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Real name: 이두현 / Lee Doo Hyun
Date of Birth: February 6, 2023


About Ra.D


Ra.D combines R&B, soul and hip hop to create his own style of music. All the songs on his albums are placed in meaningful sequence to create a unique story. If his first album sang of the process of meeting and parting with love, the second album is about new loves and his affection for family and friends. Ra.D always makes new attempts and extends the scope of his talent by participating in composition, adaptation, mixing, and even mastering. Maybe that’s why all his albums feature something unique and original, something that can be called Ra.D’s signature.

Ra.D Facts

  • He has produced for artists such as 2PM, Gainfrom Brown Eyed Girls, Dynamic Duo keBee, UMC, Ahn Trio, and Cho PD.
  • The song “I`m With You” made it to #1 on the charts.
  • After releasing his first album he established his own agency called RealCollabo, but in 2015 he decided to shut it down. His last release under RealCollabo was the song “Draw You” in collaboration with d.ear, Brother Su and Joo Young.
  • He and d.ear composed the music, while Yoo Hee Yeol wrote the lyrics for the song “The End” for Kwon Jin Ah.
  • His famous song “Mom” was performed and reversioned by many Korean artists.
  • Despite being an independent artist, Ra.D sometimes signs with different record labels to perform and promote his music.

Ra.D Collaborations

  • JeA (Brown Eyed Girls ) Feat. Ra.D – You’re Different (2017)
  • Ra.D, d.ear, Brother Su, Joo Young – Draw You (2015)
  • Ra.D & Joo Bi – Green Light (2015)
  • J.Han – Miscalculated Feat. Ra.D (2015)
  • Joo Young – Hang Up The Phone (Feat. Ra.D, Inbar) (2012)
  • Joo Young – Hang up the phone (rap ver.) (feat. ra.d, sickboi, 인발) (2012)
  • Siaena – 이별 scene (Feat. Ra.D) (2012)
  • Loen Tree Summer Story – Take Out (Go In, Ra.D) (2012)
  • Eluphant – 미래로 돌아가자 (Back to The Future) (Feat. Ra.D) (2012).
  • IU – Teacher (Feat. Ra.D) (2011)
  • Wonder Girls – Be My Baby (Ra.D Mix) (2011)
  • Lee Seung Ki – 연애시대 (Alone In Love) (Feat. Han Hyo Joo, Ra.D) (2011).
  • Lee Seung Ki – 어디라도 (Anywhere) (Ra.D Mix Ver.) (2011)
  • Eluphant – 미래로 돌아가자 (Back to The Future) (feat Ra.D) (2011)
  • Standing Egg – 사랑에 빠져본 적 있나요 (Have You Ever Fallen In Love) with Ra.D (Acoustic Ver.) (2011)
  • Found Tracks Vol.2 – Sweet Love (Feat. 꼬깔이) (2011)
  • Brother Su – It Was You (Ra.D Remix) (2010)
  • UMC – Media Doll pt.2 (Feat. Ra.D) (2009)
  • FatDoo – (2화) 41살 회사원 – 내 나이 41, 18세 소녀를 사랑하다 (feat. Ra.D, 옥화) (2009)
  • Christmas Card from RealCollabo – The Little Drummer Boy (feat 성유진) (2009)
  • Steady B – Empty Love (feat. Ra.D) (2009)
  • Dynamic Duo – 아버지 (Father) (Feat. Ra.D) (2008)
  • Dynamic Duo – 어머니의 된장국 (Mother’s Soybean Soup) (Feat. Ra.D) (2008)
  • Ahn Trio – My Funny Valentine (f. Ra.D, Sickboi, Taku) (2008)
  • 진실이 말소된 페이지 – 몇 년 전 (Feat. Wassup) (2008)
  • Kebee – Constellation (Feat. Ra.D) (2007)
  • UMC – Media Doll Part.2 (Feat. Ra.D) (2005)
  • UMC – Bitter Sweet Melody (Feat. Ra.D) (2005)
  • Trespass – K.E.E.P (Feat. Ra.D) (2004)
  • Cho PD, – My Style (Feat. Ra.D) (2001)

Ra.D Awards

  • Rhythmer Awards: Producer of the Year
  • Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Tam Eum Mania (August) – I’m in Love
  • 7th Korean Music Awards: Best R&B and Soul album – RealCollabo

Ra.D TV Drama’s

  • A Day (Piano ver.)/ (GT ver.) subject for I Am Not a Robot (2019)
  • Fairytale theme for Encounter (2019)
  • I Just Want to See theme for Just Between Lovers (2017)
  • Same Day theme for Suspicious Partner (2017)
  • Lovesome theme for Don’t Dare to Dream (2016)
  • Something Flutters theme for Dating Agency; Cyrano (2013)

Ra.D is a member of:


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