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Park Kyung (Block B)

Weight: 56 kg
Height: 170 cm
Real name:
Date of Birth: July 8, 1992

Park Kyung (Block B)

About Park Kyung (Block B)

Park Kyung (Block B) Facts

  • Kpop group Block B
    • Position: Rapper, Vocalist and Dancer.
  • Education
    • Kaimo High School (New Zealand)
  • Religion: Christian-evangelical
  • Hobbies Surfing the Internet.
  • Specialties Rapping, composing, writing lyrics and mathematics.
  • He came to live in Los Angeles for a year with his grandmother when he was in high school.
  • Kyung was chosen as a trainee while he was studying in New Zealand. He is one of the most experienced in the group. He agreed to join because Zico recommended him and advised him to join the company where he was already a trainee.
  • He has a song on the new mini-album (Very Good) by Block B called “When, Where, Do what how”, which has the collaboration of Jo Hyun Ah from Urban Zakapa.
  • He is currently attending Inha University of Theater and Film. In an interview for the university’s newspaper he mentioned that he chose that major because he wants to improve his acting skills and what he is not yet good at.
  • The singer Park Bo Ram kyung was the one who contacted Boram in order to make the duet possible.
  • On September 24, 2015, he debuted as a solo artist with the song Ordinary Love, which he wrote, composed and produced.He also appears on the song’s MV.In addition, Park Boram collaborates with him. (Official MV)
  • His song reached the top of the download charts and won in an unpromoted music program.
  • He is currently a regular on Tvn’s variety show ¨Problematic Men¨ and MC on Block B’s new show about his private life.
  • During the October 23 episode of Problematic Men the members congratulated him for being the first to be admitted to Mensa International, a non-profit organization open to those fortunate enough to score in the top 2% of a standardized intelligence test.
  • On October 14, 2020, a source from KQ Entertainment stated, “Park Kyung will enlist as an active duty soldier on October 19.” The agency added that the location and time of his enlistment will be kept private.

Park Kyung (Block B) Collaborations

  • LUCY – SWING (Feat. Park Kyung) (2018)
  • Y.O.U – Kim Jo Han ft. Kyung
  • Falling Down – Zia ft. Kyung
  • It’s Not Over – Miss $ ft. Zico, U-Kwon Kyung
  • Turn Around – Zico ft. Kyung
  • Be quiet – Mino ft. Kyung
  • Final 2010 – Scotch VIP ft. Jay Moom, Mino, Yammo, VEE X KILLA, Zico Kyung, Han Hae, Qwala


Mixtapes .

  • Harmonics (Holke and Nacseo) ¨The Letter¨ and ¨Turn around¨.
  • Holke ¨Energizer¨, ¨Hot Track¨, ¨Love 911¨, ¨Lovin you¨ and ¨OH¨.
  • HOLKE & Cho PD ft. PO ¨Fever II¨
  • HOLKE & Mino ¨Be Quiet¨
  • HOLKE & Zico & Mic Swagger ¨Vol 21¨
  • HOLKE ft. Baby J (Jewelry) ¨Come Back¨
  • HOLKE ft. Crush ¨Getting Over¨
  • HOLKE ft. Kero One (Untitled Demo)
  • HOLKE ft. P.O ¨Im Embarrassed, Dont Laugh¨
  • HOLKE ft. P.O ¨Strong¨
  • HOLKE, Cho PD, Thrilla, ZICO, HanHae ¨Super¨ (from Part 1. State of Art)
  • HOLKE, Nacseo, FLOW25, BeatNish, FooFA, ScoLL ¨Super Hero¨ [Remix].
  • HOLKE, ZICO, U-Kwon, Hanhae, Mino ¨Its Not Over¨ (Miss)
  • “Hope for Korean Hip Hop” (Cho PD track “Victory”).
  • “Origin of Species” & “Map Music” (Cho PD track vs. Verbal Jint “2 The Hard Way”).
  • “It’s All Act” (Jung Seul Ki’s Digital “Same Spot in the End”).
  • “Hero Music” (Bizniz “Ego”)

Composition and lettering:.

  • Block Buster ¨Do U Wanna B?¨
  • ¨Nice day¨, ¨Joke¨, ¨Halo¨, ¨LOL¨,
  • ¨Where, when, What, How¨ ft. Jo Hyun Ah (Urban Zakapa)
  • ¨Cheesy Cheesy¨.
  • Walkin in the rain”, “Few years later”, “Toy” from the latest album “Blooming period”.


  • Participated in the Aura Concert (Cho PD, Verbal Jint)
  • Participated in the MTV Rockem Hard


  • ¨Ordinary Love¨ ft. Park Boram (2015)
  • ¨Inferiority Complex¨ ft. Eunha de Gfriend (2016)
  • tvN Problematic men OST (2015)

Park Kyung (Block B) Awards

  • MBC Music Core (03/10): “Ordinary Love”

Park Kyung (Block B) Radio Programs

  • Lim Srarry Nigth Radio 11.04.18
  • Lim Srarry Nigth Radio 11.04.19
  • Lim Srarry Nigth Radio 11.04.21
  • Lim Srarry Nigth Radio 11.01.22
  • Younha’s Starry Night Radio – besides Zico and Jae Hyo (2012)
  • Super Junior Kiss the Radio- Teen Top- Speed Quiz (2014)

Park Kyung (Block B) TV Programs

  • 2016: MBC [Live idol TV] Private life of Block B
  • 2016: Mnet [Star zoom] ep 59.
  • 2016: Mnet PRODUCE 101 ep. 5
  • 2016 Weekly idol ep. 244
  • 2016: SNL Korea season 7
  • 2015: Problematic Men (to date)
  • 2015: Global Request Show ep 13.The solo day special
  • 2015: Mnet Naked 4show – Four show
  • 2015 1thek InstagRap- Ordinary love interview
  • 2014 : 5 Minutes Before Chaos
  • 2014: Block B- signal B
  • 2013: Weekly idol ep. 118
  • 2012 Weekly idol ep. 71
  • 2012: The Beatles code season 2
  • 2012 : Art School/ Idol training school ep 3

Park Kyung (Block B) TV Drama’s

  • See Saw (next to Seol A ) subject for Backstreet Rookie (2020)
  • Ding Dong subject for Meow, the Secret Boy (2020)
  • Lucid Dream subject for I Have a Secret (2019)
  • Night Sky theme for The Best Hit (2017)

Park Kyung (Block B) is a member of:


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