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Park YoonHwa (T-MAX)

Height: 175 cm.
Real name:
Date of Birth: January 31, 1985

Park YoonHwa (T-MAX)

About Park YoonHwa (T-MAX)

Park YoonHwa (T-MAX) Facts

  • Ex-Group: T-MAX
  • Position : Carriage.
  • Member since : from inception to 2010.
  • School Suwon University of Science.
  • Specialty programming and graphic design.
  • Language Korean.
  • Hoobies: Playing computer games.
  • He was the Maknae and the sweetest voice of the group until he left.
  • He was the protégé of Kim Joon.
  • He went to a maknaes revelion program.
  • He is a former Ulzzang.
  • On November 16 (2010), he entered to do his mandatory military service.

Park Yoon Hwa announced on April 5 his retirement from the group T-Max, through his official website “FansCaffee”. Park Yoon Hwa, just 24 years old, recruited by the Korean militia and through his official website asked all his fans to understand the case and support him for his new mission that lies ahead.

Park Yoon Hwa expressed, “I guess I can no longer be a part of T-Max’s new album. I know that my fans understand my personal reasons, and know that I have been called to become a man of my nation. I have to say goodbye quickly so that I can settle my personal matters as well.

“I worked very hard over these past few years, and there is so much more I haven’t shown you all yet, which is why I feel I have to say goodbye in this way. I hope you all understand me, because I was going through some agonizing time in thought before I came to this decision. Even though I won’t be able to move on with my T-Max partners, I told them all my support and love.”.

“When I return, I know you will all be surprised when I greet you from a stage once as a changed man. Thank you so much for always showing me your love and esteem for me.”.

On August 22, 2012 he was released from military service, recently taking a break, but his agency has announced his comeback as a solo artist. At the age of 24 Park Yoon Hwan revealed that he would enlist in the South Korean military service instead of waiting until he was 29. The decision was announced in May 2010 on T-Max’s FanCafe page. On November 10 of the same year he officially entered active military service, the day before he posted on Naver that he will return once he has done his duty; he also posted a message through Kim Joon’s twitter that he will return with T-Max. Almost two years after his enlistment fans are preparing for his discharge from the military and with new expectations about his future in the industry and the continuation of his career.

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