Owol (Wonder Boyz)


Real name: Kim Tae Hyun (김태현)

Stage name: Unknown

Gender: Male

Age: 28 years

Date of birth: May 14, 1994

Height: 180cm.

Weight: 64kg.

Bloodtype: A.

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Owol Profile

About Owol

Owol (Wonder Boyz) Facts

  • Former KPop Group: Wonder Boyz
  • Specialties: Songwriting, dancing and singing.
  • Motto: I am the exciting voice K.
  • He entered Ent 102 through an audition. He was advised by a teacher to go, as he had a good voice.
  • K and Master one are the youngest of the Wonder Boyz
  • He has a powerful voice that is very similar to Kim Chan Ryul.
  • Members say he is a good friend
  • It was named K, because he couldn’t think of any other, besides the fact that his last name is Kim
  • It is known as The brain and Mood maker, and the Internet users called him Idol version of Noh Hong Chul and Punch-Idol.
  • He is considered the worst cook in the group but according to the members the worst is Young Boy.
  • He has released his first single as a solo artist called “I Know It”.
  • Although he may not look it, he considers himself shy.
  • His favorite artist is James Brown.
  • Admire the Jay Park.
  • Despite the dissolution of Wonder Boyz, he still maintains contact with the other members and they are close.
  • Belongs to the project Dream Perfect Regime together with Christian Yu, V.HAWK and Roscoe.

Owol (Wonder Boyz) Collaborations

Owol (Wonder Boyz) Music

  • AVYN – Sunnyside (Prod. by room102) (2018)
  • Hwaiting – Fighting (2019)

TV Programs

  • 2013 Let’s Go Dream Team 2 (ep. 168)
  • 2013: Beatles Colde

Owol (Wonder Boyz) TV Drama’s

  • No No theme for My ID is Gangnam Beauty (2018)

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