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Weight: 61kg
Height: 170cm
Real name: 정성 / Jung Sung
Date of Birth: March 26, 2023


About Sanha

Sanha Facts

  • Education:
    • Seokyeong University
    • Yongsan High School
    • Yongsan Middle School
    • Huam Elementary School
    • Bongrae Elementary School

Sanha Collaborations

  • Two Some – Nice to Meet You (With Just) (2012)
  • PanDa – Heartbreak (Feat. Just) (2010)

Sanha TV Drama’s

  • Moon Light theme for Cab Driver (2021)
  • Can You Heart Me theme for A Pledge to God (2019)
  • I Don’t Care If It Hurts theme for Man in the Kitchen (2017)
  • My Love theme for My Amazing Boyfriend (2016)
  • Don’t Afraid subject for My Amazing Boyfriend (2016)
  • It’s Still Not Too Late theme for I Order You (2015)
  • Because Of You theme for Healer (2015)
  • With My Tears theme for Mother’s Garden (2014)
  • Beautiful Girl theme for Cunning Single Lady (2014)
  • I Love You theme for My Love From the Star (2014)
  • Your Meaning (besides Ah Young ) theme for Strange Day (2013)
  • One Thousand Times Kissing theme for A Thousand Kisses (2011)
  • Can’t Stop Now theme for You’re So Pretty (2011)
  • They’re Not theme for Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child (2010)
  • Shouting From The Center Of The World theme for Jejoongwon (2010)
  • Destiny theme for Friend, Our Legend (2009)
  • Maze theme for My Sweet Seoul (2008)
  • Song of Good-Bye theme for Spotlight (2008)
  • Addicted theme for Bad Love (2007)
  • Even If You’re Not Around theme for How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor (2007)
  • Run theme for Mackerel Run (2007)
  • Only Allow Me theme for Princess Lulu (2005)
  • Nuh Eh Ge (To You) theme for Ice Girl (2005)
  • Don’t Be Sad theme for Lawyers (2005)
  • Can’t Let Go of Love theme for My Name is Kim Sam Soon (2005)
  • Green Rose theme for Green Rose (2005)
  • A Thousand Loves theme for Hong Kong Express (2005)

Sanha is a member of:


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