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Weight: 75 kg
Real name: 박재상/ Park Jae Sang
Date of Birth: January 29, 2023


About PSY


Jae Sang Park, better known as PSY, is a Korean hip-hop artist. He debuted in January 2001 with his album titled “PSY… From The PSYcho World!”, he later had to pay a fine due to allegations saying that the album contains “inappropriate content” since then PSY has become a controversial artist, added to the fact that his second album “Ssa 2” was banned even in 2002.

However, he gained a large following with his style of music and also for his satirical bent. PSY is especially popular for his sense of humor and his unique concerts, in which he imitates singers like Park Ji Yoon and Lee Hyo Ri.

He became world famous thanks to his video “Gangnam Style”, which already has more than three billion views on Youtube.

In September, PSY received a certificate from Guinness World Records, breaking the world record previously set by teen singer Justin Bieber and his video Baby for the most plays on YouTube.

PSY Facts

  • Education:
    • Seoul Banpo Elementary School (Graduate)
    • Banpo Middle School (Graduate)
    • Sehwa High School (Graduate)
    • Boston University (International Business Administration)
    • Berklee College of Music.
  • Family: Wife and twin daughters.
  • Genre: Hip-hop, R&B.
  • He made a cameo in episode 5 of the drama Dream High 2.
  • PSY joined the same company as Justin Bieber and Jenifer Lopez in the US.
  • PSY’s business representative in the U.S. officially signed that PSY’s papers are Island Records the music and entertainment agency is ready Island Records sent his call in which he showed his interest in rapper PSY, after watching the music video “Gangnam Style”.
  • Island Records is the first agency to remake a unique digital version of the hit song “Gangnam Style”, so it officially started its promotion work in the U.S. through shows and concerts.
  • PSY appeared at MTV Video Music Award to be interviewed by many reporters. A representative of the agency said, “PSY’s Representative Lee Kyu Chang signed the contract with Island Records. Seeing the popularity that PSY has gained in the U.S., he will be able to enter the main music industry to go out to the whole world.” He also talked about the English version and collaboration with Justin Bieber for the song “Gangnam Style”, but it was decided to leave the original version as it was released from the beginning, at least for now.
  • Recently at the press conference, the president of Google, Eric Schmidt talked about his plans to meet with Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics and how PSY’s worldwide success with “Gangnam Style” was a prime example of how YouTube was more than a launching pad for unknown Korea said Schmidt had asked to meet PSY and PSY talked to Schmidt and even showed him the “Gangnam Style” video. Later, PSY also tweeted, “How could I meet and have fun with the president of Google!!!?!?” accompanied by a photo of the two.
  • His Gangnam Style video quickly became a worldwide hit and is ranked No. 2 on YouTube.
  • His YouTube channel ranks No. 1 in subscribers in Korea.
  • He is the Korean idol with the most followers on Weibo.
  • He returned to Korea after his success Gangnam Style with his new single Gentleman the concert “PSY Happening” was unveiled, which was broadcast via YouTube on April 13, 2013 (April 14 in Korea).
  • As in his previous video “Gangnam Style” in which he appears in HyunA as a dirty gentleman Ga In.
  • He managed to surpass the 800 million views mark on Youtube with his new hit “Gentleman”. With this, the song has become the tenth most viewed video in the history of Youtube.
  • He revealed that he has become addicted to alcohol “If I’m happy, I drink; if I’m sad, I drink; if it’s raining, I drink; if it’s sunny, I drink” confessed the singer.
  • To sum it all up, it can be said that PSY is the most famous Korean idol in the world.
  • Psy has returned with his seventh album “Chiljip PSY-Da,” or “This is PSY’s seventh album “It was released about a year and a half after the single “Gentleman” and is his first album since 2012.
  • In his new album, the artist performs songs from genres including dance music, hip hop and punk. PSY also said he tried to include varied emotions, such as happiness, anger, sadness, joy, love, hate and greed, just like in his previous productions.
  • “This is an album that upholds my continued desire as a lyricist to try things other than love songs,” expressed PSY.
  • The video of the song “DADDY” the track from his new album, reached more than 10 million plays in less than 24 hours of being unveiled.
  • He became close to the members of iKON during the broadcast of the Chinese program “Heroes of Remix”, being in charge of them.
  • Donghyuk iKON’s PSY is someone who shows passion through his music, and that he taught them the importance of always enjoying every performance.
  • His video “Gangnam Style” has already reached three billion nine hundred million views on Youtube.
  • According to reports on December 27, 2017, PSY is reportedly planning to set up his own 1-man agency and leave YG Entertainment. His 3-year contract with YG ends at the end of 2018.
  • On May 15, 2018, it was announced that YG Entertainment and PSY decided to conclude their exclusive contract after 8 years together.

PSY Collaborations

  • Park Ji Yoon – Woo~ Twenty One (#3 DJ (ft. PSY)) (2003)
  • Lexy – Lexury (#9 Aesongi (ft. PSY)) (2003)
  • Bounce – Bounce (#14 Jotbaengisinga (ft. PSY, Cho PD)) (2004)
  • Cho PD – Brooklyn Mix Tape Vol.1 (#12 Golmokgir2 (ft. PSY)) (2005)
  • MIYAVI – miyavizm (#6 Sai Sai Nara Byebyebye (ft. PSY)) (2005)
  • Kim Hyung Seok – Kim Hyung Seok With Friends (#12 Areumdaun Ibyeol Ⅱ (feat. PSY)) (2006)
  • Kim Tae Woo – Hago Sipeun Mal (#8 Instant (ft. PSY)) (2006)
  • Lee Jae Hoon – First Album (#9 Coupling (ft. PSY)) (2007)
  • D.Bace – Season 2 (#1 Somebody (ft. PSY)) (2008)
  • JP – Romantic Gyeoul (#5 Chinguya (ft. Lee Juk, Kim Dong Ryul, PSY, Gil of Leessang, Ryu Si Won, Dearro, Kim George Han)) (2009))
  • Dasi Han Beon Daehanminguk (#1 Dasi Han Beon Daehanminguk (Kim Jang Hoon & PSY)) (2010)
  • Seohaean Gosokdoro Gayoje (#7 Cheolssa (No Hong Chul, PSY) – Heundeureo Juseyo) (2011)
  • Jencarlos Canela ft PSY , KC & the Sunshine band – Give it up Tonight

PSY Drama

  • Dream High 2 & (2012, cameo)

PSY Awards

  • Music Bank & (17/08) “Gangnam Style”
  • M! Countdown (08/23) “Gangnam Style”
  • Music Bank (08/24) “Gangnam Style”
  • M! Countdown (08/30) “Gangnam Style”
  • Music Bank (08/31) “Gangnam Style”
  • Music Bank & (14/09) “Gangnam Style”
  • Music Bank & (21/09) “Gangnam Style”
  • Music Bank & (28/09) “Gangnam Style”
  • Music Bank (05/10) “Gangnam Style”
  • M! Countdown (06/10) “Gangnam Style”
  • Music Bank (12/10) “Gangnam Style”
  • Music Bank & (19/10) “Gangnam Style”
  • Music Bank (10/26) “Gangnam Style”
  • Music Bank (02/11) “Gangnam Style”
  • Music Bank (09/11) “Gangnam Style”
  • Music Bank (11/16) “Gangnam Style”
  • Music Bank (11/30) “Gangnam Style”
  • Music Bank (12/21) “Gangnam Style”
  • Music Bank (28/12) “Gangnam Style”
  • European Music Awards “Best Video of the Year”
  • MelOn Music Awards Top 10
  • MelOn Music Awards Music Video Awards
  • MelOn Music Awads T-Store Best Song
  • MelOn Music Awards Global Artist Awards
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards: “Best Dance Performance”
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards: Best Music Video
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards Song Of The Year
  • Music Bank (04/01) “Gangnam Style”
  • 27th Golden Disk Awards Digital Music (Gangnam Style)
  • NRJ Music Awards International Song of the Year
  • NRJ Music Awards Music Video of the Year
  • NRJ Music Awards: NRJ Honor Award
  • 2nd Gaon K-Pop Chards Awards Song of the Year (August)
  • M! Countdown (04/18) “Gentleman”
  • Inkigayo (04/21) “Gentleman”
  • M! Countdown (04/25): “Gentleman”
  • Music Bank (04/26): “Gentlemam”
  • Music Core (04/27) “Gentleman”
  • Inkigayo (04/28) “Gentleman”
  • M! Countdown (02/05) “Gentleman”
  • Inkigayo (05/05) “Gentleman”
  • MelOn Music Awards Global Artist Awards (Gentleman)
  • 28th Golden Disk Awards Digital Daesang (Gentleman)
  • 3rd Gaon Chart K-pop Awards Artist of the Year (April)
  • Inkigayo (12/13) “DADDY”
  • M! Countdown (12/17): “DADDY”
  • Inkigayo (20/12): “DADDY”
  • M! Countdown (12/24): “DADDY”
  • Inkigayo (27/12): “DADDY” (Triple Crown)
  • M! Countdown (07/01): “DADDY”
  • 5th Gaon Kpop Awards Artist Of The Month “December”
  • M! Countdown (18/05): “I Luv It”
  • Inkigayo (21/05): “I Luv It”
  • 7th Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards: Song of the Year – Mayo (I Luv It)

PSY Music Videos

  • Rain – Switch to me (Duet with J.Y. Park ) (2020)
  • Ice Cream -& HyunA & (2012)
  • Venus – Hello Veuns (2012)&

PSY is a member of:


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