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Weight: 58 kg
Height: 176 cm
Real name: 정제원 / Jung Jae Won
Date of Birth: March 29, 1994


About ONE (1PUNCH)

ONE (1PUNCH) Facts

  • Ex-Kpop Group: 1PUNCH
    • Position: Leader, rapper and dancer
  • Languages: Korean (native language) and Mandarin (medium)
  • One was seriously considered to be part of WINNER after the departure of Nam Tae Hyun this was due to the fact that the group lost a great vocalist and they thought it was convenient to fill the empty space that the group was experiencing, besides having a very good relationship with the members. Finally he was not added as the group needed a vocalist more than a rapper.


2015: Debut in 1PUNCH

On January 23, One debuted in 1PUNCH a duo formed together with Kim Samuel, bass Brave Entertainment and D-Business Entertainment. During his tenure with the group, a single was unveiled with a concept inspired by the famous group Seo Taiji and Boys but with a more modern image.

On June 5, shortly before his admission to the Show Me The Money 4 a song was revealed in collaboration with Dok2 and The Quiett for the first time as a solo artist.

Participation in Show Me The Money 4 and joining YG Entertainment

On June 26th, the fourth season of Show Me The Money one participated and made it into the team of Zico and Fire wave in the Pre-Show before being eliminated.

After his participation in the reality show, YG Entertainment showed so much interest in One that they offered him a contract. After signing with them the agency revealed “We thought he had the ability to be one of the best rappers on the show.One also has the image of an idol.He still has to improve but he’s a real gem.”.

After signing with a new agency, his contract was terminated with Brave Entertainment and D-Business Entertainment, disintegrating from the duo 1PUNCH.

2017: Solo Debut with his First Single ‘ONE DAY’.

On June 11, YG Entertainment finally announced the official debut of One after much speculation over the past few months, between rumors and official articles from some media. Over the next few days, teaser images were revealed showing a uniform concept and a more urban one.

On June 29, it was confirmed that “Gettin’ by” would be the first song on the single; written by One, produced and arranged by the producer of AOMG, Cha Cha Malone along with the help of iHwak and One himself in composing the song. When asked about the meaning, he said “I use the phrase “gettin’ by” often in my daily life, so I felt it appropriate to use it as the title of the song.”.

On June 30, a Debut Film called “ONE DAY” was unveiled, just like the single, showing One doing everyday things in a reflective manner. In the background a woman can be seen narrating and reflecting the thoughts the rapper may have.

On July 11, the single “ONE DAY” was released along with the music videos for “Gettin’ by” and “heyahe,” the latter is a faster track in comparison and shows a more Hip-hop feel, while “Gettin’ by”& is softer and more delicate.

The first single topped the K-Pop charts on iTunes in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam and entered the Top 50 in 20 countries including the United States, Canada, France, New Zealand and Spain.

On July 12, just one day after its debut, YG Entertainment announced that One would continue releasing music during that same year due to the good reception it had received. Days later, the artist himself revealed during an interview “I wrote the songs from the heart.There are so many unreleased songs I can’t even count them.If I cut them down, I might be able to release 10 songs.”.

  • The aforementioned statements were not carried out, fans expressed their anger to YG Entertainment for failing to properly treat and manage One, among other artists from the same agency

Debut Actor

On Oct. 19, it first became known that One would be considering accepting an acting role for a drama from the Hong sisters, known for such hits as The Greatest Love, You’re Beautiful, Master’s Sun and My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho.

On October 27, his appearance was finally confirmed, A Korean Odyssey was released on December 23, 2017, thus making his debut as an actor.

2018: Consolidation as an actor

After his acting debut in 2017 and a good response from the audience, One began to establish himself as an actor after accepting several projects such as Anthology he also participated in the soundtrack of the drama with a song written and produced by himself.

2019: Exit of YG Entertainment

On July 17, 2019, he announced his departure from YG Entertainment one joined the agency after appearing in Show Me The Money 4 during this time, he only released one single and his promotions as a singer and rapper were scarce. One explained why he joined YG Entertainment “I wanted to focus on my music career. I thought I could share my music with more people, since making music and officially releasing it alone at home is difficult.”.

On the same day he shared to be preparing his own one-man agency to manage his activities and prepare a new album to be released in 2019.

Back after 2 years with their First Album

On September 4, One revealed through a live on Instagram that he had already finished recording his first album to be released that same month. He also mentioned not knowing whether to release the album or a single first.

ONE (1PUNCH) Collaborations

  • JuniorChef, Gab3 – Party! (feat. One) [guitar by Fish Narc] (2019)
  • DUSTYYY HAN – Blossom (feat. One) (2019)

Participatory Concerts/Festivals

  • ONE x Mosh Mosh Vol.3 Party in TOKYO (15.09.19)

ONE (1PUNCH) Drama

  • Ghost VRos (tvN, 2019)
  • Arthdal Chronicles (tvN, 2019)
  • His Private Life (tvN, 2019)
  • Room No. 9 (tvN, 2018)
  • Anthology (tvN, 2018)
  • A Korean Odyssey (tvN, 2017-2018)

ONE (1PUNCH) Dramas as Scriptwriter

  • Mute (Naver TV, 2020)

ONE (1PUNCH) Films

  • Goodbye Summer (2019)

ONE (1PUNCH) TV Programs

  • The Romance (jTBC, 2020)
  • Salty Tour (tvN, 2018)
  • Heart Signal (Channel A, 2018)
  • Get It Beauty (OnStyle, 2017).
  • Show Me The Money 5 (Mnet, 2016)
  • Show Me The Money 4 (Mnet, 2015)

ONE (1PUNCH) TV Drama’s

  • OST for Beat Cinema Volume 1 (2019) -5 tracks-
  • I Hope You Will Be Different From Me subject for Anthology (2018)

ONE (1PUNCH) Music Videos

ONE (1PUNCH) is a member of:


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