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Roscoe (Wonder Boyz)

Weight: 63kg
Height: 180cm.
Real name: Woo Min Young (우민영)
Date of Birth: March 12, 1993

Roscoe (Wonder Boyz)

About Roscoe (Wonder Boyz)

Roscoe (Wonder Boyz) Facts

  • Ex-Kpop Group Wonder Boyz
  • Specialties Rap, Beatbox.
  • Artists you admire big L, Luther Vandross and DJ DOC.
  • Ideal type: Are Dam Bi.
  • He is a former hairdresser.
  • He has a tattoo on his arm.
  • He would like to learn to play the harp.
  • According to members, he is the worst cook of the Wonder Boyz.
  • It is part of the project “Dream Perfect Regime” together with Christian Yu, V.HAWK and K.

Mini Biography

he was the last member to join Wonderboyz. At first he was a little lacking in both rap and dance, but due to his extremely hard work he is now on the same level as the other members. Young Boy originally went to beauty school in Busan, but gave that up to become a singer. He is known as the “Visual” of the team, and pre-debut was praised by the media for his beautiful face and deep voice. According to the members Young Boy is very manly and loyal, and he tends to care more about others than himself. Young Boy’s slogan is “A guy with feel, Young Boy!.

Roscoe (Wonder Boyz) Collaborations

  • Owol – Good Morning (feat. J.slow, Roscoe) (2015)

TV Programs

  • 2012: Let’s Go Dream Team 2 ep. 10
  • Beatles Code 2 (with K. and DJ DOC )

Roscoe (Wonder Boyz) is a member of:


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