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Penomeco (FANXY CHILD)

Weight: ---
Height: ---
Real name: 정동욱 / Jeong Dong Wook
Date of Birth: October 7, 1992

Penomeco (FANXY CHILD)

About Penomeco (FANXY CHILD)

Penomeco (FANXY CHILD) Facts

  • Group: FANXY CHILD
    • Position: Rapper
  • Education:
    • Attended the Music High School Seoul.
    • The university attended Dong Ah Institute of Media and Arts.
  • Languages: Korean (mother tongue) and Japanese (fluent).
  • He is part of the Crew “Fanxy Child” together with DEAN, Millic, Crush, Z ico Stay Tuned.
  • His nickname came to him during his teenage years. “Peno” in Japanese means holding a pen and “meco” made in Korea.

Penomeco (FANXY CHILD) Career

2014 Debut:

On August 5 this year, the song “내가 옳다 말해” by Jinsol (진솔) was released, where Penomeco participated as a collaboration with Nucksal. This time we could see him more oriented to his vocal skills.

Penomeco collaborated on a track called “Hold Up” with his then X.V.O.I. crew mates.

He made another collaboration on a track by Jinsol (진솔), the song “The Crow”, sharing collaboration with Dowby and Samuel Seo.

In October Penomeco had the opportunity to collaborate with artist Samuel Seo on his Single “Campus Life”.

On October 16, Penomeco made its official debut with its first Single Right There.

“23” was the artist’s second single and saw the light of day on December 30, the song being somewhat more personal.


On February 26th, the collaboration between Damian Kang and Penomeco was released, with the single Thirsty & Empty.

On October 18, 2010 YES OR NO collaboration between Zico, The Quiett and Penomeco, something that was undoubtedly a great opportunity for Penomeco due to the caliber of the artists with whom he participated.


Ma Fam was released on March 7 as their third single, a song that was undoubtedly very well received and still to this day is often a fan favorite in live performances.

In April of this year, the collaboration between Babylon and Penomeco saw the light of day. Real Talk this song, which attracted attention due to the undoubted talent of both artists, who had already been the focus of the public’s attention, has an almost purely R&B style, also due to Babylon’s characteristic style.

Penomeco with the help of 2 outstanding artists such as Punchnello and Crush, released his fourth single entitled For You august 16, 2016.

In the month of November, Penomeco had the opportunity to collaborate with Jhnovr in the song Do It produced by Classixs Beats.

It was in that same month that the collaboration between Penomeco, MC Mong, Suran and Woo Tae Woon resulted in the song that we now know as U.F.O.


At the beginning of 2017 Penomeco presented us through its account of soundcloudhis fifth Single called No Love the album features his characteristic melodic rap, the use of electronic sounds and the mixture of R&B and hip-hop.

“FILM” was the artist’s sixth Single, released on March 1, 2017 and kicking off a great year. This Single includes a total of 3 tracks: “SMT (So Many Times)”, “WTF (Went Too Far)” and “PNM (Plus And Minus)”. This work is also in physical, being Penomeco’s first work to be sold in this way.

On May 19, 7ane’s collaboration with Penomeco called “DUI” was released, being a slow track, but with rhythm.

Paradise it was released on July 10, 2017 and features collaborations with most of the Fanxy Child guys – Zico, Dean, Crush, Crush, Crush, Penomeco, plus Millic himself.

On July 17, Zico’s solo album was released “TELEVISION “where the fourth track is a collaboration with other members of his crew: Dean, Crush and Penomeco.

During the summer of 2017, Penomeco also took part in the sixth edition of Show Me The Money.

Penomeco’s time on SMTM6 was brief but intense, leaving a great impression on many people, and he was later invited to the segment called “What’s Up Show Me”, where other rappers talk about and analyze performances on the show.

In this year Penomeco also received several advertising offers, among them we can find the beverage brand “CASS”, where Penomeco was the image together with San E, Microdot and Kebee. They also recorded a small cypher where each one demonstrates their own rapping skills.

On August 5, 2017, Penomeco made its first appearance on national television through the program “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.”.

On August 11, his seventh single titled “Hunnit” was released through SM Entertainment’s STATION platform.

Fresh Up was released on September 4, the product of a collaboration between Penomeco, San E, Microdot and Kebee.

On October 1, the Converse brand campaign was released in South Korea, where Penomeco was the image of it, along with other rappers, including Woo Wonjae, SMTM6 finalist, or A.sol.

2018 – Current:

On January 30 of this year, Penomeco’s new single “L.I.E” was released, which also featured the participation of Zico, who has been in charge of producing this song.


On April 19 it is reported that it is now part of P-NATION.

Penomeco (FANXY CHILD) Collaborations

  • APRO – 고군분투 (Feat. Gaeko penomeco) (2021)
  • Rhythm Power – HOLLYWOOD ACTION (Feat. Penomeco) (2021)
  • Coogie – UP & DOWN (Feat Mirani penomeco) (2021)
  • Park Ji Hoon – Hit it Off (Prod. & Feat. Penomeco) (2020)
  • Sam Kim – What about? (Feat. Penomeco) (Prod. by Park Geun Tae) (2020)
  • SEHUN & CHANYEOL – Say It (Feat. Penomeco) (2020)
  • MC Mong & Kim Jae Hwan – Cold (Feat. Penomeco) (2020)
  • Dynamic Duo – MSG (Feat. Penomeco) (2019)
  • Zico – another level (Feat. Penomeco) (2019)
  • Leellamarz & APRO – I THINK (Feat. Penomeco) (2019)
  • Lee Ba Da – ㅎㅇ (Feat. Penomeco) (Prod. by GroovyRoom) (2019)
  • dress & sogumm – Honey bee (Feat. Penomeco) (2019).
  • BIGONE – Too Much (Feat. Penomeco) (Prod. Gray) (2019)
  • MiA – Dear (Feat. Penomeco) (2019)
  • Jeong Se Woon – Feeling (Feat. Penomeco) (2019)
  • Punchnello – Blue Hawaii (Feat Crush, Penomeco) (Prod. by 0channel) (2019)
  • dress – baby (feat. Penomeco, sogumm) (2019)
  • Woodie Gochild – Positive Bounce (Feat. Penomeco) (Prod. SLO) (2018)
  • PH-1 – Cupid (Feat. PENOMECO) (2018)
  • Crush – Endorphin (Feat. PENOMECO, PUNCHNELLO) (2018)
  • Woogie – PLAY ME (Feat Sik-K, Penomeco) (2018)
  • ELO – Oh I (Feat. PENOMECO) (2018)
  • Ted Park – Hometown Girls (Feat. Penomeco) (2018).
  • Zico – 말해 Yes Or No (Tell Me Yes Or No) (feat. PENOMECO &. The Quiett)
  • Zico – Fanxy Child (feat. Penomeco, DEAN, Crush)
  • 7ane – DUI (feat. Penomeco)
  • Damian Kang – Thirsty & Empty (feat. Penomeco)
  • X.V.O.I – Hold up (feat. Samuel Seo, Rawyall, Omeae, Penomeco)
  • Jinsol – The crow (feat. Penomeco, Dowby, Samuel Seo)
  • MC Mong – U.F.O (feat. 수란, TaeWoon, Penomeco)
  • Babylon – Real Talk (feat. Penomeco)
  • Jinsol – whatever tf that title says (feat. Nucksal & Penomeco)
  • Millic – Paradise (feat. Zico, Dean, Crush, Penomeco)
  • Samuel Seo – Campus Life (Feat. Penomeco)
  • Jhnovr – Do It Ft. Penomeco (Prod. Classixs Beats)
  • San E, Penomeco, Microdot, Kebee (San E, 페노메코, Microdot, 키비) – Fresh Up.

Penomeco (FANXY CHILD) Music

  • park Ji Hoon – Serious (2021)
  • ASTRO – Someone Else (2021)
  • IU – Empty Cup (2021)
  • NCT U – Make A Wish (Birthday Song) [Wuki Remix] (2020)
  • NCT – RESONANCE (2020)
  • NCT U – Make A Wish (Birthday Song) (2020)
  • DAWN – DAWNDIDIDIDAWN (Feat Jessi) (2020)
  • Jessi – Nunu Nana (2020)

Penomeco (FANXY CHILD) TV Programs

  • Breakers (Mnet, 2018)
  • Show Me The Money 6 (Mnet, 2017)
  • Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook (KBS, 2017)

Penomeco (FANXY CHILD) Music Video

  • Jeong Se Woon – Feeling (Feat. Penomeco) (2019)
  • Millic – Paradise (feat. Zico, Dean, Crush, Penomeco)

Penomeco (FANXY CHILD) is a member of:



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