEUS) Drama

  • AMORTENTIA (2019)

Seoho (ONEUS) Radio Programs

  • Jeon Hyosung’s Dream Radio (MBC, 16.02.2021, besides Xion )
  • Kim Shin Young Hope’s Song at Noon (MBC, 20.01.2021, besides Xion )
  • Idol Radio (MBC, 17.01.2020, together with Keon Hee )
  • Lee Suji’s Gayo Plaza (KBS, 21.06.2019, together with Keon Hee )
  • Idol Radio (MBC, 04/25/2019)
  • Sandeul’s Starry Night (MBC, 06.02.2019, besides Keon Hee )
  • Idol Radio (MBC, 02/04/2019)

Seoho (ONEUS) TV Programs

  • The Playlist (Mnet, 2021) (18.08.2021) Ep. 7 together with Seok Hwa, MK, Hyo Jin, Keon Hee and Dong Han
  • MIXNINE (jTBC, 2017) Ep. 1-14
  • PRODUCT 101 2 (Mnet, 2017) Ep. 1-5

Seoho (ONEUS) Music Videos

  • Solar &- In My Dreams (2016)

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