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Od Rhomp

Height: 173cm
Real name:
Date of Birth: January 29, 2023

Od Rhomp

About Od Rhomp

Od Rhomp Facts

  • Education:
    • Gyeong An High School
  • Debut: 2020
  • He is part of a crew called GR8VATTIC together with FR:EDEN BOiTELLO, Lemma, Zesty, DOSHi Thomas K!ddo, Jsteez, Hyuttack, the V, Jx6, DJ Harvest, DJ Cranverry, JAY BTEEZ, RANEZ, DRUZ.
  • He is part of another crew called HASHTAG together with Sycho, Roocent and KJ.

Od Rhomp Collaborations

  • YNLBOYS – K2 TO GENESIS (Feat. Od Rhomp, Sycho) (2021)
  • KJ& Roocent – 쌍문동 청기와즈 2 (Feat. Sycho, Od Rhomp, Doubdub) (2021).
  • Chill Como – Over (Feat. hvvn, Od Rhomp) (2021)
  • Young Nine, Glen More & Holdontight – Snow Ball (Feat. Od Rhomp, Sycho) (2021)
  • mobby Lannistar – 쉽게쉽게 (Feat. Od Rhomp) (Prod. MUZZY) (2021)
  • Sasquatch – UMAMI! (Feat. Roocent, Od Rhomp) (Prod. 사울퍼프 킴) (2021)
  • Heldtum – 타주 (Montage) (Feat. Od Rhomp, KIT EX) (2020).
  • Zesty – 시동 (Feat. Od Rhomp, DJ Tiz) (2019).
  • Limited – Sticky Notes (Feat. Od Rhomp) (2019)
  • BOiTELLO – Alright (Feat. FR:EDEN, DOSHi, Zesty, Lemma, Od Rhomp) (2019)
  • KJ& Roocent – 쌍문동 청기와즈 (Feat. Sycho & Od Rhomp) (2019).
  • Lemma – 매듭 (Feat. Od Rhomp) (2019).
  • FR:EDEN – 여기까지 (Feat. Od Rhomp) (2018).
  • DOSHi – FAKE (Feat. Od Rhomp) (2018)

Od Rhomp is a member of:


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