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Rockhyun (100%)

Weight: 62Kg
Height: 175cm
Real name: 김록현 / Kim Rok Hyun
Date of Birth: February 10, 1991

Rockhyun (100%)

About Rockhyun (100%)

Rockhyun (100%) Facts

  • Kpop Group: 100%
    • Subgroup: 100% V
    • Position: Vocalist and Dancer
  • Ex-Kpop Group Jumper
  • Specialties: Acting, Dancing.
  • Nicknames: Rock hyung. Rock-Chan.
  • Debut 2008 in the duo Jumper, and on September 12, 2012 as a member of 100%.
  • Hobbies Shopping, listening to music, watching movies and cartoons.
  • Favorite food: Banchan (variety of dishes served with rice) such as simmered black beans stirred with fried potatoes. Tteokguk (consists of a broth in which various finely cut rice cakes are put) & Tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes). I eat Tteokbokki every day.
  • He has been with TOP Media for more than 7 years.
  • “Rocky,” was his name when he was part of the duo Jumper.
  • He was the leader during physical education class at school. Although he was not a competitive person (in sports) but he was good at demonstrating his skills.
  • He practiced taekwondo and kendo and lost a lot of weight while doing Kendo.
  • He learned to play the guitar from Jonghwan but he stopped teaching his after 1 week. he told him he needed to practice more and more but in the end he gave up on teaching her.
  • In episode 4 of Teen Top Rising 100%, he dressed up as a girl (along with Changbum), surprising everyone by his good legs.
  • Rokhyun says that if he had a girlfriend, he would sing to his and do many things for her.
  • On episode 10 of Teen Top 100% Rising, he cried because the MC, Taeceyong, read his a letter that his mom wrote to her.
  • In an interview for the Japan MAP Program, Chan Yong he revealed that he has a lot of hair on his body, saying he was a beast. Rokhyun also admitted it, saying: above the shoulders I have a “baby face”, but below the shoulders I am “a beast”.
  • The fancafe of 100%-Rokhyun (Zest Rockhyun) donated a well to the village of Samaron, Prey Veng, Cambodia, so that villagers can have clean water, as a commemoration of the fancafe’s first anniversary.
  • Zest Rockhyun commented, “In connection with the first anniversary of fancafe, following Rokhyun’s great heart example of generosity and kindness we want to give love to people who have lost hope, so we are trying our best to create a touching and friendly world together, one step at a time. We are glad and grateful that we can participate in such a meaningful project to celebrate 1 year anniversary of fancafe.”
  • I participate in the survival program The Unit as the program progressed, he stood out for his singing skills and for being in high places.

Rockhyun (100%) Collaborations

  • 2008: Andy feat. rock – U Turn

Rockhyun (100%) Musicals

  • 2014 “Bachelor’s Vegetable Shop” (with. Ricky )

Rockhyun (100%) Radio Programs

  • 2012-12-18: MBC Standard FM Shindong’s& ShimShim Lid
  • 2012-12-21: MBC Standard FM Shindong’s& ShimShim Lid
  • 2012-12-31: MBC FM4U kim Shin-young’s Hope Song at Noon

Rockhyun (100%) TV Programs

  • 2012: 100% “Pops in Seoul”.
  • 2012: MTV TEEN TOP 100% Rising
  • 2012 MBC TEEN TOP & 100% Rising Brothers
  • 2012 : 1000 Songs Challenge (besides the Moon brothers)
  • 2013 All The K-Pop (besides Sang Hoon & Min Woo )
  • 2013: Weekly Idol
  • 2013 Immortal Song 2 (Rokhyun and Jong Hwan )
  • 2013: Immortal Song 2 (besides Hyuk Jin, Jong Hwan and Niel )
  • 2014 Immortal Song 2 (besides Hyuk Jin and Niel )
  • 2014: Weekly Idol
  • 2014: MBC Every1 The Best Ramen [Permanent Guest].
  • 2014: SBS Star King (Ep. 394 with Chanyong)
  • 2017 : KBS2 Immortal Song with Niel, Ricky and Hyuk Jin on 02/18/17
  • 2017: The Unit (KBS, 2017)

Rockhyun (100%) TV Drama’s

  • Only One theme for Love Twist (2022)

Rockhyun (100%) Music Videos

Rockhyun (100%) is a member of:

100% V

100% V

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