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Park JungMin (SS501)

Weight: 66kg
Height: 183cm
Real name:
Date of Birth: April 3, 1987

Park JungMin (SS501)

About Park JungMin (SS501)


  • Kpop Group: SS501
    • Position Vocalist and Dancer.
  • Studies: Dongguk College High School Teacher
  • Fansclub Family (Official in Japan), Minnies (adopted by fans).
  • Languages: Korean and Japanese (fluent), Mandarin Chinese (complete), Spanish and English (basic).
  • Religion Christian
  • Favorite Color: Black
  • Period of military service: 2-July-2015 to 01-July-2017
  • Mascots: He had a puppy named dukki, who passed away on May 10, 2013. he currently has a new puppy named 점례 (JeomRye).
  • Is an ex-trainer of SM Entertainment on the program “Beatles Code” (Mnet), he revealed that he almost made his debut as a member of Super Junior.
  • In reality his dream was to become an actor, but he stated that he is very happy to pursue a career as a singer.
  • Jung Min cried when they gave their first debut concert in Korea.
  • He composed the song of SS501 “Only One Day” (among others)
  • He replaced his colleague Kim Hee Chul as a DJ in Young Street.
  • In the “challenges without limits” challenge he almost broke an iron bar by 0.1, he was very relaxed and happy because he beat the opposing team.
  • He lived in Japan in the company of the members of SS501 for 8 to 9 months (2009).
  • Jung Min was the driving force and joy in the variety shows together with his partner and leader Kim Hyun Joong.
  • He said he has Twitter to have more contact with worldwide fans; he also has weibo but it is only Chinese.
  • He does not like it when dancers or members do not follow the choreography, as this makes them take longer and end up more tired
  • He has a great friendship with Park Gyu Ri from Kara since it was seen a lot in Nota Intima de Kara’s SS501 and KARA both are known for their ego, even Gyu Ri said he tried to be more humble when filming with Jung Min to make him feel more self-confident.
  • In 2009, on the tour of SS501 Person sang along with Park Gyu Ri &if you cannot.
  • In 2010 he became a businessman and interior designer when he opened the store/shop Royal Avenue.
  • On January 27 he made a special appearance on Code Beatles, showing some photos before his debut.
  • On Nov. 15, 2010, Jung Min was in Gyeonggido during the recording of his MV of “NOT ALONE” Hyung Jun he visited and surprised the staff with his unannounced visit. CNR Agency told the media, “Kim Hyung Joon found out that Jung Min was filming a MV so he made a surprise visit to the set. He showed his great friendship among the members and cheered for Park Jung Min and even brought food.”
  • At the Melon Music Awards in 2010, he performed a duet with IU and performed the song “Nagging”.
  • Jung Min went from being an Idol to a professional musician because he produced his album and MV Beautiful .
  • In 2011 he had to be hospitalized after a crisis of physical exhaustion due to a very busy schedule and his activities abroad, for which he was in a state of fatigue and stress that caused him to faint
  • His debut album “Not Alone “appeared on Korea’s top 50 best-seller list as of May 2011.
  • He became the main model and image of cosmetics firm JN Noteric in 2011.
  • In interviews he has shown his interest in learning languages and perfecting the ones he already knows in order to be able to “express himself to the fans”.
  • His company has had to clarify Park Jung Min’s use of social media on several occasions due to constant misunderstandings with his twitter account.
  • Park Jung Jung Min is already known for having “golden cheekbones”. He pays attention to the camera until his picture is taken. After taking the pictures, it can be confirmed to be true, as a shadow appears under each of his cheeks and under his eyes as well, which makes him say “I am old”.
  • When he is in Taiwan he likes to go shopping in the night market. If he meets fans he always greets them, as he has always been very attentive to his audience.
  • In 2011 he was involved in a car accident that caused an injury to his neck and one of his fingers.
  • Your fansclub of ROMEO in Japan was suspended, and the name was changed to Park Jung Min Japan due to his return to activities in Korea.
  • In February 2012, he participated in “TVB Golden Viva Spectacular”, along with other k-pop idols, celebrating the Lunar New Year.
  • He participated in the Seoul Fashion Week, for designer Song Hye-Myung, who designed the clothes of SS501 for the mini album cover “Destination” he was dressed as a dark angel with outstretched wings.
  • Attended the Fammeting of Young Saeng (2013)together with Kim Hyung Joon and Kyu Jong that same day they made a commemoration video for the 8th anniversary of SS501; it was the only day that 4 of them could be together since due to their schedules the 5 of them could not agree on a specific date.
  • Considers the members of SS501 as his brothers and he always talks about them saying that he misses them and would like to work with them again soon.
  • Zafiro producciones brought it to Latin America together with young Saeng the first city was Lima (Peru); the next was Mexico City (Mexico) and finally Arequipa (Peru) where they were able to do more sightseeing than in the other cities. They returned to Korea on 08/27/2013.
  • Park Jung Min said that he is very impressed and proud of both him and SS501 he also said that it is a new experience and that the Latin cultures and language drive him crazy, he is curious to learn Spanish but finds it complicated.
  • He successfully completed his European tour called “Park Jung Min Reverso Reverso Tour Romeo”. with concerts in: January 31, Dortmund (Germany) – February 1, Paris (France) and February 3, Moscow (Russia).
  • On February 8, 2014, he accompanied Kim Hyung Jun on his 3rd anniversary concert as a soloist “HE, His history” he was also with them Kim Kyu Jong.
  • On September 5, 2014 was the first performance of the Japanese musical “If I”, in which he will participate until the end of the month, prior to his tour to South America.
  • On September 10, 2014, an illustrated magazine (0/1 Creative Book) was published where he was pictured together with 4 other idol stars. Min expressed his satisfaction on stage with the light and reflection of colorful hues.
  • July 2 (2015), Young Min he completed his 5 weeks of basic training at the Nonsan base and then completed his enlistment time as a civilian servant, since for health reasons he was unable to perform his service as an active military officer.
  • While serving as a social service agent at a subway station in Seoul, he saved a middle-aged pedestrian who collapsed due to being unable to breathe on the platform where he works, where he received recognition in March 2017
  • He held a series of fan meetings in Thailand in which he talked about his future activities, his interest in Thailand and interacted with fans.
  • On Oct. 12, 2020, it was reported that the artist had signed an exclusive contract under Allart Entertainment.

About Jung Min

He made his debut on June 8, 2005 as a member of SS501 self-proclaimed as the “SEXY CHARISMA” of the group.

He was a DJ for SBS’s “Youngstreet” along with his partners Heo Young Saeng first and then with Kyu Jong.

He was cast as the lead actor in the musical “Grease” (2008/2009), for which he won the “Golden Ticket” for Best New Musical Talent. Because of the musical, he and his partner Kim Hyun Joong the group, who filmed BBF, withdrew for 1 year and 7 months from the group and the other members formed a sub-unit of 3 members.

After many rumors of the dissolution of SS501 jung Min was the second member to leave the group, so he and the others said that their retirement was only temporary; they performed their last mini-concert, at which there were 501 fans. They received their last award as a group for the best song ‘Love ya’..

In 2011 he made his solo debut and then in 2012 he starred in a Taiwanese drama called Fondant Garden.

Career as Soloist

2010: Signing with new CNR Media

He signed a contract with a new label, CNR Media. His debut as a solo artist was scheduled for late November 2010 (release of “NOT ALONE” should have been Nov. 25). In fact Jung Min was performing in the musical“Kizuna” but a totally unexpected event, such as the North Korean attack on Yeonpyeong Island, provoked that the North Koreans were not able to keep their own mini-album Young Min returned to Korea and postponed the launch and activities scheduled for his solo comeback, in solidarity with the situation in his country.

2011: First solo album “Not Alone”.

He was the first member of SS501 to release his solo album called “Not Alone” (With this he secured a big step in the industry as he achieved the first place in sales and popularity in the Hanteo real-time chart, appearing in the top 50 best-sellers of the year and 7th place among the best-selling male solo albums.

2012: Debut as ROMEO and signature with A&R

On April 12, 2012, according to the personnel who were in the legal circle (the lawyers), Park Jung Jung Min went to the Seoul Central District Court to sue his company CNR for not acting in accordance with the contract.On July 31, the court ruled in favor of the artist.The record label filed an action against the singer claiming that the terms of the lawsuits were “Unfair and Inconsistent.”.

He signed with his new agency A&R, making his debut in the Japanese market under the name of his alter ego ROMEO and releasing its first single “Give Me Your Heart” he returned to Korea with his single “Beautiful” at the end of 2012.

2013: Japan and South American Tour

During 2013 he performed a total of 8 concerts during the month of March in Japan.For the 8th anniversary of SS501 recorded a video greeting the fans along with the other members, except for the leader who could not be with them due to the filming of “Barefoot Friends”. He continued his activities in Korea and at the end of August he made his first tour of South America, visiting the cities of Lima and Arequipa in Peru, and Mexico City. SS501, Heo Young Saeng they returned to Korea on August 28.

He participated along with the other members of SS501 at Young Saeng’s farewell concert (October 2013), being this the first time that the 5 reunited on stage since they started their respective solo careers.

2014: Tour in Europe and South America and release of “Save Us Tonight” and “Summer Break”.

In 2014 he made his 1st European tour, performing in France, Germany and Russia (he was the first Korean artist to perform in this country).

Returned to recording and released two mini-albums in May and August; simultaneous release in Korea and Japan (“Save Us Tonight” and “Summer Break”).

In August (2014), his signing with a new agency was unveiled,JI HO ENTERTAINMENT with which Young Min aims to relaunch his career in Korea and promote his work as an actor.

He was in Japan for two months, until the end of September, due to rehearsals and performances of the musical “If I” after that, he started his 2nd Latin American tour (October 10), which was called “The Latin American Tour”. “Save Us Tonight With Park Jung Min in Latin America Tour 2014”. the first SSPartyII took place at the Blackberry Auditorium in Mexico City, then at the Chirripó Auditorium of the Crown Plaza Corobicí Hotel in San José, Costa Rica, and finally at the Jaime Laredo Open Air Theater in La Paz, Bolivia.

Launch of “ALIVE” under ROMEO

Under the name of ROMEO, Park Jung Min released “ALIVE” in Japan on November 18, 2014.

On Nov. 15, the Towers Records Shibuya store announced the release of a new mini album, but as Park Jung Min, entitled “WINTER LOVE” the pre-release date was November 23, 2014 and on the same day he performed a concert at the Shinagawa Intercity Salon jung Min also provided his Japanese fans with a new Christmas Mini Album titled “The Christmas Album”. “CHRISTMAS KISS” which was officially launched on December 10 (2014).

Jung Min resigned from tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Ho Goo’s Love” (scheduled to premiere in February 2015). He had been cast to play the character of Byun Kang Chul in this drama. On December 23, the drama’s production team said, “Park Jung Min resigned due to unavoidable reasons.”.

He came together as ROMEO on his tour called “SUMMER BREAK! TOUR IN LATIN AMERICA 2015”, fulfilling his promise to return to Latin America, he performed in Santiago de Chile, Teatro Caupolicán (March 27) Lima, peru, at the amphitheater of the Parque de la Exposición (April 2) and in Ciudad de La Paz, bolivia, at the Jaime Laredo Open Air Theater (April 4).

2015: Release of his Japanese mini-album “10th Anniversary-Memories”.

The release of two new mini-albums in Japan: –“10th Anniversary-Memories- (通常盤)” in which you can find covers of hits by SS501 (5 May 2015) and “It’s Summer Time” (June 8).

In addition, he released a new single as ROMEO with the song “Last Note” & (June 6).

He performed two concerts at the end of June, where he shared with his former colleagues and friends from SS501 except for Hyun Joong who is at a base in the north of the country fulfilling his military duty.

Finally on July 2, 2015 he made his entrance to the military service silently, by his own wish, and only accompanied by his family and friends.

Park JungMin (SS501) Advertisement

  • 2015: Chois cafe

Park JungMin (SS501) Drama

  • Fondant Garden (CTV/CNR Media, 2012)
  • Love Song in August (YTV, 2011)
  • Pianissimo / Super Star (Trend E, 2010) Cameo
  • Spotlight (MBC, 2008) Cameo
  • Kokkiri (MBC, 2008) Ep. 85
  • Hotelier (TV Asahi, 2007) Ep.7
  • Can Love Be Refilled? (KBS2, 2005) Cameo
  • Nonstop 5 (MBC, 2005) Ep. 207

Park JungMin (SS501) Musicals

  • 2014: If I (Japanese Musical)
  • 2013: Summer Snow (Japanese Musical)
  • 2010: Bonds of boys (Japanese musical)
  • 2008: Grease (Korean Musical)

Park JungMin (SS501) Films

  • Goodbye and Hello (2015) Special Appearance

Park JungMin (SS501) TV Programs

  • What makes my heart beat (2013) Ep. 1
  • TVB Golden Viva Spectacular” (StarHub, 2013)
  • Lunar Special” (2011)
  • King of Idol (2011)
  • Strong Heart (2011) Ep.61-62
  • Human Theater (2010)
  • MTV Fresh VJ (2003)
  • MC of a Korean TV Show (MBC)
  • MC SBS InkiGayo
  • MC Mnet Countdown
  • “Super Star (Meet)
  • Love Letter

Park JungMin (SS501) TV Drama’s

  • Destiny (together with Hong Soo Ah) theme for Phoenix (2021)
  • Bad person subject for Fondant Garden (2012)
  • Missing You” theme for The Princess’ Man (2011)
  • Your Color theme for Love’s Song in August (2011)
  • Only Me? theme for Superstar (March 2010)


  • Park Jung Jung Min Europe Tour 2019
    • February 20 – Cologne, Germany – Arch2
    • february 22 – London, United Kingdom – The 229
    • 23 February – Warsaw, Poland – Voodoo Club
    • 24 February 24 – Prague, Czech Republic – Image Theater

Park JungMin (SS501) is a member of:



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