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Seo HyunJin (M.I.L.K.)

Weight: 45 kg
Height: 167 cm
Real name:
Date of Birth: February 27, 1985

Seo HyunJin (M.I.L.K.)

About Seo HyunJin (M.I.L.K.)

Seo HyunJin (M.I.L.K.) Facts

  • Former K-pop group M.I.L.K.
    • Position: Vocalist and Maknae
  • Education:
    • Sanggye-dong Elementary School
    • Gukak National Middle School
    • Apgujeong High School
    • Dongduk Women’s University
  • Hobbies Talking; travel.
  • Specialty Korean Dance
  • Catholic name: Gabriella
  • Best Friend: Goo Hye Sun
  • I work for agencies SM Entertainment (2001-2006) and BM Entertainment (2001-2006) at the same time.
  • In her days at SM Entertainment and with M.I.L.K. already dissolved, it was considered to form part of the Girls’ Generation but, in the end, the agency opted not to integrate her into the group’s final lineup.
  • Being in M.I.L.K. met Park Hee Bon in 2015, they filmed the travel and food variety show “Let’s Eat with Friends” together and in 2016 Seo Hyun Jin attended Park Hee Bon’s wedding while filming Oh Hae Young Again.
  • In the episode in which she went to Running Man, Lee Kwang Soo she teased her that she was shallow and pretended to be cute to which Hyun Jin laughed and played along. Kwang Soo said this because they recorded the drama together The Goddess of Fire, Jung Yi because of that, they were later put together as a couple for the episode.
  • She was going to go to Spain and she dedicated herself to learning Spanish, and she liked the pronunciation very much. In Running Man revealed that the first sentence she learned because she liked it was “I want to be with you tonight.” and when she translated it, everyone was embarrassed.
  • During the filming of her drama Oh Hae Young Again impressed with her excellent chemistry with the actor Eric from Shinhwa.
  • Recording the drama Oh Hae Young Again became friends with Jun Hye Bin the two met each other long before, when they debuted as part of different girl groups. Although their groups were not active for a long time, they met at the same places many times during their promotions and remembered greeting each other then, but did not see each other again after that. During the drama’s press conference, Jun Hye Bin said that meeting Seo Hyun Jin now felt like “meeting a little sister from whom she had been separated in her childhood”.
  • Her best friend is the actress Goo Hye Sun the two have been friends for more than 6 years and recently attended the idol group concert together EXO.
  • She was the lead actress in the short film The Madonna and the film Magic the first two productions Goo Hye Sun neither of them rule out working together again.
  • Thanks to the recent popularity of the actress, the cosmetics brand Estée Lauder has had a lot of best-selling products, including the lipstick range that the actress has been promoting and other products also promoted by her in CF and in magazines such as Elle High Cut, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar…


Seo was born on February 27, 1985 in Dobong-gu, Seoul, as the first daughter of her parents. She attended Cheongwon Elementary School and Gugak National Middle School (Korean Traditional Music School). She was majoring in Korean dance, when she was recruited to join a girl group, so she switched to Apgujeong High School to be closer to the troupe.

2001-2006: Music

Seo Hyun Jin made her debut as the lead vocalist of the K-pop girl group M.I.L.K. in 2001, under the subsidiary brand of SM Entertainment however, the group soon fell by the wayside due to fierce competition among manufactured bands, which led one of the members to leave the group before they completely disbanded in 2003. After M.I.L.K. disbanded, Seo attended Dongduk Women’s University, where she majored in applied musicology, to keep her dream of a singing career alive. As a soloist, she contributed songs to a few soundtracks and compilations by SM Town she had the opportunity to perform in her first musical, but in general it was a period of great uncertainty for her, where she reconsidered whether she should continue in the entertainment industry. She had the opportunity to perform in her first musical, The Sound of Music at that time she didn’t really know how to act and the whole experience was very difficult for her. That prompted her to take theater classes, so she began to like the profession and decided to become an actress.

2007-2015: Performance

Seo filmed a movie and a short drama, Dating on Earth with the group of boys TVXQ the supporting roles continued in the police series H.I.T (2007) and the queer film Ashamed (also known as Life is Peachy seo gained recognition with her more subtle performances in historical dramas, such as Hwang Jin Yi (2006) and The Duo (2011), where she played a scatterbrained girl next door who later became a gisaeng. She played her first villain in Feast of the Gods (2012), as an overly ambitious chef caught up in a rivalry. Seo was then cast in lead roles in two historical dramas, King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang (2013) and The Three Musketeers (2014). However, she said the character that most resembled her real-life personality was that of the freelance writer and food lover in Let’s Eat 2 (2015), adding that she “didn’t realize how much fun it could be to film an animated, comedic drama.” The drama was Seo’s first attempt at the romantic comedy genre, in which she earned good reviews and became the turning point of her career.Seo has also frequently appeared in projects directed by her best friend, actress Goo Hye Sun in particular the short film The Madonna and the feature film Magic in which she had her first leading role.

2016-present: Popularity

Her popularity grew rapidly after the hit drama Another Oh Hae-young (2016), which starred alongside Eric Mun she was praised by viewers for the wonderful way she had portrayed such a common character and was easy to identify with. Later in the same year, she starred in the SBS medical drama, Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim together with Han Suk Kyu and Yoo Yun Suk in 2017, Seo was cast as the lead in the drama Temperature of Love written by Ha Myung Hee.

Seo HyunJin (M.I.L.K.) Advertisement

  • 2018: Kwangdong
  • 2017-2018: Goobne Chicken
  • 2017-2018: Kolping (clothing)
  • 2017-2018: Daenggi Meori Lab (shampoo)
  • 2017: Agatha Paris (jewelry)
  • 2017: Hotels Combined
  • 2016-2018: Mesense (clothing)
  • 2016-2018: Estée Lauder (cosmetics, main model)
  • 2016-2018: Carlyn (bags)
  • 2016-2018: Whal Myung Su
  • 2016-2017: Nongshim noodles
  • 2016: A11
  • 2016: Namuh
  • 2016: Atlantica Heroes Game
  • 2016: Yakult
  • 2016: 11th
  • 2014-2015: WELCOS (cosmetic)

Seo HyunJin (M.I.L.K.) Collaborations

  • SM Town – Hello! Summer! (as part of SM Town) (2003)
  • SM Town – Paradise (next to Fly To The Sky, Lee Ji Hoon and Jiyeon) (2003)
  • SM Town – Summer In Dream (besides Moon Hee Jun, Shoo, BoA, Jae-won and Park Hee Bon ) (2003)
  • SM Town – Hot Mail (as part of SM Town) (2004)
  • SM Town – Red Sun (as part of SM Town) (2006)
  • SM Town – Raindrops (as soloist) (2006)
  • SM Town – Snow Dream (as part of SM Town) (2006)
  • SM Town – 눈의 이야기 (Winter Memories) (as a solo) (2006)
  • SM Town – Only Love (as part of SM Town) (2007)
  • SM Town – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (as soloist) (2007)
  • Goo Hye Sun – 편히 봐요, 우리 (as vocalist) (2016).

Seo HyunJin (M.I.L.K.) Drama

  • Why Oh Soo Jae? (SBS, 2021)
  • You Are My Spring (tvN, 2021)
  • Record of Youth (tvN, 2020) Special appearance
  • Black Dog (tvN, 2019-2020)
  • The Beauty Inside (jTBC, 2018).
  • Let’s Eat 3 (tvN, 2018) Cameo
  • Temperature of Love (SBS, 2017)
  • Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim (SBS, 2016-2017)
  • Let’s Fight Ghost (tvN, 2016) cameo
  • Oh Hae Young Again (tvN, 2016)
  • Let’s Eat 2 (tvN, 2015)
  • The Three Musketeers (TVN, 2014)
  • King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang (MBC, 2013-2014)
  • Rebellious (MBC, 2013)
  • The Goddess of Fire, Jung Yi (MBC, 2013)
  • Oh Ja Ryong is Coming (MBC, 2012)
  • The Horse Doctor (MBC, 2012) cameo
  • Feast of the Gods (MBC, 2012)
  • The Peak (MBC, 2011)
  • The Duo (MBC, 2011)
  • H.I.T (MBC, 2007)
  • Hwang Jin Yi (KBS, 2006)

Seo HyunJin (M.I.L.K.) Musicals

  • 2015: Cinderella
  • 2010: Goong
  • 2006: The Sound of Music

Seo HyunJin (M.I.L.K.) Films

  • Mystery Pink (2018) short film
  • Goodbye Single (2016)
  • Because I Love You (2015)
  • The Peach Tree (2012) cameo
  • Pieces of memories (2012) short film
  • Ashamed (2011)
  • Magic (2010)
  • Story of wine (2009)
  • Dating on Earth (2009)
  • The Madonna (2009) short film
  • Vacation (2007) cameo
  • Love Me Not (2006)

Seo HyunJin (M.I.L.K.) Awards

  • MBC Drama Awards: New Actress Award (Miniseries) (The Duo)
  • MBC Drama Awards: Excellent Actress (Drama) (Feast of the Gods) and (Oh Ja Ryong is Coming)
  • Korea Drama Awards: Award of Excellence (Actress) (Oh Ja Ryong is Coming) and (The Goddess of Fire, Jung Yi)
  • APAN Star Awards: Best Actress in a Mini Series (Oh Hae Young Again)
  • tvN10 Awards: Queen of Romantic Comedies (Oh Hae Young Again)
  • tvN10 Awards: Made in tvN, Actress in Drama (Oh Hae Young Again)
  • SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple with Yoo Yun Suk (Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim)
  • SBS Drama Awards: 10’s Star Award
  • SBS Drama Awards Excellence Award (Actress in Genre Drama) (Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim)
  • SBS Drama Awards Kissing Masters Award besides Yoo Yun Suk (Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim)
  • 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards Best Drama Actress (Oh Hae Young Again)
  • Grimae Awards: Best Actress (Temperature of Love)
  • 2018 Korea Best Star Awards: Best Drama Star (The Beauty Inside)
  • National Tax Service: Presidential Award

Seo HyunJin (M.I.L.K.) TV Programs

  • Infinity Challenge (MBC, 2017) Ep. 528
  • Running Man (SBS, 2015) Ep. 253
  • Cab (tvN, 2015) Ep. 383
  • Let’s Eat With Friends (tvN, 2015)
  • SNS Expedition (SBS, 2014)

Anime Themes

  • Grip! theme for Inuyasha (2003)

Seo HyunJin (M.I.L.K.) TV Drama’s

  • (Falling Flower (Da Jung Ver.) theme for You Are My Spring (2021)
  • What is Love (besides Yu Seung Woo ) theme for Oh Hae Young Again (2016)
  • Up & Down theme for Let’s Eat 2 (2015)
  • Jeongeupsa theme for King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang (2013)
  • Calling theme for Air City (2007)
  • Yeong theme for Hyena (2006)
  • Give Me A Little Try theme for Goong (2006)

Movie Themes

  • 십년이 백년이 ఱ년이 지난 후에 theme for The Peach Tree (2012)

Seo HyunJin (M.I.L.K.) Music Videos

  • Seo Young Eun – One Step At A Time (2009)
  • 4Tomorrow – 4Tomorrow Story Ep. 05 – Hope story of Dong Gun (2009)

Seo HyunJin (M.I.L.K.) is a member of:


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