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SangDo (XENO-T)

Weight: 63kg
Height: 181cm
Real name:
Date of Birth: March 2, 1993

SangDo (XENO-T)

About SangDo (XENO-T)

SangDo (XENO-T) Facts

  • Kpop Group: XENO-T
    • Position: Vocalist and Dancer.
    • Kingdom: Dragon
    • Sub-unit Topp Dogg G
  • Training period 3 months.
  • Fanclub: Dodos.
  • The tenth official Topp Dogg member to be revealed.
  • It can imitate Park JungHyeon’s delicate voice and the sound of a trumpet.
  • The members agreed in an interview with Show K-Pop that he has the best face without makeup.
  • They said in the interview with Show K-Pop, he is the one who cleans and tidies up the most in the dorm and is very helpful.
  • He confessed that since he looked foreign and using a non-Korean name would make him look even more foreign, he opted to debut under his real name.
  • He made the strongest impression of the whole group.
  • He admits to having darkened his skin up to four times.
  • Gohn confessed that he once mistook him for a thief.
  • After entering high school he got into a hip-hop group and that’s when he totally fell in love with music.
  • It was learned in the second episode of Show K-Pop that it sponsors a 6-year-old girl from Magway in Myanmar Gohn he added that he may have a scary appearance at first glance, but Sangdo actually has a warm heart and was impressed that he sponsored a girl.
  • He starred in one of the episodes of the web drama ‘Midnight’s Girl’ along with Yerin from GFriend.
  • He was the only member to pass the test of chivalry in the hidden camera in chapter 3 of Topp Dogg Project.
  • He cried in chapter 3 of Topp Dogg Project while sending a message to his parents.
  • In Topp Dogg Project he directed the ‘Project Music Drama’ of the song O.A.S.S.S.I.S.
  • He was chosen as the most romantic member during Topp Dogg Project.
  • On Topp Dogg Random TV on the V App, he proved that he has a good command of English.
  • During a broadcast at the V App, he sang several songs on karaoke, including Bang Bang Bang by BIGBANG (next to A-Tom ) and Nothing Better.
  • His Instagram account is full of photos of the other members, rather than himself.
  • In a chapter of ToppDogg All-Kill, you can see that he is left-handed.

SangDo (XENO-T) Drama

  • Midnight’s Girl (MBC Every1, 2015)

TV Program

  • The Unit (KBS, 2017)
  • Let’s Go Dream Team (2014) together with B-Joo, Seogoong and Hojoon
  • Let’s Go Dream Team (2014) together with B-Joo, PGoon and Hojoon

SangDo (XENO-T) Radio Programs

  • Two O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show (25.02.2014)

SangDo (XENO-T) TV Drama’s

  • Falling in Love theme for Come Back Mister (2016)
  • You (next to Hojoon) theme for Come Back Mister (2016)
  • Just 5 More Minutes (together with NC.A and Yano) subject for The Girl Who Can See Smells (2015)

SangDo (XENO-T) is a member of:

Topp Dogg G

Topp Dogg G

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