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Perry Borja

Real name: Perry Thomas Borja
Date of Birth: January 29, 2023

Perry Borja

About Perry Borja


Perry was born in Oakland in 1971. When he was 16, he was shot by a gang member while leaving a neighborhood store (the way it’s described sounds like he wasn’t directly involved, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time). He dropped out of school and spent a year recovering from his injuries, then was sent to Guam to live with relatives and finish high school. There, he started going to clubs, writing music and designing graffiti.

Guam didn’t have much of a hip-hop scene at the time, and Perry is widely regarded as a pioneer of the genre. Some rappers and DJs currently active on Guam credit him for teaching them and helping them along the way. At the time, he was known as Pure P and had a hip-hop group called Raggedy Boyz. He was well enough known on the island for doing a TV commercial for Kentucky Fried Chicken (for which Raggedy Boyz became Kick Bucket).

Perry was a founding member of the coalition of musicians and artists known as the MF Family, or Majah Flavah Family, later known as YG Family. From the beginning, Perry has produced for everyone in YG, creating hits for Jinusean, Yang Goon and 1TYM, and would later go on to produce songs for almost every new artist in YG including BIGBANG, Wheesung, Se7en, Big Mama and Lexy.

In 2001 he released his own solo album Perry By Storm. The song “Get Ready”, included in his album, was featured in the Korean release of the movie Rush Hour 2.

At least until 2004, Perry was still DJing on Guam. He was also known as Zodiak, and worked with two other Guam musicians known as the “Zodiak crew”. He released two tracks as Zodiak on a compilation of Guam music.

Perry and Sean graduated from John F. Kennedy High School in Guam, and met in the 1990s. They produced an album for the Korean Hip Hop group, Honey in 1995, Perry moved with Sean from Guam before starting MF Family. That’s where he was recruited – after the failure of Keep Six, but before Jinusean’s debut.

He went on to write hit after hit for the label, as well as coaching some of the artists (mostly GDYB, Lexy and Teddy). He is also a producer on all the albums released by YG Entertainment (YG Family) and can be heard on many of them, either singing, rapping or doing backing vocals. He released a solo album in 2001, but decided not to appear on stage until around 2003 – probably so he could concentrate on all the productions/compositions he was doing for YG, but there could be other reasons.


  • Religion: Christian
  • Languages: English (Native), Korean (fluent)
  • Hobbies Movies, South Park, friends, computers, video games, a neat freak.

Perry Borja Collaborations

  • 2008: YMGA – What (feat. YG Family, DJ Wreckx)
  • 2008 Uhm Jung Hwa – Heundeureo (feat. Perry)
  • 2008 Gummy – 2 Clap Your Hands (feat. Perry)
  • 2007: LEXY – Get That (feat. Perry)
  • 2006: SE7EN – 11 Nae Ip Jom Magajweo (feat. Perry)
  • 2005: LEXY – Hey Every Body (feat. Gummy & Perry)
  • 2004 Gummy – Geunyeoboda Naega Mwaga (feat. Perry)
  • 2004 Taebin – Don’t Stop (feat. Perry)
  • 2003: LEXY – Baby Come On (feat. Perry)
  • 2003 Gummy Do It… (feat Wheesung Perry)
  • 2002: YG Family – Why Be Normal?
  • 2002: YG Family – Show Me Love
  • 2002: YG Family – Get Ready
  • 2001: JinuSean – Holdin Down (feat. Mobb Deep, Perry)
  • 2001: JinuSean – Ooh Boy (the Black Crow Remix) (feat. PERRY, LEXY Yoon Hee Jung)
  • 1999: JinuSean – RETURN OF THE BOMB (feat. Perry, Legacy)
  • 1998: Yang Hyun Suk – Angmaui Yeongi (feat. Perry)
  • 1998: Yang Hyun Suk – Bogi Neol Beorijima (feat. Perry, 1TYM )
  • 1998: Yang Hyun Suk – Musi (feat. Perry, 1TYM )
  • 1998: Yang Hyun Suk – Yakhanjaga Paebaehaneun Sesang (feat Jinu, Perry)
  • 1998: Yang Hyun Suk – LIGHTS. CAMERA. ACTION (feat JinuSean, 1TYM Perry)
  • 1997: JinuSean – Jinusean Bomb (feat. Perry, LEXY )

Perry Borja is a member of:


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