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Poppin (Young Turks Club)

Weight: 60 kg
Height: 175cm
Real name: 남현준 / Nam Hyun Joon (Nam Hyeon Jun)
Date of Birth: January 30, 1979

Poppin (Young Turks Club)

About Poppin (Young Turks Club)

Poppin (Young Turks Club) Facts


Nam Hyun Joon, often known as Poppin’ Hyun Joon or Happy Hyun Joon, is a famous contemporary dancer from Korea. He is best known for his unique techniques. He is also a former rapper of Young Turks Club, and is now returning to the music industry, with the recent release of his latest album One & Only. He has been in several dance groups, including Cyborg, FREEZE and Newest35 (leader: former HOT member Jang Woo Hyuk).

After the disbandment of Young Turks Club, Popping Hyun Joon decided to enter professional dancing. His skill and smooth moves gained recognition from many Korean celebrities such as V.O.S Choi Hyun Joon was very influenced by the dance group Seo Taiji and Boys. Lee Juno from this group taught Joon and showed him in Juno’s music video Amen..

In 2005 Joon released a song, titled Sajahoo (“Lion’s Roar”). He has been gaining popularity in Korea and performed at the 2006 FIFA World Cup and is currently in a dance group called Nam Hyun Joon and Kids, which plays under the name Seo Taiji and Boys.

Hyun Joon is known for his variety of Popping, and Tutting of body parts.Nam Hyun Joon, also known as “Poppin Hyun Joon” is famous for his good “popping & locking” ticking, animation, and many other dance moves.He is one of the most famous “poppers” in the world bboy/breakdance leagues.He has gained considerable attention in Japan, where, in a survey conducted by famous people in Japan, he came in first place as the most well-known foreigner.In an American survey, he came in fifth place in terms of awareness of his dancing skill by American dancers.

Because of his ability Poppin Hyun Joon often works training stars and choreographing dance routines for them.

Nam Hyun Joon has recently released a hip hop album, One & Only, with a music video, the song Don’t Stop..

Poppin (Young Turks Club) Drama

  • Kung Fu Hip Hop (2008)
  • Over the Rainbow (MBC, 2006)

Poppin (Young Turks Club) Films

  • Fly Daddy Fly (2006)
  • The Wrath of Vajra (2013)

Poppin (Young Turks Club) Awards

  • 2020 KBS Entertainment Awards: Top Excellence in Reality (Mr. House Husband, Immortal Songs 2)

Poppin (Young Turks Club) is a member of:


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