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Prince Mak (JJCC)

Weight: 65kg
Height: 178cm
Real name: Henry Prince Mak
Date of Birth: May 24, 1990

Prince Mak (JJCC)

About Prince Mak (JJCC)

Prince Mak (JJCC) Facts

  • Former K-Pop group: JJCC
    • Position: Vocalist and Dancer
  • Education:
    • Macquarie Fields High School
    • University of New South Wales (Bachelor of Arts and Music)
  • Hobbies: Dancing, Beatboxing, Guitar Playing, Wrestling and Martial Arts.
  • Languages English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Korean (medium)
  • Instruments Guitar.
  • Special talent: Dance and its infinite endorphin [Endorphin: hormone allied with feelings].
  • Nationality: Chinese-Australian.
  • He was born in Australia, living in the suburb of Liverpool until 2012, when he decided to travel to China.
  • If he were not a singer he would like to be an astronaut.
  • The first time he dreamed of being a singer was when he was 7 or 8 years old.
  • his nickname is xiao mai (小麦), basically “Little Mak”.
  • He was the last one to be integrated into the group after being recruited by Jackie Chan i trained for 5 months before making my debut.
  • He participated in a dance program in China called “The Dance & The Voice” where he danced to a song performed by his brother, who participated in “The voice China” in 2012 (Video) that’s how he got Jackie’s interest.
  • He is color blind.
  • As a child he learned to play the piano and also played bass in a band and later became interested in Hip Hop.
  • He entered the University to study Arts with a major in Music, but made his parents believe that he was studying Psychology, since they did not agree that he should dedicate himself to music.
  • He was a dance teacher at Crossover Dance Studio in Goulburn Street, Sydney.
  • While living in Australia, he was recruited by JYP Entertainment who held auditions in Sydney to find young people to be in a K-Pop group, but he didn’t accept because he wasn’t interested and considered it a very hard life
  • He was the only one who did not appear in the MV of the debut single “At First” since he suffered an accident, however he is currently in good health and is doing promotions for the single with his bandmates.
  • He used to upload covers of songs to youtube before he debuted on JJCC.
  • He can beatbox and play guitar at the same time.
  • He was an occasional Co-Host of the program Pops in Seoul together with Eddy
  • He has his own radio show on the Australian international SBS station “Pop Asia” called “The Prince Mak Hour” every Tuesday at 7:00 pm.
  • He appeared with a youtuber named Wengie for the Valentine’s Day special and posted it on his YouTube channel [1].
  • Currently he has an infection in the middle ear, for which he has to undergo surgery, taking advantage of the fact that his concerts were held in Australia, he decided to stay in Australia to face this bitter moment accompanied by his parents and loved ones.
  • He did not participate in the ToDay comeback and promotions because he is resting and recovering from his tympanitis.
  • Your work colleague announced in an interview that he will be present at the JJCC Debut in Japan after his recovery from his infection.


He was born in Australia on May 24, 1990, living in the suburb of Liverpool, his family is originally from China. In 2010 he was recruited by the agency JYP Entertainment, during an audition tour in Australia to be in a new K-pop group, while teaching dance at “Crossover Dance Studio” in Sydney, but he did not accept as he was still studying and his parents did not approve, also he considered it was a very hard life.

In 2012 he decided to travel to China, where he participated in several dance programs and that’s how he got the interest of Jackie Chan who then invited him to audition for his agency. After passing the audition he moved to Korea as an official member of JJCC 6 months before his debut.

Prince Mak (JJCC) Films

  • Operation Red Sea (2018)
  • 2013: “Who is Who is Who”. (Who’s who of whom)

Prince Mak (JJCC) Radio Programs

  • 2014: (SBS) PopAsia Radio (01.05.14) and (14.05.14)
  • 2014: (SBS) PopAsia Radio (09.10.14, together with Eddy )
  • 2014: (TBS) The Steve Hatherly Show (31.10.14, besides San Cheong and Simba)
  • 2014: (MBC) True Colors Radio ‘偶像本色’ (14.11.14, besides Zhou Yi Xuan Li Wen Han and Wang Yi Bo from UNIQ )
  • 2014-2015: (Arirang Radio) Kpoppin (From 10.09.14, as a weekly special guest, together with Eddy )
  • 2015: (SBS) PopAsia Radio (04/16/15)
  • 2015: (SBS) PopAsia Radio (From 21.04.15, as DJ)

Prince Mak (JJCC) TV Programs

  • 2012: “The Dance & The voice” [China] (09.09.2014).
  • 2013: “So you think you can dance” (China)
  • 2014: (Arirang TV) After School Club – After Show (15.10.2014 besides Eddy )
  • 2014: (SBS) Star King (29.11.14, together with Eddy )
  • 2014: (Arirang TV) After School Club – After Show (15.10.2014 and 10.12.2014 besides Eddy )
  • 2014: (Arirang TV) After School Club – End of the Year Special (29.12.14, besides Alex,& Bipa and Eddy )
  • 2015: (Arirang TV) Bring it On (03.04.15, besides Eddy )
  • 2015: (Arirang TV) Kpop Korner (18.03.15, besides Eddy )
  • 2015: (Arirang TV) Pops in Seoul (As of 14.04.15, as Co-Host, together with Eddy )
  • 2015: (Arirang TV) Bring it On (08.05.15, besides One Kind)
  • 2015: (KBS) KiriKiri boys-Mad for MusicBank (from 05.10.15 together with Eddy)

Prince Mak (JJCC) is a member of:


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